Guitar Scale Mastery Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Guitar Scale Mastery

Have you learnt guitar scales and you want to improve your guitar soloing? Then this is the best place for you to learn this. With Guitar Scale Mastery you can do everything to improve your soloing excellently.

Before we go far I may tell you that what you are going to learn from this page is not for everyone. Because I don’t want to waste your precious time, please ask yourself the following three questions before proceeding to the rest of the page.

  • Can I have a view of all the skills that I want to learn over this entire fretboard without thinking at all?
  • Do I at this time use a proven, very effective and organized system of learning scales?
  • Can I really improvise solos with this level of fluidity, musicality plus skill that I myself want?

If your answer to the three questions is yes, then you don’t need to read from another source. Read the rest of the page carefully and word by word to gain the points in deep.

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Do any of the problems down here sound familiar to you?

  • You get a problem in moving fluidity in between different parts of a fretboard. Then this lack of the ability to play the scale well over an entire fretboard can cause a disjointed, unmusical and a very rigid soloing style
  • You find problems when trying to apply scales in the real-life experience. It is a common challenge for guitarists to play with other musician using the scales they just leant from the practice room. The actually cant adapt their learn knowledge and skills in a new plus unfamiliar situation
  • You find challenge in using your skills in the musical way. Actually guitarists do not make music at all when they try to solo. They all time sound like they are exhausting scales up and down yet they have no idea on how to use the scales in an interesting a more musical way.
  • You sometimes play scales without hearing the well. This is because the guitarists haven’t internalized with the sound of the scales they often use. This therefore leads to a mechanical style of soloing, unmusical way, inability to play confidently and play by ear.
  • You seal all scales as patterns and not notes. Learning scales as patterns is a common mistake to guitarists. They therefore don’t know the use of notes in the scales. Knowing the notes of every scale help you well understand where and when to use scale when improvising.
  • You feeling exhausted and excited by how many scales you have to learn. There are a big number of scales to learn and sometimes you wonder where to start. This overwhelming situation can feel discouraged by about your guitar practice.
  • You can’t see all scales on the entire fretboard effortlessly. This make you discouraged and give a feeling of being locked in one part of the fretboard every time you solo.

The above problems seems frustrating and every guitarists struggles with the above problems at one stage.


Solving the above problems can fit you in the top 5% of guitar players. Not many of your guitar playing friends can solo fluidly, more musically over the entire fretboard. This is because there are many books and websites out there offering few scales. Guitar scale mastery by Craig Bassett  offers the deals with five essential mastery skills as discussed below.

Essential mastery skills

    • EARS: When you have fully mastered this scale means that you have fully internalized with the sound of the scale. You therefore know what each note of every scale sound like.
  • EYES:  This is actually the ability to see the scale over the entire fretboard. With the eyes scale ability you don’t have to think in mind of scale patterns.
    Guitar Scale Mastery Review

    Guitar Scale Mastery

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  • FINGERS: This is your very technique and the ability to play your scale everywhere on a fretboard
  • INTELLECT: This is your understanding of your scale in a theoretical manner. With this you should understand the following three things:
  1. Where the scale can be used
  2. What kind of notes are in the scale
  3. What scale degrees are there in the scale
  • APPLICATIONS: The is your ability use the a scale in a musical way

The Guitar Mastery by Craig Bassett  System

 It is in this section of website you will know the system used to learn as well as internalize scales. So whenever you want to learn a scale you need to follow the system. If you want to master any scale you need to learn the system so as to apply it.

Benefits of learning the guitar scale mastery system are as follows:

  • You are able to use your learnt scales without thinking at all
  • You are able to learn your desired scales in deep until they become part of you
  • You will have the ability to improvise your scale even at any point of the fretboard
  • You will fell a more confident as a guitarist
  • You will have to solo in a natural and more musical way
  • You will realize a great improvement in your guitar play speed and fluidity
  • You will feel a confident guitarist while jamming with other experienced musician

The guitar scale mastery system is made up of five main parts usually known as “scale weapons” as discussed below:

Scale Weapon 1: Single string scales…..

This is the most neglected method of learning skills but the most powerful one.

  • You will learn a more specific six step memorization process. This gives you time to deeply imprint in your brain the notes and the scale degrees of all scale on the entire fretboard. With this you will understand many scales better and have to solo in a perfect and musical way.
  • You will learn and know 42 amazing sounding melodic patterns. Learning the melodic patterns you will join the few guitarists who make real music when you solo. You actually improvise in a musical way when you have every skills including melodic patterns ones.
  • You will know how to combine melodic patterns. This helps you improve interests in solos and help you improve speed and fluidity. Finally it increases your ability to memorize licks or solos
  • You will be able to create your personal and unique single string exercises. This helps you to have you own and unique style of soloing
  • You will get 12 super exercises used when learning scales. These help you internalize the sound of 8 main sounding melodic patterns. They also promote your finger speed, and shifting ability making your style creative, confident and fluent.
  • Learn techniques used to learn scales. Help you memorize everything including intervals in scales. Exercises help you understand scales deeply, improve your fluently and ability to change positions.


Scale Weapon 3: two string scales…

It is an awesome method combining the single strong scales benefits with benefits of an advanced scale patterns.

  • Visual patterns. Are visual tools which help you solo in many different keys. Gives you a secret to solo in 12 keys
  • 6 steps used to learn master visual patterns. Input the visual patterns into your bran and help you solo is a free way
  • 20 powerful 2 string exercises. Help you promote the alternative picking, pull offs, hammer-ons and the overall technique.
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Scale Weapon 3: three note each string scales…

This weapon is used by many guitarists to enhance speed and fluidity.

  • 8 best intervallic exercises. Help you promote your string skipping technique
  • How to use melodic patterns on different fingerings. Help you adapt the ideas learnt from fingering. Improve your overall technique and how to improvise
  • 8 triad arpeggio exercises. Help you integrate arpeggios during your play and help you learn the fret hand techniques fast
  • Learn the way to create your personal three notes for each string fingering. This gives you the confidence to create fingerings for every scale
  • Learn an advanced 4 step way to memorize any of scale fingering. Help imprint fingerings permanently into your brain
  • Learn 8 important 7th arpeggio exercises. Help you solo in jazz and fusion style. Help input sounding arpeggios in your fingers.
  • Help you learn 8 exercises by us of 3-note per string approach. This is all designed to input scale fingerings in your muscle memory improving your hammer-ons, pull-offs and picking

Scale Weapon 4: ear training

Ear training is a key that unlocks you real musicality and helps you improve your improvising.

  • Four foundational exercises. This help input every sound of a scale in your brain
  • Four step process for perfect ear training. these four steps help you faster and easier the sound of every scale
  • 8 pivot exercises. Help you know how every note of a scale sounds
  • Help sight sing 32 melodies without first reading the music. Help imprint every sound of a scale into your brain
  • Gives a solution when you cannot sing any note at all
  • Learn 2 important reinforcement exercises. The help you deeply learn the sound of every scale

Scale weapon 5: Applications

This is the fifth skill of a guitar scale mastery system that helps you gain experience by use of scales you learn.

Try Guitar Scale Mastery today and learn all guitar scales you would ever need to become a pro!


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