Spirituality – Infinite ways to experience but a common goal

Spirituality in a real sense has got no definite meaning of its own but differs in the approach by each individual towards it.Though it fluctuate its form for distinct set of religions and communities but at its nucleus it stills implicates a common interpretation.To define it precisely it is a perfect manifestation of human psychology with the course of rediscovering oneself and eventually find the purpose of life.With the changing eras so did the people changed the means of perceiving the spirituality.

Medieval Era1.It was until 5th century when it was considered as the journey of an individual to be driven by God and defying the life filled with material love.2.Later it altered its significance more to mental aspect rather than the beliefs based on mere words confined to sacred books.3.It encompassed the possession of virtues including positive motive for others and refelections of the actions by one.4.But as the 17th and 18th century descended,assumption that only the one who practises christianity was considered spiritual grew strong.5.It was Ralph waldo emerson who played prominent role in redefining sprituality by introducing the Transcendentalism which stressed the experimental and intuitive approach of religion.

Neo-Vedanta1  The colonisation of western over the asia brought a remarkable opportunity to share the ideas.The missionaries led by the west blended finely with the Hinduism in India and reformed into


Neo-Hinduism.2  Brahma-Samaj led by Raja ram mohan roy and universalism preached by Swami vivekananda later returned it to west as Neo-vedanta.3.The Theosophical philosophy was much influenced by the revival of buddhism and integrating with the modern day universalism.

20th centuryThe most notable change was after the world war when the modern man divided the spirituality from religion.The freedom of expression,confession and meditation gave birth to the theist and atheist who differed in the choice of their beliefs.

Christianity1. It encompasses the belief that complete faith in One and only Jesus Christ-Saviour and Redeemer will save from the wrath of God for the sins of one on the Day of Judgement.2.The Catholic spirituality includes the practice of living with faith and pray at mass.3.With the changing times private prayers are being practiced following the Gospel but with same goal with eventual union with the Christ.


Islam1. The Islam strictly stands on the pillars of five basic acts to be performed by the individuals following it Sanctification to islam,daily prayers, alm giving to the deserving,fasting in month of ramzan and visit to mecca once in lifetime2.Well known form of islam is Sufi in which practitioner lives an simple life with a purpose to discover the inner dimensions of oneself.3.The sole belief is detachment from the worldly things and march towardsgreater good which is god.


Sikhism1. Sikhism stands unique among the many in its beliefs which persuades one to lead materialistic life coexisted with divine attitude.2.It highlights the creative and logical life filled with purity rather than renunciation from worldly desires.3.This eventually led to practice of performing duty coupled with meditation.
HinduismUnlike the other religions hinduism has got no prophet,religious text or any pivotal order.For a Hindu, spirituality is an inner experience of oneself,advancement to find the truth and ultimately attain moksha(free from the cycle of life death and rebirth).It follows four ways of experiencing spirituality which includes1.Jnana yoga in which person is guide by a teacher(Guru) who is well-versed with texts and in spiritual


experience.2.Bhakti yoga in which one sings prayers(kirtans),chants the sacred name and dances merrily before idols.3.Karma yoga is way of worshipping through executing ones work with diligence and faith without expecting any good or evil results.4.Raja yoga is most intrinsic oriented one which emphasis to reflect on the action, nurture virtues and complete isolation which is pinnacle of spirituality.
The modern time stresses more on the living for the beliefs which one values including passion,forgiveness and moral character.Lately well-being,meditation and freedom of choice had been the definition of spirituality.Whatever the age old ways maybe but man had evolved the way things are to be comprehended.


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