Truth About Hypnosis Review: The Truth Revealed!

Did you know that every day in life we subconsciously get hypnotized by street vendors and corporate marketers?

I didn’t either.

See it was until I read the Truth About Hypnosis, I was oblivious of the techniques that vendors use to attract us to their merchandise and wares.

What’s even more interesting is that some those vendors and corporate marketers don’t even know what they’re doing.

The Truth About Hypnosis is one of the best hypnosis books out there. I had a wonderful time reading and perusing through the techniques used to hypnotise people consciously and subconsciously.

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Goodbye Old Habits

I had a habit of sucking my thumb whenever I was alone, yes I used to suck my thumb till my mid twenties. It’s embarrassing for me to admit, but it would have been really embarrassing for me if my girlfriend would have seen me sitting down watching tv with my thumb in my mouth. I couldn’t risk getting exposed.

So I read through the book and got to the self-hypnosis chapter and gave it a go. I was man with a thumb sucking problem. This was my only way out.

The techniques inside the guide are so easy to grasp and easy to execute. I tried to hypnotise myself to stop sucking my thumb and it worked, I almost botched it but I just barely managed to pull it off at the last moment.

I was thrilled the moment i realised that I had finally managed to beat that age old habit of sucking my thumbs.

The Truth About Hypnosis helps you set up safe words that will help you reverse the process just in case you make a slight mistake while trying to hypnotise yourself or someone.

These safe words are important when you hypnotise your BFF into thinking he/she was a chicken and don’t know how to get them back to normal. Just know this though, he/she wont be able to lay eggs like a chicken, its physically impossible.

But don’t worry, The Truth about Hypnosis teaches you the steps necessary to improve your hypnotising prowess with every chapter you read. This will allow you to eliminate any snag you may hit while on your journey to the inner mind of a person.

Truth About Hypnosis Review: The Truth Revealed!

Truth About Hypnosis

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Wow Your Audience

With the abundance of techniques to hypnotise a person (or crowd), you’ll be able to wow your audience every time you are with them. Not only will you be able to

The book isn’t just a book full of hypnosis “tricks” that will help you get a following at the local pub, its a real guide. The knowledge within it will baffle you the moment you actually do your first hypnosis procedure. ( I’ll call it procedure because its more of a science than a parlour trick)

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Leave them in a Trance

The Truth about Hypnosis isn’t like your ordinary hypnosis book or guide. It contains some of the techniques world renown hypnosis experts use to hypnotise their patients, assistants and people they know.

I was amazed at how it was easy to leave someone in a trance.

Not only could you eliminate a bad habit but also instil a good habit that the person lacked.

If he was a spendthrift, you could hypnotise him and get him to start a habit of saving.

The Truth about hypnosis is a good read and will definitely do more good than harm.

The Techniques used to hypnotise a person or even yourself are easy to grasp and understand and the book itself takes you from easy hypnosis to advance methods that will definitely hypnotise a person just within a minute.


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I was genuinely impressed by the way I managed to stop my old habit through hypnosis. The Truth about Hypnosis earns its place in my list of great e-books and I will definitely use it often.

Interesting to read and easy to use, The Truth About Hypnosis will help you develop the right attitudes with simple hypnosis. If you think I may be wrong about, you’re more than welcome to try it out and prove me wrong.

Thanks for Reading This Truth About Hypnosis Review.

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