Figure Competition Secrets Review – The Pros, The Cons & The Facts!

Hello ladies! Do you people know a fitness secret that figure competitors mostly se to win contests.

May be not! Well we will disclose you those secrets here that you have never heard before.

Yes that is right you can also transform your body in JUST 12-14 weeks even if you are a first time…

And this all can be made possible by our…

Figure Competition Secrets program which is a step by step diet and training program which helps you get lean muscle and boost fat burn in your body. This program is specially designed for the first time figure competitors.

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What ‘Figure competition secrets’ offers???

With this program you will be:

  • You will be mentally and physically charged and eager to get to your figure competition training to crave your body.
  • You will surely observe the results not on monthly but weekly basis. And these physical changes which you will observe also motivate you to boost your performance to get your winning figure body
  • You will continuously build confidence each week. You will have good control over your diet, posing, cardio and life. You will gain more confidence as your body will grow.
  • You can start the program from right that day when you purchase it to start transforming your body to win the competition.

See what our customers say about the “Figure competition secrets” program???

“Jessica K” says

“I’ve been competing for about 3 years and I’ve done so-so. I bought your Figure Competition Secrets” eBook and I must say it’s DA BOMB! With the information in Figure CompetitionSecrets” and the “techniques” suggested for peak week, I’ve placed higher than ever before in my NPC shows this season. Thank you So much for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

Figure Competition Secrets Honest Review

Figure Competition Secrets by Karen Sessions

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“Kimberly M.” says

“I am a figure competitor who has purchased your  eBook and I love it. I have been training for quite some time now, and competed in previous years in the NPC and placed 2nd and 3rd. However, I recently got the itch to get back on … I was searching for more information on how to change my training, on advice, that is when I found you online. I used the Killer Training Program you offer in your Gold Package and let me tell you at the end… leg day… 30 reps… was truly a killer!!! But, I got thru it and I am happy to say that I won 1st place in the FAME ATLANTIC CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! I wanted to first of all say thank you!!! I also am now on my way to Florida to compete for my pro card.

Points to be noted!!!

  • It does not matter if you are new to figure competitions.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have more than 25% body fat.
  • Also it doesn’t matter if you are over 40
  • Also it doesn’t matter if you think you got bad genetics or whatever.

This program will take whatever it takes to get your body in shape and that all will just happen within few weeks.

Did you know that???

90 percent of the figure competitors preparing for the figure contest mostly training and dieting wrong. As your figure prep diet is the road to winning your contest. And the best diet will let you slow down your calories intake and maintain your lean muscles.

In Figure competitions secrets you will discover!!!

  • 3 foods you need before 4 weeks to your contest
  • How to create food that burn the fat and keep lean muscles.
  • How to lower calories and when
  • How much carbs and proteins you need for your stats
  • 7 weird tips to lose fat and gain muscle during your figure prep process.
  • List of figure prep food that won’t cause fat again or water retention.

Learn about the training principles!!!

Know about the principles that allow you to burn body fat and keep muscle at the same time. This program is developed to build and shape your muscles.

Also you will get aware of the high intensity cardio exercises that will burn your fat like butter. As lower your body fat more your muscles will shine.

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  • Find out all those natural supplements that professional figure competitors use to boost fat loss and build muscles.
  • Learn which supplement you need, when to take it and when to stop taking it.
  • Find out the best supplements but you should stop taking them before 4 weeks of the contest.
  • Get useful tips about a supplement that only burns fat from your lower body.
  • Learn tactics on how to dry out and dial-in for a polished physique.
  • Find out how to avoid water retention on day of contest using natural remedies.
  • Also get tips on what judges look for and what you should do to bring home a trophy.
  • Learn about the stage presence that will put you in top position in the contest.
  • Get highlights about what suits you choose to attract the judges and audience.

So what are you waiting for???

So if you want to get top position in the coming contest then this could only be done with the help of “figure competition secrets” program which guide you step by step from start till end. And it is guaranteed that you will transform your body in 12 to 14 weeks and bring home trophy.


Thanks for Reading This Figure Competition Secrets by Karen Sessions Review.

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