7-Day Belly Blast Diet review: a list of foods that flatten up your belly

Do you have a fat belly? You have probably tried different types of weight loss program but the stubborn fat on your belly just won’t go right? You tried being on diet for a long period only to regain your weight back weeks later. Actually that is how human physiology works. So don’t be surprised. If you starve yourself for too long, your body will tend to slow its metabolism, reducing your fat burning power.

That is when the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet comes in. This weight loss program was designed by the well known Josh Bezoni. He is a nutritionist and even himself struggled getting rid of his belly fats. He realized that the conventional techniques that he was thought at school don’t really work. He decided to go back to the drawing board and redesigned a completely new system that will help him flatten his belly once a for all without any rebound. That is how he developed the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet.

7-Day Belly Blast Diet

Josh has found out that there is no need to be on diet to burn down fat. It is all about boosting the body’s metabolism. It is more about how you eat. In his book he lists all the types of food that you can rely on to boost your metabolism. Not only that, he also lists all the foods that you should avoid. Today’s “industry made food” is full of additives to preserve them. In those same foods you can also find addictive substances just to trick your brain into making you want more of it. Josh explains all of it in his book.

Because of all the junk food that you take in, your metabolism ends up getting broken. You can rely on Josh’ ‘s 7-Day Belly Blast Diet to fix it once and for all. Once your metabolism gets back on track, you can now burn fat 24/7 even when you are asleep.

How does it work

The calorie confusion method
Josh method is referred to as the calorie confusion method. As explained earlier, you do not help boost your metabolism by making yourself crave. You rather slow it down. With Josh’s method you actually trick your metabolism. Every 7 days you just have to change the amount of calories you take in. That way the body will not see itself as craving. Mind you, you don’t have to actively count the amount of calories you are taking in. Josh gives you some few simple rules that will guide you in your choices.

List of 37 foods that kill fats
Did you know that turkey leg and dark chocolate was good for you belly. Yep, there are certain foods that help burn fat in your body. You can keep eating them without any remorse. Josh gives you a list of all 37 foods that you should have on your table if you are serious about losing those stubborn fats. You might be surprised to know that you are already eating those foods. Just that you are not doing it the right way. Josh shows you how to take advantage of those foods and burn down fats.

The thermal burn technique
This technique enables you to burn more belly fats by eating more food.

The method developed by Josh can help you lose up to 11 pounds in just 7 days. This happens without having to kill yourself at the gym or starve your body.

This is what you get inside the package

The diet manual
The diet manual itself contains all the information about the foods to avoid. It teaches how to eat well without craving yourself. You also get the list of food that helps you flatten your belly.

The success tracker
The success tracker helps you be on track. It is a very simple 7 day cycle sheet that you can rely on to make sure you don’t get confused as you are moving along the program This is also used to keep record of your progress.

Weight loss supplement review
The weight loss supplement review is a little ebook that also gives you the power to know how to pick your supplement. That is if you want to add supplements to help in the weight loss process. You get to know which ones to avoid.

Inspirational success videos
Josh has helped thousands of people lose weight. He has come up with this inspirational videos with several of the people that he has helped for you to see how real it is. These inspirational videos will be a huge boost for your moral. They will help you stick to the program.

The fast abs manual
You just don’t want to lose your belly fats. You also want to have those sexy abs on your belly, don’t you? With this manual, you get very simple easy to do exercises that help you shape you belly. You can finally have that sexy body you’ve always dreamed of.

Is this a scam or not?
Josh has been in this business for years now. He has personally helped people lose weight throughout the years. He is also offering his product with a 60 days money refund guarantee. You get it at no risk to you. 11 pounds lost in 7 days might be a bit exaggerated though. You can indeed lose some few pounds in 7 days, if you follow the instructions in the manual.

7-Day Belly Blast Diet Testimonials

This is actually a 7 day cycle that can be repeated over and over if you want to completely flatten your belly. Since you have 60 days to try it, why not? You can try it at least 7 times before the guarantee period expires. You will definitely see results for yourself if you try it. Get your copy of the 7-day Belly Blast Diet now.