100 Day Marathon Plan Review: The Pros & Cons

What is Dr. Marius Bakken’s 100 Day Marathon Plan?

* 100 days marathon plan has been created by Dr. Marius Bakken, 2 times Olympic Runner. For two consecutive years he was the second fastest non-African 5K runner.

* He has taken a break from competing on an international level and enrolled in a medical school, which he has completed in 2010.

* In, 2005 a friend of him asked for some training advice almost 12 weeks before his first ever marathon. He took help from some of the Kenyan and Italian training techniques and combined them to write up a training schedule for his friend. The result was fabulous, his friend dropped almost 50 pounds of weight just in 12 weeks and finished with a rank of 517 in his first ever marathon. After this incident the author decided to quit the running career and decided to coach people for the same.

* By this program he wants to take over the myth that in order to Run Faster, you just have to train harder. Instead the program tells you the safer, easier and faster way to increase your running speed. He has combined the several world-class training programs to benefit the marathoners and decreasing their chances of injuries. Several times marathoners prepare for months but when it comes to the result, they couldn’t see any benefits or after training them for months, they don’t know what they should eat the day before the marathon, which leads to decrease in performance and frustration.

* By now the author has many of followers who have taken help from this training program to improve themselves as marathoners. Since it was not possible to coach large no of people by personal coaching and many people wanted the program. So finally he decided to make the program available online for just nominal fee of $47, with 60 days money back guarantee,
which is great as I think.

* It is named 100 days marathon program, that doesn’t mean it provides you only 100 days of coaching, the name was set to 100 days program just because many experienced marathoners take an average of 100 days to prepare themselves for their next marathon and also 100 is a round figure.

* There is a section in this program which describes about increasing and decreasing the length of the program to 150 days and 60 days respectively.

100 Day Marathon Plan Review: The Pros & Cons

100 Day Marathon Plan

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  • It is a comprehensive program which can be followed without harming our body. The program is not made just for Olympic marathoners. It is easy to customizable plan for any runner regardless of their age, sex, speed or skill.
  • The program is made in such a way that it minimizes the injuries during the training, also tells us how to heal from them.
  • It covers the diet routine as the program is made by a physician you can rely on the diet.
  • The program consists of 8 –different training schedules ranging from very beginners to 2:45 runner. There are different plans like 2:45, 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 4:00, 5:00 and a pure beginner plan to pick from.
  • In this program the workouts are based on your heart rate and person specific running time, so you are always in a safe zone. Workouts are pretty safe for health.
  • The program include 10 bonus videos covering important things like how to pick up the right training shoes, improving your running form, how to use strength training to complement your training etc.
  • 4-automatic calculator to:
  1. Calculate exactly how much you eat and drink during the marathon based on your goal time, the weather and your body type.
  2. Calculate the exact pace to run in the marathon so you hit your target finish time.
  3. Calculate which training schedule is best for you simply from you 5K/10K/Half marathon time.
  4. To calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) and what injuries you may be risking based in your BMI.
  • You will get to know your training intensity and your optimal training zone without using lactic acid testing.marathon photo


  • You should have little knowledge about Health and Fitness to understand the contents and customize it according to your need. You can say little knowledge of health and fitness is pre-requisite to the content. According to me the program is very well designed and you will hardly find any de-merit in the program.
  • You will have to go to gym or do some cardio in your training and obviously the gym subscription is not included in the plan. So will have to pay for it, you can join any gym and follow the routine provided by this program.
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I totally recommend this product. It is well suited for every marathoner’s need. You won’t find
product on the market at such a small price like $47. You can return the product whenever you want, within 60 days from the day of purchase. It supports “No-Question Asked” policy and provides you hassle-less return. I think it’s a must buy for marathoners.

New Update – January 2019

Improvements are the most sought on everything we do especially if we are in the field of sports. In the field of marathon, there is already a numerous number of runners that are already exceptional in that field.

However, some runners are experiencing a performance plateau and that is the most horrible and challenging period in a runner’s career. This is where “100 Day Marathon Plan” will take action it is also perfect for newbie runners.

After I wrote the review a few months ago there are already people who immediately tried the product. And they were all surprised on the amazing results that they got when they followed the techniques from the product.

They were happy because they saved a lot of money with the use of this product. They do not already need the service of a professional trainer.

Here is an overview of the techniques that you will learn if you buy the product:

  • Different training methods to enhance your endurance and speed.
  • The proper diet that you needed to optimize your running performance.
  • The different strategies that you can do while on track such as breathing and proper landing of foot.

There are a lot more than you will learn if you buy the product. That is why if you want to improve your running performance for an upcoming marathon event do not hesitate and buy this product now!

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