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Most men fail in terms of dating and the sexual marketplace because they were led to believe that men and women behave equally. They respond to the similar stimuli the similar way. But nothing could be further from the truth. Men and women have fundamentally different natures and their approach to dating and the sexual marketplace is entirely different. Both of them is rational, both of them arises from instincts forged in the evolution of hundreds of thousands of years, and both of them is completely incomprehensible to the other sex.

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This is why reading books such as Automatic Sexual Chemistry is extremely important for any male who wishes to enter the sexual marketplace. Naturally, you will approach women kind of the same way you would approach men, with slight tweaks, and you will never know how fundamentally different we are. But if you read this book on dating and on the million techniques of seduction, you will emerge as a new man, and this newfound understanding of the female nature will propel you to a very different path, which inevitably leads you to sexual success.

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Know Thy Enemy

Automatic Sexual Chemistry is a guide written by Dean Cortez. To be more precise, it is the meeting of two minds, Dean Cortez and Jon Sinn, both of whom are extremely well known names in the pick up artist community. They are well respected, their advice is always sound, and literally hundreds of thousands are thankful for their help in achieving sexual success.

Automatic Sexual Chemistry serves as an introductory level literature on the subject of seduction and on the various techniques you can use to get women into bed. Its name refers to its most valuable technique, which helps to create an automatic bond between you and your female companion on a subconscious level. And while it is indeed a core and integral part of the book, and the tips it shares with the reader have never been heard before, the book offers much more knowledge than that. It offers tremendous advice and information on female nature and on the principles and the endless techniques you can use to seduce your target woman.

Some people argued that this is the single most important book a young man must read in order to get a profound understanding about sexuality and get practical skills on how to approach and successfully hunt down women, because this is virtually the only book that offers advice on how to create instant chemistry. The most often reported failure in dating is that they are unable to evoke this instant bonding in women, and as a result, they fail over and over again. Therefore this book serves as an introductory literature that instantly solves their most pressing issue.

Let us note that Dean Cortez and Jon Sinn do not talk out of thin air when they theorize about successful seduction. First of all, they share their tremendous amount of experiences regarding how they successfully conquered women, but most importantly, their advice is based on science. They use sound neurological research on the differences between male and female brain as a starting point, and they logically deduce most of their conclusions on what is the most successful mating strategy that way. This book does not ask you to trust their advice blindly but to use your own mind by checking and seeing that what they are saying is indeed valid, and females would indeed react this way and that way to this and that environmental stimuli.

Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review: Read Before Buying

Automatic Sexual Chemistry

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Sound Advice

Furthermore, what is even more important to note about this book, and what makes it distinct from all the other books pertaining to dating advice is the fact that this talks about more than general tips on becoming more attractive on women. You will find the tips of hit up the gym, get a job, and so on in many other books dealing about seduction, and a lot of them will end their discussion there. Instead, Dean Cortez actually offers step by step guide on how to seduce women from the very first moment of interaction onwards. Basically, they will give you a detailed, step by step guide on approaching women, creating instant rapport and emotional connection, maintaining a stimulating conversation and ending the night with her explosive orgasm.

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Upon purchase, you will also receive several highly valuable bonuses pertaining to the topic of dating and sexual conquest. One such revard is a book on body lanuage, showing you how to interpret various signs of the female body and base your next action on them. The body language of your lady companion acts as a system that tells you whether what you are doing is right or wrong, and helps you correcting your path if you are going down a wrong road. Learn this art, and you will always be successful with them.

A topic that is of high interest for many young readers is the next bonus ebook, which is on how to successfully break the chains of the friend zone and turn the relationship’s nature into a sexual one. Indeed, this is an extreme challenge, for that a relationship between two people is almost impossible to change once the basic principles has been laid down. You need a very specific set of tools and carefully planned, conscious action to succeed. It is possible, but only with the best guidance.



The price of the whole package is $59.95. For some, it may seem a bit expensive, and compared to other guides on the market, it truly is. But arguably being the single greatest guide on how to approach women, create instant bonding and escalate until sex, Automatic Sexual Chemistry indeed worths its price. Or to put it in a different way, as I have said before, the single greatest source of failure in dating is the inability of men to create instant chemistry, and Automatic Sexual Chemistry is the only guide that is going to teach you that skillset.

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So to conclude, it is a perfect summary of the female sexual nature, of the differences between the brains of men and women, it lists all the important dating techniques and tips that a beginner must acquire, it contains the unique information on how to create chemistry, and its bonus content will help you get through even the most challenging romantic situations. The bottom line regarding the Automatic Sexual Chemistry of Dean Cortez and Jon Sinn is that it is the single best source of informationon dating and the best way to learn the art of seduction from world-renowned masters.

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