Heartburn No More Review: The Pros & Cons

If you are looking for a great acid reflux treatment guide then the best selling Jeff Martin Heartburn No More guide is the perfect choice. With comprehensive systematic instructions, its author believes that people, regardless of their age can actually cure themselves of acid reflux. In addition, they can do it all without the need of drugs or antacids.

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However, the question is does it really work?

For years, Jeff Martin suffered from acid reflux. As a nutritionist and health consultant, he used his abilities, found new ways of treating acid reflux, and as a result wrote the Heartburn No More guide.

At the onset, this book starts out by informing people that there is a difference in treating the symptoms of heartburn as opposed to actually treating the cause of your heartburn, namely acid reflux.

Understanding this helps you understand the program and why it is the way, it is. Once you have so more information you will likely begin to see why past efforts to relieve heartburn or acid reflux have failed so miserably.

Heartburn No More Review: The Pros & Cons

The Heartburn No More program consists of five different steps. The steps are in sequence and before you begin each step, you will get a clear explanation of the step and what you can expect from it.

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At the heart of the Heartburn No More program is a holistic approach, which means no drugs are used. In addition, each step builds towards another and these steps are used to remove the root causes of heartburn rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

In addition, this book has many different graphs and charts. This is aimed at keeping information easy to understand and helps you stay on task.

The bottom line is that if you follow the program, you will get better. If you are looking for some fairy tale miracle cure, you will not be too happy with this program. This is not a “take some strange herbal remedy and say goodbye to heartburn” type thing. To get relief from the root causes of heartburn will require some changes in your own life. Nobody is saying that it is too difficult to do, but it does require some work.

One drawback has been that this treatment guide can be a bit overpowering at first. Thankfully, Jeff Martin uses some very clear writing that is simple to understand and that helps to calm things down a bit.

One thing that might surprise you in this Jeff Martin Heartburn No More Review is that this program is not actually about GERD of even acid reflux. In fact, it addresses these issues by focusing on G.I. health.

The final assessment: the Heartburn No More system is not just hype. If you suffer from chronic heartburn, you should look into the system. You will not be disappointed.

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