Trading Master Plan Review – Does it WORK or NOT?

The fluctuations in the global economy provide a terrific opportunity for many people to make money as changes in global currency values dictate the functioning of the Forex trading market. There are rags to riches stories about people who made a fortune in the Forex market. People often get motivated after hearing such stories and invest heavily in foreign currencies with an aim to strike gold.

However, one must realize that there are a number of pitfalls in such type of sentimental investments and hence  large number of people loose their money in the Forex market. One needs to study the fundamental principles and the processes that dictate the functioning of the Forex market.

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It is impossible to achieve profits without understanding the key aspects of the Forex market. Most of the people who suffer loses usually overlook the fundamental aspects of the trading. Every trader needs to be trained on the fundamental techniques that will help to identify critical market signals that can trigger buy or sell signals.

There are a number of online courses that are sufficient enough to get a firm grounding in the domain of Forex trading. But these courses aren’t comprehensive enough. Moreover, the lack of an advanced training course has prevented traders from mastering the complexities of the stock market.

David Gagne’s Trading Master Plan fills the void that has been created by the dearth of a comprehensive forex trading course. The course can be followed by both, beginners as well as seasoned traders, because it not only includes basic tutorials but also includes video tutorials and real world examples that shed more light on the mysteries of the Forex market.

What is the Trading Master Plan?

Trading Master Plan is a comprehensive Forex training course that teaches the basic aspects of forex trading to beginners as well as experts. The course comprises of different modules that provide guidance on topics like technical analysis, money management, price cycles and various other trading techniques.

The course is offered in the form of pdf documents, video tutorials and real life case studies. Through this course Dave Gagne wants to familiarize people with advanced concepts like candlestick patterns. Understanding these concepts will help people to understand the triggers for entering and exiting the market.

One other module trains investors for identifying the price cycles and making profits from them. The knowledge will help you to make trading decisions that are in line with the market sentiment.

There is also a module that helps people to earn profits by reverse trading. The module specially teaches technical analysis that have always proved a valuable tool for identifying breakout trades.

A module on money management helps the investors to understand different financial ratios like risk to rewards ratio. Study of these ratios helps to know the exit points while trading.

The unique strategy shared in this course helps you to apply different trading techniques and the investor will be able to master multiple techniques for multiplying profits. The course is detailed as well as within scope and hence it is not possible to loose track while following the course material.

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Who is Dave Gagne?

Dave Gagne is an ace Forex trader who was motivated to be a  trader after attending a seminar in 2002. After gaining experience as an investment representative, Dave completed several courses like the Canadian Securities Course, Derivative Fundamental Course, Options Licensing Course and The Conduct & Practices Handbook.

Even though he is well-trained trader, Dave developed his skills by developing his own techniques. Dave Gagne’s techniques are based on extensive research and a success strategies that were developed through trial and error. Dave conducted research by observing traders, professional traders, trading charts and market statistics.

Ultimately, Dave managed to compile all his techniques into a single eBook called as Trading Master Plan that was released in 2005. Dave Gagne believes that there is no holy grail for achieving success and hence he has developed his own tools, techniques and plans for achieving success. All these training tips can be found in the Trading Master Plan.

Dave’s techniques does not make you a financial guru but it does make you a savvy market player who dos not bring emotions into play while trading in Forex.



What are the topics covered in the Trading Master Plan?

The entire course content comprises of the following important topics that prove truly valuable:

  • Detailed descriptions of the 4 stages and the important market trends that need to be followed to gain an advantage
  • 8 definite buy and sell triggers
  • Dave Gagne’s 23 trading tips that include entry as well as exit rules
  • A thorough explanation of market cycles
  • A guide to the ‘extreme profit rule’
  • A guide to using and understanding Japanese candlesticks
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your own trading plan
  • Common trading pitfalls and financial traps
  • Useful tips for improving trading performance

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Formulae offered by Dave Gagne

The eBook offers some of the formulas that are devised by Dave for inproving your trading accuracy. For example, the course offers the following positioning formula that gives you the accurate number of shares that need to be purchased. The formula is:

Number of shares = Maximum loss / Stop loss price

One other formula is the 5xma formula or the ‘extreme profit rule’  that helps to calculate the price at which you will need to exit the market. Following is the formula concerned with the extreme profit rule:

Exit Price = 5 times the 20 period average true range + 20 period simple moving average

The course not only teaches the practical aspects of trading but it also focuses on the psychological aspects that can affect your decision making. For example, the course teaches you how to control your greed and fear for avoiding losses.

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What are the bonus materials available along with Trading Master Plan?

The product is offered along with free bonus material that includes the following:

  • Ultimate Stock Money Management Calculator that is worth $47
  • 30 video tutorials that are accessible only to members. The entire set of tutorials is priced at $97
  • Trading Master Plan Visual Journals that cost $150
  • 5 hours of additional audio that is worth $99.95

All these bonuses will be offered fro free and the entire course can be downloaded at a discounted price of $47.95

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How to buy Trading Master Plan?

The product can be purchased from the product website and the purchase is made through ClickBank, the most secured global online retailer. The product comes with a money-back guarantee and dissatisfied customers can return the book after a 60-day trial period.

The final verdict

Dave Gagne’s Trading Master Plan is an accurate strategy that has helped traders to achieve guaranteed profits in forex trading. There are a number of online guides that offer trading strategies. However, every program recommends a strategy that only focuses on a particular way of trading that is suitable for certain market conditions.

Trading Master Plan focuses on a large number of trading styles and hence the strategy is a unique of combination of all the strategies that are being deployed in the forex market today. Every trader must try Dave Gagne’s product to truly scale up their skills and to maximize their profits.



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