Americas Restaurant Recipes No Hype Review – Get the Facts!

My fiancée and I decided to check out typical Americas Restaurant Recipes by Ron Douglas served at well known joints. As usual, reservations were difficult to manage during this busy period and we ended up deciding on a Saturday night reservation at 9:00 p.m. The first thing you notice is that the decoration is a bit outdated. As per our waiter, even though they usually replace furnishings, it is always with the same theme. The second thing you are hit with is the view. It is truly and very well unique and one of the best in the city from a restaurant’s point of view.

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After we were seated we were given the wine list, which was on a tablet PC. We had the Sommelier (wine expert), come over to advise on our wine choice and we ended up ordering a bottle of Ramey Chardonney. What was fun about getting a bottle of wine at this place was the presentation of the wine in a beautiful decanter. It was the fanciest bottle opening and presentation of wine that I had ever come across.

Now, for the food! First of all, the portion sizes at this restaurant was not very large, rather they aim to give you a unique culinary (eating) treat instead of leaving you with a stuffed up stomach. You may be a bit disappointed at first, but trust me the timing of the food is perfectly done so that you are able to digest properly and then move on to the next course. When I left I was full but perfectly satisfied with the best what Americas Restaurant Recipes by Ron Douglas could offer.

Americas Restaurant Recipes No Hype Review - Get the Facts!

Breakdown of the choices on the Americas Restaurant Recipes

Starter – Chicken liver mousse: I was quite scared of this. I was mostly expecting a weirdly wet froth of strongly flavoured liver, but I was wrong. This was my favourite dish of the evening. The mousse was creamy and smooth with an excellent flavour that was really set off by the crispy flavour of the pork rinds and sweet burst of flavour from the small fruits added in it. I just loved the dish! This was just the perfect blend of American Recipes. My fiancée had the risotto (Italian rice) and that was very good too. I was just too busy with my own starter to have a whiff of hers!

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Photo by HerryLawford

The Main Course – Maine scallop: Remember the plates were not very large. The scallop was perfectly prepared. When I took a bite with every component of this dish (grits, kale, scallop, pork cheek etc.), it was just delicious! My fiancée had the Campo Lindo chicken and that was wonderful too.

The Dessert – Tiramisu (Cheese cake dessert): Yummy! It was wildly different from the other good Tiramisu I had tried before. Not in taste, but it was beautifully decorated and made for a delighting finish.

After such a lovely experience, I am planning to go back for more of Americas Restaurant Recipes and get a feel of this place on a day to day basis. I just may need to save up a bit in order to do so.

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