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Those who have been following the policies of the United States Federal Government may know that the right of the American people to keep and bear arms, as it was defined by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has been relentlessly under attack. Legislation sought to regulate and control the types of weapons people can own up until all they are left with is a handgun, and tried to create a national database listing the name of every firearm owner and the types of their weapons.

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Their agenda has halted by the United States Congress, but it will not stop the ruling class to disarm the populace and make them defenseless against tyrants crushing their freedom. The Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide was written by Keith Jacobs for those who seek to secure their ability to protect themselves and their family both from thugs and tyrants. This guide will give you the tools to exercise your Second Amendment rights even when the government targets and suceeds in his assault on weapon merchant and retailers.

Facts and Practical Advice

The Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide by Keith Jacobs is an extremely well-written guide which teaches the reader about every minute detail of firearm ownership in the United States. It talks about the various laws in effect that regulate and control the ownership and trading of weapons to shed a light on the fact that the Second Amendment rights of the Americh people has been thoroughly crippled throughout the years. It talks about why is it important to secure our right to keep and bear arms in the first place philosophically and practically.

The information he presents on the laws preventing ordinary citizens to get a gun is well-researched, extremely accurate and shows the image of a dark and grim present world in which our freedom to defend ourself is being contstantly and invisibly undermined. His research will reveal the shocking truth for those who believe that the Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms are not already infringed and destroyed to a large degree in our current world.

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But this book was not made to instill dread in the reader about the current state of affairs. Though the revelations of the Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide do indeed show a grim present, the main purpose of the book is to help you fight against a political class seeking to undermine and destroy your right to protect your family and yourself. The book offers an abundance of practical advice regarding keeping and mainaining weapons and ammunitions. And it is great not only for those who think that an uprising and an outright civil war may be on the horizon, but also for those who sometimes engage in practicing with their guns and want to save a few dollars on the ammunition.

In short, the Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide by Keith Jacobs is a book that offers tremendous knowledge and advice for anyone who wishes to protect themselves.

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An Armory From Scraps

Arguably the single most important and valuable advice of Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide is the guide on how to build an AR-15 semi-assault rifle on your own. Such a weapon costs a fortune for the average American, but if you follow the step by step, easy to understand guide of Keith Jacobs, you will be able to create an AR-15 on your own. All you will need are the guide itself, basic tools to assemble your firearm and parts that you can acquire much cheaper than a brand new AR-15 rifle.


The vast majority of the advices that the guide contain will basically save you a fortune in the long run if you are a weapon enthusiast and you occasionally spend to expand your armory and your ammunition. Such is the advice on how to reload your ammunition manually instead of always purchasing new packs of shells and bullets. This single set of instructions will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you are considering to stockpile ammo for the rainy days.

As a bonus to Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide you will receive a video library in which the author, Keith Jacobs shows you how to build your rifle, reload your ammo and many other useful tips. If you ever feel lost and confused by the instructions, consult the video library to see how to proceed with your work.

The second bonus you will receive by purchasing Ammo Independence is The Gun Law Bible: What Every Gun Owner Should Know ebook. As the title entails, this guide will teach you about every single law and regulation that cripples your right to keep and bear arms in the United States to make sure you are not violating them. As the last decade suggests, there is a consistent assault on every gun owner’s right to self-defense and you must be very careful not to walk into one of the traps laid down by the political class, which would enable and justify them to confiscate your weapons.

The third bonus reward that you will recieve upon purchasing Ammo Independence is a book titled Mixed Martial Arts: The Basics of Jujitsu and MMA. There will be times when you will be unable to use a firearms, either as a result of legislation or because of some other factors in your environment. In these vulnerable moments you still need something to protect yourself. Mixed Martial Arts: The Basics of Jujitsu and MMA will teach you the basic principles of hand to hand combat against and will teach you how to disarm and disable violent attackers without using a handgun. It is a highly effective method of defense to protect yourself and your family.

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Ammo Independence: The Firearm’s Survival Guide by Keithjacobs is a worthy investment for anyone who is interested in the safety and well-being of their loved ones and themselves. The instructions, guidances and knowledge the guide offers will teach you how to effectively prepare and survive any dark political climate, and will help you to do so without asking you to spend a fortune. It is perfect for those who have a limited budget yet still seek to maximize the protection of their household, and even better for those who have an abundance of free time at their hands to build their weaponry and their stockpile of ammunition from scrach and change. For $37 you will be able to create a safe and secure household for your loved ones, defying the will of the political class who seeks to undermine your right to protection.

Ammo Independence by Keithjacobs Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Ammo Independence by Keithjacobs

New Update – August 2019

In panic situations, there are times that you just want to get out of it to free you away from total onslaught however it is not the case if you have a family to protect. If you have a family to protect more importantly you will think of a way to keep them away from harm. With regards to that, you will need a firearm and ammo.

However, things can get tough if you do not have sufficient money and knowledge in buying ammo. To tell you honestly there will be no problem at all to buy a firearm but the problem is the ammo because there is a scarcity of it here in our country.

Thankfully, a product like this has been created which will help you find an unlimited surprise of ammo for a very low price and the best thing is some of them are free. You can also learn how to create them on your own that is why you will surely never regret buying this product as it is truly worth your every penny.

So if you want to keep you and your family safe especially on untoward situations such as catastrophe, war, and chaos then this product is definitely the best one to buy!

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