Specforce Abs Review: The Pros & Cons

Raise your hands all those who dream of a toned midriff and sexy abs! Sigh… don’t we all? If I had a penny for every time I tried to tone my soft, pudgy belly into something I could show off confidently, I would be a rich man! And trust me, I have tried! But I end up quitting as the exercises are either too repetitive and bore me to death, or I get disappointed when I have nothing to show for all the hours of sit-ups and crunches!

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How many times have we wished for something different! Well, your prayers have been answered. Now, we have ‘Specforce Abs’, guaranteeing a six pack abs within 6 weeks if you follow their training. Now that sounds intriguing. So, of course, I had to find out more. I am sure you guys are curious to know more too. Keep reading…

What is ‘Specforce Abs’?

Conceived by ex- Special Ops member Todd Lamb, it is a new abs training program available online presently. Todd was a part of Special Forces unit in Canada’s military. The program incorporates real life training secrets of the Special Forces. This training program promises to help all those who dream of six pack abs and want to get rid of all the extra fat around their middle.

Why is it different from other programs?

By using their “core and abs training”, you can not only strengthen your core but also get the body you always wanted. This is what sets this program apart from the others currently available. Other methods focus on the conventional crunches and sit-ups, pushing you to work harder and harder. However, present-day research suggests that these workouts do more harm than good to your body. You are prone to injuries with these gut-wrenching workouts and the inflammation that occurs stops burning of fat.

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Unknowingly, we are subjecting our body to critical risks, which is in reality, a hindrance to your becoming the best version of you. Todd lamb’s program helps you identify these risks:

  1. Accelerated Aging – incorrect training causes upper abdominal muscles to overact and pulls your upper body forward, leading to stress on your lower back and compression of your internal organs. This leads to accelerated aging.
  2. Pot Belly – Due to over tightening of hip flexors, you end up pulling your pelvis forward and down. This leads to a sagging belly, and eventually, intense back pain.
  3. Disc damage – Extreme flexing of the spine increases pressure on intervertebral discs, leading to damage

With ‘Specforce Abs’, you are doing away with all these traditional moves and instead focusing on a completely different workout regime that focuses on strengthening your body. And giving you awesome-looking abs in the process!

How does this program work?

By using this manual, you will surely feel more energetic and start noticing the benefits of improving your core strength. Everything you need to get that perfect midriff by getting rid of the extra fat is explained in the manual.

The main trick used by the ‘Specforce Abs’ training is to nail the function of the core. And it is done by 5 factors as per Todd Lamb.

  1. Abdominal Armoring – By simple exercises, you create abdominal stiffness of the muscles in all 3 Abdominal Fields of Action – the rectus, obliques and the posterior chain. This acts like a solid foundation for the development of your core.
  2. Asset Stacking – Synergistic activation of the rectus, obliques and posterior Chain enables you to develop functionally strong abs.
  3. Fixed Angle Contraction – This brings about the firing of a high number of abdominal muscle fibers, thus causing faster muscle development.
  4. TQ (Tissue Quality) Work Ups – As you progress through the stages, the exercises are designed to upgrade the tissue quality of your muscles.
  5. Strategic Target Selection – With the use of Electromyography, exercises are strategically created to give maximum activation.

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The ‘Specforce Abs’ manual consists of approximately 100 pages. Everything that you need to know abut this novel method of strengthening your core and developing those abs in only 6 weeks is detailed in the manual. Initial chapters describe the plan and the way to progress through harder workouts. The book also includes advice on diet and nutrition that helps in cutting the belly fat, along with information about health supplements.

There is also a Quick start guide included along with the Daily Workouts Component, that makes the program even easier to follow.

Of course, you can’t get the body of a Greek god without putting in time and effort for it. The program can only work if you work with it. Once you start seeing the results, you will not want to leave it halfway, I assure you!

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One of the most noticeable things about the program is that the training for men and women is the same. However, a woman’s body responds directly to this training, as the hormonal balance in men and women is different. Thus, if you are a woman, you don’t have to worry about putting on extra “bulk” or getting overly muscular. Using this regime, you will get the perfect, sexy toned midriff you have always wanted. Moreover, you don’t have to be in a certain age group to avail of the benefits of this program. Regardless of your age, these training techniques will work for you, provided you are determined and committed to the program.

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Do I get anything else with the handbook?

Yes! You get full access to two other guides conceived by Todd Lamb to maximize the benefit derived by you.

  1. The Fix & FLATTEN 7-Day Gut Health Protocol – Various toxins due to stress, pollutants, and unhealthy food cause inflammation in the gut, thus causing bloating and adding inches to your waist size. This bonus guide gives you a foolproof protocol to get rid of this inflammation in only 7 days.
  1. The Blue Jeans Perfect-Butt Solution – This little addition to your routine as per the ‘Specforce Abs’ manual will help you get a toned, firm butt that would just enhance the way your body looks.
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How much will it cost me?

Presently, the ‘Specforce Abs’ handbook along with all the bonuses is available for a throwaway price of $19. As soon as you make the payment through the link on their official website, you get instant access to the digital manual. No waiting for delivery or headaches of lost shipments. Moreover, you also get the risk-free option of 100% Refund within 60 days, if you feel that the product is not for you.

To conclude, this handbook delivers to you the techniques by which you can develop a toned, sexy midsection with the minimum effort, while at the same time strengthening your core. If you at any point were jealous of the toned abs sported by others at the beach or at the gym, it’s time you did something about it. The step-by-step approach given in ‘Specforce Abs’ handbook is designed with your safety in mind and focuses on maximizing your benefit. Give this program a try and you will not be disappointed!


See you at the beach with those sexy abs!!!


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