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If someone were to ask you if you are a good lover, you are likely to probably shout – Yes! Of course I am! But would your girlfriend or wife say the same if you were out of hearing? Sexual satisfaction is a big part of a relationship between a man and woman. I have often heard some of my friends ranting about how their partner cheated on them even after declaring their undying love for them several times. Why does this happen?

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One thing men need to realize is that, we don’t have a monopoly on cheating. Women too cheat when they feel dissatisfied in a relationship. Some will eventually leave you when they can’t stand the pretense anymore. So, maybe you are thinking, my partner is still with me. But you will need to consider the following to indeed know if you are truly satisfying your woman:

  • If you are not engaging in foreplay for at least 20 minutes before you penetrate her. You are not likely to be awakening deep satisfaction.
  • If you just go wham bang and you are done in 2-3 minutes, she may not be complaining but she is biting her nails after you turn your back and snore away into la-la land.
  • If you have never f*cked your woman and watched her go into an orgasmic seizure that has her all body vibrating.  You may be close to satisfying her but you have yet to blow her mind.
  • If you think just because she screams in sync with you when you come, she is satisfied. She’s just being nice and does not want to hurt your feelings. It’s all acting. You need to hit that spot right.
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What is female ejaculation?

You are probably wondering what I’m going on and on about. You are likely to know already that women cum sometimes after sex. But you likely don’t know that women can also ejaculate much in the same way you shoot your semen after some sweet thrusting. Don’t be surprised, female ejaculation is actually a real thing.

The G-spot is the magic spot

So you are probably thinking of the squirting porn videos you may have come across. Yes, those ones you thought must be fake. I can’t vouch for those videos you watched but I do know squirting is real. And this was what Charlie Beaular, the creator of this program – The Total Lover, discovered and decided to share through a wonderful package of amazing techniques.

Knowing how to reach and hit the G-spot is the key to giving your woman orgasms that she would never forget.

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Some Highlights of the Program

This digital program comes with 12 modules:

Module 1: Introduction

Here you will learn all the basic information you require to get into the scheme of things. You will be shown all the things you have been doing wrong in your sexual relations. And you will gain a general background as to how female ejaculation is the key thing to transform your woman’s sexual satisfaction.

Module 2: Mind and Sex Mastery

Usually when we guys think about sex, it’s about the action in our heads. We are not thinking of how to mentally stimulate our woman. Maybe, that is the reason most of us get it wrong. Because you see, for both the man and woman, sex actually starts in the mind. However, for the man the mind part may be so accelerated that you don’t get to notice it. Because you see a girl you want to bunk, blood gushes into your prick and you are ready.

For the woman, it takes more than that. You will have to make love to her mind before you bang her p*sssy.

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Module 3: Sexual Female Anatomy Mastery

I remember the first time I had sex and I was shocked to realize a girl actually has two holes down there. I mean no one ever told me that. Not even my bad ass uncle who was edging me to lose my virginity after my eighteenth birthday. To be a total lover, this module will take you through the steps as clearly as never before.

Module 4: Different Types of Female Orgasm

Yes, there are types of orgasms. Don’t be too shocked. When you get your lover moaning, you probably don’t know the kind of orgasm she is having. You are likely to have stimulated her clitoris right. But you may never have given a vaginal orgasm. Several women never get a vaginal orgasm throughout their lifetime. So don’t you just want to be that man to give her that unforgettable f*ck of a lifetime.

Module 5: Clitoris Stimulation Mastery

It is not just basically about rubbing the heck out of that clitoris. You also don’t want to be touching it like you are scared of the piece of yummy flesh, lol. At this stage of the program, you will be learning how to treat the clit right and have your lady raising the roof and making your neighbors go green with envy.

So, you will have to sign up for the program to discover the other equally packed modules. Of course, I’m sure you already can’t wait to delve in. I understand the struggle. Every guy out there wants to be the perfect stud for his babe and you should be!

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Some other interesting features

Decent course on sexuality

It is often common that most courses on sexuality are too explicit. Right, it is about sex. However, not everyone is comfortable with nudity or they may be struggling to overcome porn addiction. But with this course, you don’t have to bother about being exposed to explicit nudity as the videos only uses rubber models to explain the female anatomy and other topics.

Length of the videos

You won’t have to spend hours upon hours just to get all the resources you need. Most of the videos in the course are within the range of 30 minutes. They are the perfect length for you to even watch during your breaks or just before you go to bed.

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Lifetime access

You only get to pay once for the course and you have an all time access to it. Even when updates are made to the program, you will not be required to pay extra to get access to them. How nice, right? You can experiment with all you learn at your own pace.

Money-back Guarantee

No one wants to keep something they don’t have use for around. So, just like you will return that wrong fitted shoes you bought at the store, you can also ask for a refund if you are not pleased with the product for any reason. However, I doubt it will ever come to that. You will be too busy giving your lady, mind blowing orgasms *winks*.

And there is still more…

When you subscribe to The Total Lover, you will get these amazing bonus offers too for nothing:

Bonus 1: Improving Your Sexual Relationships

You will learn amazing techniques to amp up your sex life. You won’t have to stick to the boring routines you go over each time you hit the sack.

Bonus 2: Erotic Fantasies & Persuasion

Everyone needs some spark at certain points in your relationships. Things can get pretty boring especially in long term relationships or after being married for several years. This bonus offer will help you revive the spark in your sex life.

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Bonus 3: Introduction & Guide to Anal Sex

If you roll this way, you definitely don’t want to do it the wrong way especially if you are dealing with a newbie. This guide gives you all you need to have amazing anal sex, from the preparation to the different styles to give optimum enjoyment.

Bonus 4: Best Sex Positions for Orgasms

You may have likely tried out some ridiculous sex positions only to end up with a strained muscle or even worse. Yet, there was no orgasm for your lady. This guide will give you the best positions that will result in sure orgasms for your woman.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Just sign up already and get busy with that special woman in your life. Remember, we only live once and you don’t want to waste your life leaving your woman short of the full satisfactions she should be getting. She may resent you for it all after your relationship is ended.


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