The Tao Of Badass review: a perfect dating coach?

Are you a single person only because you can’t interact with any girl! Do you find that your other friend can easily attract a girl but you can’t? Do you have ever thought why girls do not like you although you have everything? You may be thinking other guys are born charming and so attractive that any girls start to like them. You are completely wrong. Every man is charming. Only some techniques lead you to your dream girl. If you like a girl and want to date her but can’t express your feelings then perhaps this is the article that can help you out from your problem.

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Every girl around us is special and different in their own way. A girl always looks the inner part of men and if you can’t express yourself honestly you won’t be able to click on a girl’s eye! May be you are thinking how you will do that. Hey, this is the age where Internet can give us all kinds of solution. Now don’t ask me how internet can help you! Internet world has made dating easier. You can get your date here! You also will find some techniques that will help you to get the girl that you are dreaming for!

The Tao Of Badass

The Tao Of Badass

The Tao of Badass is a dating eBook that will tell you how to impress a girl that you want. This contains some videos and secret techniques that you will love to listen. This book is written by Joshua Pellicer. This is a 10 chaptered eBook where you will find many discussions with the experienced gurus, pickup and men’s forum about the techniques that is going to help you.

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer is a practical dating coach system that will turn you into a confident man who can easily talk to a girl and get a girl that he wants. In the book you will get to know

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  • How to talk to a girl that will take their attention towards you.
  • The right words to say
  • The way of being confident
  • Making eye contact with the girl.
  • Importance of body language
  • Get rid from the fear and shyness
  • The way of keeping the conversation continued.
  • The way of making a girl move toward you.
  • How to not give a chance the girl to reject you
  • The way of detecting weather the girl wants to be your friend or not as it’s the first move of a girl towards you.
  • How to make first physical relation.
  • The ways of dating girl.


With this product you are going you have four more eBooks as bonus. They are:

  • Monogamy Vs Polygamy
  • Never get cheated on
  • Escaping the Friend zone
  • Guide to Breakup.

Pros: [checklist]

  • Easily adoptable
  • Useful videos
  • Clear instructions
  • Give you confidence
  • The ways that being around the women
  • Tips on the things that doesn’t liked by women.



  • This is not an overnight program it will take time to get the desired result.


This is the book for the men who can’t be comfortable with girls and can never get the girl of their desire. This program will bring out the inner dominant male. Keep in minds that, a girl can scenes a man’s intention so you have to follow the techniques very carefully. This eBook will help you to recognize your power that will help to attract women and give you the lessons to empower yourself. You will be able to take the correct decision at the right moment. Another important thing is to for a hot girl you have to complete with other guys who might be more experienced in this field. You will find the techniques of handling all these unwanted situations.

You may find different dating coach in internet but this one will groom you up as a confident guy who can have any girl that he wants!

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