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Spirituality – Infinite ways to experience but a common goal

Spirituality in a real sense has got no definite meaning of its own but differs in the approach by each individual towards it.Though it fluctuate its form for distinct set of religions and communities but at its nucleus it stills implicates a common interpretation.

To define it precisely it is a perfect manifestation of human psychology with the course of rediscovering oneself and eventually find the purpose of life.With the changing eras so did the people changed the means of perceiving the spirituality.

1) Medieval Era It was until 5th century when it was considered as the journey of an individual to be driven by God and defying the life filled with material love.

2) Later it altered its significance more to mental aspect rather than the beliefs based on mere words confined to sacred books.

3) It encompassed the possession of virtues including positive motive for others and refelections of the actions by one.

4) But as the 17th and 18th century descended,assumption that only the one who practises christianity was considered spiritual grew strong.

5) It was Ralph waldo emerson who played prominent role in redefining sprituality by introducing the Transcendentalism which stressed the experimental and intuitive approach of religion.

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