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With the vast transgender successes recorded over the past few decades, one major problem has been common amongst transgender women and it’s the voice. People have often suggested that “it’s your voice that makes or breaks you as a woman” and they may be somewhat right. Most transgender women spend a great deal of time, energy and resources perfecting their feminine image but the voice just doesn’t cut it; at least not yet.

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Well, those days will soon be long gone thanks to the 30 Day Crash Course. This course has been designed to help transgender women achieve the perfect feminine voice they desire and help them express themselves more freely. Once you use this product, the days of passing off as a woman until you open your mouth will be long gone.

This post explains all you need to know about this program and how it can help transform your life forever.


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What’s this about?

This product is a 30 Day Voice Feminization study course that guides you step by step using a proven voice feminization process developed by Kathe Perez. The study course was designed for transgender women with little or no experience in training their voices or for those who have continued to work on their voices without experience any for of success.

It’s important to note that this is a beginner’s course and may not be ideal for transgender women with years of successful experience in training their voices. Nevertheless, the skills gained would be beneficial to all transgender women regardless of what stage they are currently at in their transition process.

How does it work?

This is an independent study program that allows you to spend as much or as little time as you want. However, it is recommended that you stick to the 30 days period and get the best from the program.


This program is split into a series of voice feminization classes which are highlighted below.

Class 1:

This class essentially sets the stage for success by firstly helping you discover the posture and breathing principles that form the foundation of a realistic feminine voice and thereafter you’ll learn the strategies for mastering a feminine voice.

This class is very vital as without it, you may never truly understand what it takes to speak effortlessly in a feminine voice. This class has the following objectives

  • Achieve and maintain a perfect feminine pitch.
  • Achieve feminine voice mastery using the principles of proprioception and metacognition.
  • Uncover hidden secrets that’ll contribute to your success.
  • Learn how to instantly reprogram your body to speak like a woman.


Class 2:

This class focuses on the critical elements of feminine voice articulation. Before delving deep into this, you’ll first of all understand the physiology of your voice and also its anatomy so you can best understand the changes you’re making.

The following are the key aims of this class.

  • Knowing and understanding the difference between male and female articulation which is very essential if you’re going to sound authentically female.
  • Learn to improve your posture, breathing and pitch to enable your voice evolve.
  • Train your ear to distinguish between specific male and female qualities in speaking.

Class 3:

Class 3 focuses on the key elements of voice quality. During this class, you will be challenged on better methods of transforming and fine tuning your voice for the next level.

See highlights of this class’ objectives below:

  • Master the methods of transforming the quality of your feminine voice.
  • Upgrade your feminine vocal structures from basic sentences to advanced patterns of speech.
  • Train your ear to understand and recognise the subtle elements and qualities of a beautiful feminine voice. You can only do what you understand so if you’re interested in speaking with a beautiful feminine voice, you must understand why and what makes it sound like that.
  • Tweak your daily routines so you can swiftly break through barriers to your success in achieving a perfect feminine voice.


Class 4:

Things get more interesting in this class as it’s essentially practice time. In this class, you will learn how to spontaneously integrate all the skills learnt from class 1 to 3. You’ll learn how to make these new skills a habit and eventually study some audio samples that show what works and doesn’t work during the transition process for transgender women.

The key objectives of class 4 are:

  • Tips on common mistakes to avoid.
  • Ensure the new vocal patterns learnt become a habit.
  • Learn to integrate the skills learnt from class 1-3 for a better feminine voice.
  • Progressing from structured statements to spontaneously speaking in a feminine voice.

Class 5:

This class helps solidify all you have learnt so far in this course. The objectives can be found below:

  • Improve your voice from passable to beautiful.
  • Maintain results achieved so far.
  • Progress from sounding like a woman to truly expressing yourself as a woman.

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Benefits of the 30 Day Crash Course

The ultimate benefit of this program is that it’ll help you develop that beautiful female voice you always dreamed about. However the following are some of the key benefits accrued from participating in this independent course.

  • Helps you progress to speaking like a woman and eventually express yourself as a woman.
  • A perfectly natural approach to getting your desired voice.
  • Avoid any complications of looking like a woman and sounding otherwise.
  • An approach that examines the core problem and offers a solution that truly works.

Hear what people are saying

This 30 Day Crash Course from Kathe Perez has received commendations from numerous users worldwide and it’s no wonder why the following people have only great things to say.

  • Trish (a satisfied user) was wowed by the changes she experienced. She also didn’t think she needed the tuner but quickly discovered how vital it was to developing the voice texture she desired. After using this program, her conclusion was that “she had no idea how off base she was”.
  • Lauren says the voice she believed was impossible to achieve in the past has now been made possible thanks to the methods of this program. She further explains that she loves the way the classes are outlined and that it’s so easy to review over and over again. Lauren had also tried alternative programs in the past but did not experience the kind of quick results she now experiences whilst using this program.
  • Natasha says that the course is so complex yet so amazing. She heaped praise on the motor-learning theory and says it helped make everything click for her.

These sentiments and beliefs shared above have been replicated in the lives of thousands all over the world, thanks to the transforming effect of this program.



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Despite the successes recorded by transgender women all over the world, it may never really feel complete without the right female voice texture and this is what inspired Kathe Perez to develop this program.

If you’re looking to achieve perfection with your desired voice texture, look no further, this 30 Day Crash Course has got you covered. In just 30 days, you will be guided towards achieving the perfect feminine voice and statements such as “I pass as a woman until I open my mouth” will become a thing of the past.

Don’t look any further, let this be your last bus stop. Click on the link below and make a purchase and watch your life transform for the best.

New Update – September 2019

A lot of transgendered women have this problem of changing their voice to the feminine one and this is actually the hardest part. Since you can actually change your appearance easily, the voice is not the easiest one to change. This the reason why a lot of transgenders are frustrated because they weren’t unable to completely transform themselves to a complete resemblance of a woman.

Thankfully, there is this product that will help you out on naturally transforming your voice to complete feminine. Since I posted the review of this product a lot of transgenders became completely feminine after implementing the techniques. To give you an idea here are the following benefits that you can get from the product.

  • You will perfectly have the feminine voice that you surely desire.
  • It will give you a better overall health because of the natural techniques that you will learn from this product.
  • This product will give you an amazing confidence because you will already have a voice that is aligned with your appearance.

Buy this product now and expect the amazing benefits that you can get at it. It will bring and transform you to new heights of excitement as you move towards life as a full-pledge woman.

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