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These days I have an unnerving feeling that the world is heading towards a horrible disaster. I had to conclude after years of research in the fields of economics, history and evolutionary biology that we are extremely close to a complete societal collapse that could be prolonged for years and years. It could devastate our economy and destroy every means of providing food for this large amounts of people. And I believe I am not the only one who feels this way.

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For those who has the same concernes and see dark clouds gathering above us, the Backyard Innovator guide offers an amazing solution. The guide presents an extremely unique and almost unbelievable way of gardening that makes it possible to provide nutritious food, fresh meat and clean drinking water daily for a whole family. This system is completely self-sustaining and requires nothing more than its initial ingredients, and it is able to provide for a whole family for years in the most horrible economic collapse and general social chaos.

Backyard Innovator by Richard Grey Review: Read Before You Buy!

Backyard Innovator by Richard Grey

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Learning From Experience

This amazing new method of gardening presented in Backyard Innovator originates from the war-ridden nightmare lands of Africa, from places ruled by murderous warlords and tyrants, where the food is extremely scarce, and every piece of meat, every fruit or vegetable, even pure drinking water is subject to robbery. If neighbors see there that you have food, the violent trespassing and assault on your private property is almost inevitable.

This is the condition and environment which gave birth to the gardening technique of Backyard Innovator. They created a method which hides the source of food from curious eyes extremely well and is able to secretly provide food for the families of these violent realms. You see, we may think and fear an impending economic collapse, but this key to survive comes from a place where the conditions we fear are usual and almost ordinary.

And we can use the wisdom of those people in our world to prepare the coming dark days. We can build our own hidden garden to create safety and security to our families and to ourselves and provide food to our children while the world is in chaos.

The method of Backyard Innovator does not require a full backyard. A mere few square feet is more than enough to build the garden. You can even build it in an apartment for that it only requires the space of a small cupboard.

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It was written by Richard Grey, whose family, himself included, has been farmers for generations until the city they lived in saw a devastating drought and farming was no longer possible there. He then stayed and fought hunger and chronic food shortage with his wife and his daughter until he stumbled upon this revolutionary gardening technique written by a team of scientists.

It changed his life. He tried the method described in the paper, which – the authors claimed – originated from the war zones of Africa, and it worked. He set up the garden which required only a tiny amount of fresh water, and he was once again able to provide food for his family.

Green Technology

The book itself is well written with an easily understandable language. Even though it was authored by an expert in farming, anyone can follow its step by step instructions without much confusion. And if you find yourself confused and lost in the sea of informations and instructions, you also receive a collection of videos in which Richard Grey himself shows how to set up the garden.

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The book also makes it possible for you to customize your garden. You can choose whether you want to raise chicken or keep fish and follow the instructions of only that one module.

Furthermore, the author shows you in great details how to hide the whole garden. If you wish to shield it from curious eyes, which is a wise decision if you fear an economic collapse, since such a garden would be an alluring target for thugs and criminals, you can hide it completely by following the instructions of Backyard Innovator.

In short, it is written for anyone who seeks to secure a food sorce for himself or his family and wants to create a reliable stream of vegetables, meat and water without having to rely to the outside world. This is perfect for those who seek to save money in the long run, and for those who seek to save their own lives from a general economic collapse. Youth and elderly alike can set up the system without much problem, and after the initial work, virtually no more effort is required to maintain it.


The whole guide of Backyard Innovator costs $39. This is the price you have to pay to save your family from a general economic meltdown. Our society have seen many similar catastrophies, and we can be certain in that once it arrives, it is going to have disastrous consequences in our markets. The prices of food and basic necessities are going to skyrocket, and everything we took for granted will become a luxury.

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Our species will survive, of course, as it survives every hardship and challenge, but it is extremely wise and recommended to prepare for the worst so that we can just sit back, relax, and watch as the world tries to regain its order from the security and shelter of our family. Many people will live in daily horror, doubting whether they will be able to provide nutrition for their children, while our sons and daughters will peacefully have a breakfast from freshly harvested fish and vegetables. People will stand in endless lines to receive one portion of food, while we will feel secure and safe with a limitless and self-generating supply.

Now, of course, maybe our fears are unfounded and no such collapse is on the horizon. Maybe we have nothing to fear, and those people, such as the great economist Peter Schiff, who perfectly predicted the collapse of 2008, and claims that an even greater disaster is coming, are all wrong. But even then a $39 investment into Backyard Innovator, and a weekend worth of work around the house will give you tremendous financial freedom as it lifts a heavy burden of vegetables and meat from your shopping list in the long run. Even if all you seek is to save enough money for a great holiday, this guide will help you achieve your dream. And maybe, when the storm arrives, you will thank me for showing the value in this guide, and saving your family from starvation.

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