PaleoBurn fat burner system review: the hormonal approach to losing weight

Are you struggling with your weight? As you get older you tend to put on weight. After trying all kinds of exercises and brand new weight loss programs in vain you give up. Maybe it’s because you have not been using the right strategy. To lose weight, one needs to understand human physiology. When I say physiology, I mean knowing the hormones responsible for producing fats and the ones that burn down fat.

Unfortunately the weight loss program you might have tried did not take that crucial information into account. That is why you did not lose much weight or worse regained more weight. The PaleoBurn fat system is the weight loss program that takes full account of your hormones. With the information contained in that book you can regulate your hormonal system in a way that it produces enough fat burning hormones.

PaleoBurn Fat Burner System

The science behind

There are two key hormones that play a role in the weight of a person. They are insulin, cortisol and the human growth hormone (HGH). Insulin is involved in the production of fats while human HGH is involved in the burning down of fats. Cortisol is also involved in the production of fats around the belly. As you grow older the production of HGH goes down. When it comes to insulin, it’s a completely different story.

The reality is the industrialized mass production system we live in is full of grain based food. Grain is known to spike up your insulin level. As a result you keep piling up those fats as you eat more grain based food.

The way to lose weight is to reduce your production of insulin and increase your production of HGH. Your body can then naturally burn fat without producing more of it.

In the PaleoBurn fat system you are basically guided with a list of food choices and exercises that will boost your HGH level and at the same time lower your insulin and cortisol production.

Ken, the creator of PaleoBurn fat burner system, has himself passed through difficult times of weight problems and depression. He tried all the methods of the so called gurus and they all didn’t work for him. Then he decided to do his own research and find out something that could really work for him. He discovered through his research that cavemen of ancient times did not record any sign of obesity. So he asked himself “what did cavemen do that prevented them from putting on weight”. The answer was simple, they did not consume the mass production junk food that we eat today in this technological times.

Cavemen slept at certain time, ate at certain times and did a lot of exercises by hunting other animals. Ken took his time to study cavemen lifestyle closely and came up with his method that also helped him lose weight. Just to be sure that it really works, he decided to try it on his own family. Starting with mom and dad. They started losing weight within some few weeks after they started the program. After that experience he decided to share his knowledge to the world in the form of a book he call PaleoBurn fat burner system.

This is what you get when you order:

PaleoBurn fat burner system
The book itself, PaleoBurn fat burner system with the key information that you need. Information to understand why you are still putting on weight. It also contains information about the nutritional adjustment that you need to do to regulate your hormone imbalance back on track. It includes tips on when to eat, what to eat and how to eat.

The PaleoBurn food list
This is a guide with the list of all the healthy foods that you can get at the supermarket. It also talks about the foods that you should avoid. You will never get confused anymore when you go to the grocery store when it comes to choices.

PaleoBurn Food list

The audio version
You don’t just get the ebook for you to read. You are also given an audio file. That enables you to just listen to the information, just in case you are too tired to read.

Gold Member access
After you order the package you are also offered a gold member access . Inside you will find videos overviews of the nutrition plan, motivational videos, peer to peer support system and a lot more. He has also included the exercise workout videos. You can rely on it to see in real life how the exercises are done.

In the members area you will make lifelong friends. You will be part of a community of others who are on the same journey as you.

You might wonder if this is for real, check this out.

The American Association For Advancement of Science (AAAS) has done a research that has clearly shown the link between hormonal deregulation and weight gain. Read here

This is not a pure invention by Ken. It is all backed up by science. Even if you try to reduce your calories intake. That will not help you lose weight if you don’t produce the required hormone in a sufficient amount.

PaleoBurn Testimonial Picture

It does work

If you want an easy way to finally lose weight without having to count calories anytime you want to eat something then PaleoBurn fat burner system is definitely a good investment.

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