Asthma Free Forever Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

My brother and I were born 2 years apart. He is older that I am. When I was about 4 years, or so I remember, I was told that my mom had to rush him to the hospital because he had a difficult time breathing. As a child, I did not really know what that meant, so my dad told me about holding my breath for as long as I can, and breathing out when I can no longer hold it in. He told me that my brother wanted to breathe out, but it was not possible for him to do so.We grew up in similar worlds.

He had playmates of his own, and I had mine. There were times when our group of comrades would merge and wed have this big group and wed play for hours on end. There was one time that I could vividly remember, and that when he and I were both part of the same team. We were playing against other groups of children in this highly rigorous game where we had to chase them and jump off stuff on the road. The works.

That was when I noticed that my brother had his hand on his knees. As if he was tired. He was bowing his head down and I knew then and then that he cannot breathe out as he would wish, like what my dad taught me. So I went to him, and he told me to run home and get mom and dad.

I ran as fast as I could. My legs almost died because of the running. I was a thin girl. Correction, a skinny one. I almost always looked like my parents were not feeding me well but they actually were.

 I got home and shouted for my folks, and they came with me as we rode a car to fetch my brother. The moment we got to him, he was already on the floor. Children were already surrounding him and there was this adult, whom I still don’t know to date, who was shouting at all the kids telling them to back off because my brother needed some air.

 At that point, my mom dropped on her knees to carry my brother, who was 7 at that time. We brought him to a hospital because his lips were turning blue. I only saw blue lips in movies and we were absolutely not in a movie.

My mom was hysterical, so my dad had to be the one to bring him in to the emergency room.

After a few hours, the doctors came out to see my mom and I and told us that my brother will live to see the day. From that day forward, we weren’t allowed to play so much compared to when I was 5. We always had nanny supervision when both of us went out, or even him alone. Our parents even had to make us take swimming lessons because adults believe that swimming helps to alleviate the asthma.

I always thought that it was only my brother who was plagued with such a deadly health issue, that I wasn’t. I had my fair share of accidents, but I also had my fair share of asthma, only that mine was on my skin. I had rashes on particular parts of my body. It would start at one point, and crawl to wherever it could land on. It was always itchy, and I had to take steroids and other topical medicines for it. It would plague me both in hot and cold weather. It would thrive on my body for months, even years, and it was one of the worst feelings when it left marks all over my body. Like maps crawling on my skin.

 It ran in the blood somehow, but we never gave up looking for a solution.

My mom and dad became accustomed to the use of the computers, laptops, as well as the internet, a few years back. It was around 2011 that my mom started browsing, but only through Facebook, and my dad only tried it later around 2014.

My dad isn’t the kind of person who would normally browse for hours on end, unless he’s researching about stuff that he likes like sail boats and yachts, but one time, after watching a whole lot of videos on YouTube, he heard my brother coughing. He asked me to teach him how to search for a cure, as he said, and that I did.

I remember him, saying that he had a lot of reading to do over the Internet, until he stumbled upon this certain Asthma Free Forever stuff that he said had good reviews.

The following day, he kept on telling my mom and I about this.

Around 20 years later, we finally found what could be the solution to all our asthma problems.

After reading what could be reliable reviews about Asthma Free Forever, my mom and dad decided to get themselves a copy because they told me that it wouldn’t hurt to try something that could change my life forever, but most of all, my brother’s because he had the severe kind of asthma compared to what I have. His was like affecting all his organs, mainly his lungs. He had a hard time breathing most of the time and he was wheezing when he coughed. I mean, I wanted to hug him every time I found him having a hard time with his asthma.

My mom decided to buy Asthma Free Forever online. When it came to paying for it, it was easily accessible despite the fact that we live Southeast Asia. My mom only had to use her card to get a copy of it, and it was a convenient transaction for her.

The price wasn’t so bad, as well. As people running on a limited and a tight budget, my family would always only buy what we can and what we direly need. Back when we had to return my brother to the hospital, my mom and dad would have to pay for thousands (in our currency), just to be able to save my brother’s life. It was such a burden. When they decided to buy Asthma Free Forever, they said that it was one of the most practical things that they ever bought for us, and that it was a good investment.

We then got this confirmation email about the transaction, and then we got the PDF file of the program! Just like that! Welcome to the digital age, friends and family! Thank you, universe!

The PDF format made it easily accessible for my mom and dad who had iPads and their smartphones. They simply had to save it there, and they were able to read it even while they were working. Whenever they got home, they would let my brother in on information how to remedy and cure his asthma.

 They tried this for about 6 months, and please allow me to say that the Asthma Free Forever is a miracle in itself.

My mom is a nurse and I know that she wouldn’t have a hard time understanding what was in it, but my dad was in another field of work. That time, he was telling me that the program used simple and understandable language and that it was easily comprehensible to him. It gives simple instructions and solutions that have worked well with my brother, and I guess that will always be what my family will be thankful for.

As a program, the Asthma Free Forever by Jerry Ericson has avoided the use of medicines that my mom said could be detrimental to our other internal organs and that it could have unwanted side effects. I read it and understood that it was all about natural remedies that I thought anyone could avail of and do.

The results were slow, but absolutely remarkable! I always understood natural remedies would work slower that clinical medicines, but I’d choose the former over the latter anytime. After about 6 months of using it, my brother no longer showed signs of wheezing. There was a bit of a cough, but it was barely there. I was happy for him that he could get through the nights without waking up in the middle of his sleep because he had this bad cough. He can also do rigorous activities now! He even runs marathons every now and then. He is an artist, so basically he sits for hours on end in front of his computer. We observed him and we weren’t tired at all. His energy improved and he did not feel the need to take power naps every now and then. He also said that he could breathe better now.

Asthma Free Forever Review: Read Before Buying

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 A year has passed since we tried out the Asthma Free Forever program, and my brother’s asthma is totally gone. I am so happy for him and I my parents! It was an achievement for all of us!

New Update – February 2019

Having asthma is pretty devastating simply because it can attack anytime and might endanger your life eventually that is why you must take an action on it.

There are lots of deaths each year because of asthma and its complications that is why it must not be taken for granted. There are lots of medications regarding asthma that relieves the complications of the disease.

However, these medications do not resolve the resolve the condition permanently as it just relieves the symptoms but not taking the disease completely.

Thankfully, “Asthma Free Forever” is there to get rid of the disease completely and the good thing with this product is that it is all natural. Right now people are reaping the benefits of having a better overall health.

So if you want to be completely healed from asthma then this is the best product to go for. It is the most reliable product out there to overcome the disease.

Expect the following benefits if you buy the product:

  • Increased lung resistance.
  • Complete diminished of your asthma condition.
  • No side-effects because it is all natural.

So become healthy again by buying this product! I wish you all the best and good health!

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