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How To Sell Your Art

“If you’re an artist who has worked hard to produce your best works, you would probably be interested in turning some of your pieces into money by selling them on the arts market. While it works for some artists, personally selling your art pieces by writing letters to people or carrying them around doesn’t really do the trick. The people who would probably see your work under those contexts are not exactly the most ardent of art aficionados, so your chances of making a sale aren’t exactly optimistic.

Arts has its own market, so if you want to really do a great job in selling your work, you have to pander and sell your wares to the people who would actually consider buying paintings or pieces of sculpture. While art appreciation is something that most people understand and comprehend, art buying and the actual spending for the procurement of arts is still something that makes people very nervous nowadays. Unless you’re a high-rolling auction house big shot, the regular guy wouldn’t exactly be holding out extra money to buy a new abstract painting to be placed in the lounge or living room wall.

Art dealerships and managers.

The most logical step for an artist to have a shot at selling painting is to hire an arts dealer, arts representative or a handler/manager. By buying a few hours or days of their time, they could then peddle your best works to their biggest customers. Though you probably wouldn’t want to pay someone before you’ve made money, you have to respect the fact that these people have vast networks that stretch all across the arts industry’s who’s who and their respective followers and fans. Their influence in making people want things and believe new trends can definitely be invaluable in getting your paintings and sculptures sold. You can make things move along faster if you can create a business card or postcard that can truly capture your essence as an artist. Make sure that it truly represents your unique point of view when it comes to arts.

Galleries and mall arcades.

Going to an art gallery in arcades and malls would also be a great way to sell your artwork. A lot of young artists get their breaks doing this at the beginning of their careers. Art fans and enthusiasts frequent galleries in the hopes of finding the next break out artist. If some of your work gets sold, the gallery would take a percentage off the purchase price. The name of the game is getting exposed to your main market, and it’s definitely what a gallery can do for you.


To gain a better reputation and build a name for yourself, you can always join art competitions. Winning or having a good showing in one can certainly allow you to focus more attention on yourself and your work. This allows you to really forward your career, not just as a champion in the small niche of art aficionados.

Having your own spot in the lore of pop culture and the general public consciousness has its rewards, so take solace in that. A piece of artwork should be the artist’s reward itself. Any monetary compensation that comes after would just be an added bonus.

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