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Are sick tired of having the feeling of being neglected? rejected? out-of-place? because of your big fat body?fat

Is your weight too heavy and unhealthy? Are you suffering from being insulted because of your weight? You feel like you are not accepted in the society. You feel like you do not deserve to be with somebody else. You always feel that people around you does not like you.

In this world full of judgment and discrimination, there is you who take too much pain and feel all the negative things that other people said to you.

Learn to escape from this struggle. Know how you can make yourself even more better, bolder and stronger. You have to conquer this world and overcome all that hinder you to become successful, confident and happy.

You do not deserve to get sad, disappointed and frustrated. You are not a failure nor a big fat assh*le. You are not what everyone says you are.

You deserve to be happy, confident and hopeful. You must have the freedom! You must be free from disappointments, despair and stress. You are amazing and wonderful.


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I have a great news for you! You can change it all! You can have the victory! Yes. You can do it! You have now the power to defeat them all!


Introducing the world’s best and leading bodyweight transformation program – BarStarzz BTX 3.0. It is the most recommended way for you to reach your body goals! Your body that makes everybody feels wow. JUST WOW!

Calisthenics is the concept and foundation of Barstarzz, a group of fitness experts whose vision is to push others to have an ultimate training outdoors, with whatever resources available.


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Barstarzz gains its popularity with their YouTube channel show on  how to workout effectively in just with urban and ordinary fitness equipment. This movement is amazes many people all over the world and numerous known teams in countries like Germany, Norway, UK and so forth are builded and founded.

Eduard Checo – Founder of BarStarzz BTX 3.0

Workout like the most popular program; Barstarzz team from New York City. Barstarzz teams consists of experts who train with bodyweight and conducting freestyle calisthenics, outdoor strength exercises and doing ultimate workouts around the globe.

The founder Edward Checo is active and enthusiastic in giving workshops and trainings for several people who take advantage of the program.BarStarzz BTX 3 Site

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Eduard Checo created Bartarzz in the year 2009 and they have had really great success. Their youtube videos uploaded have had more than 1 million views in total. Barstarzz conducts international seminars and competitions. There are groups across the globe where their all athletes joins in competitions. They also supplies free content via email subscription, social media sites and youtube video.

BarStarzz BTX 3.0

Barstarzz BTX 3.0 is a 12-week full body transformation exercise program that gets best results. It consists of period of weeks and days, each amazing day you open the application provided or the E-book and complete the fantastic sets and reps of routine, this exercise is backed up by best high definition video that you can check how the exercises should be well

It is one of the most well-known calisthenics and bodyweight training routines nowadays. It does not matter if you are just a beginner or more pro, their HD videos will offer incomparable assistance and modern creative concepts that you can try to enhance your physical and mental stability.

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 is an extensive program routine that will let you build your body and make your life at its best. It will help you to be more active, agile and build your body physique and reach your ultimate fitness goals.

There are different levels consisting the program based on what is your prior needs. You can also customize what you love to do with the program.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Pull-up bar

This is for you to perform pull-ups, thigh ups, and rows on, this could even be more convenient if you will be using a bench press station.

Bench box

This will serve as your base. It can either be a bench, table, sofa, chair or desk to perform routine on it.


This equipment depends on your choice if you want it or not. They can be effectively used for an additional level of difficulty.


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Here are your benefits!!!

You can get the your best body goals in just short period of time

It only requires you 12 weeks to really see the results. But of course, you need the proper execution and discipline in order to have the best it can be without compromising anything from yourself.

You can easily access your routines from any devices

You can access all the routine exercise anywhere and anytime using your phone, laptop, computer and so forth. That is how convenient it is for you.

Supportive community

There is always somebody who is willing to assist you in your training. They will guide you, support you and even cheer you up! Get the best tips and advices from the experienced and experts!

100% satisfaction

It is 100% guaranteed! You will see and feel the best result for a new you! We have a full confidence in this. Absolutely!!!

B T X workout exercises, tutorial and demo videos, and other training plans

You will definitely get all that you need here. All the resources that are necessary for you, Utilize everything for your exercises. You do not have to worry about spending more for additional materials for you. All are in one!

280+ workouts in HD video

Different, unique, amazing and extreme workouts are ready for you! Do it all and get your desired body goals. All videos are crystal clear and without any problem in its format. You will gain from these videos through exhibition of proper exercises.

Also, learn the strategic workouts and movements for you to avoid any injury and for you to enjoy all the moment doing the program.

New skill trainings

You will take advantage of new and unique sets of skill trainings everyday. You will feel progress everyday through new sets to be shown and for you to conduct. You will never feel that discontentment and dissatisfaction.


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So, What are you waiting for?

BarStarzz BTX program is loved by everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an amateur or expert. You will make sure that you will find at least something new in over 250+ HD training modules and videos.

It is the worlds leading calisthenics program routine and for best reason, it is the workout training that well suited for all phases of fitness/strength and by the outlooks of the training. You will have nothing to lose and you have everything to gain!

Many people have already testified on how great this program is and how it changed their lives into something incredible. Be one of them. Take your step and overcome the world.

Awesome! isn’t it? Plus, a supportive community that you will become one of the family once you join is absolutely priceless. Of course it will not just happen in a flash and you must have to pour out a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it in the end a thousand folds.


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It is now the time to gain your confidence and happiness back! Let us end the feeling of frustration and defeat. Do not let your body rule you. You must rule your body and get your most desired body goals.

Be at your best shape and have the victory! This the best opportunity that is now knocking in front of you. Make it you best shot and don’t let it passed away.

The best is yet to come! be the macho man you wish you are. Do not let anybody make you feel a pain or struggle. You have now the power to change everything. Change yourself to a new you! Have your new beginnings and show the world what you got.

New Update – January 2019

There are no better fitness programs that are available on the internet that is better than BarStarzz BTX 3 because it is the best of both worlds. A lot of people are really amazed at how the product really worked out good for them.

Their muscles became larger and toned at the same time. There is also no steroids or artificial products involved which makes it very healthy because it does not compromise people’s health.

Here are the following benefits that you will get if you will purchase the product:

  • You will learn a lot of techniques on how you can increase your muscle mass.
  • Get ripped muscles at the same time while increasing muscle size.
  • Increased strength because of the power training that it will teach you.

The product also has a lot of freebies that talks about a lot of different kinds of diet also that will help you with your fitness goals. Buy the product now and you will surely not have any regrets with it. You will also not have any hard time implementing the techniques because it is very easy to understand and to implement that is why you have nothing to worry about!

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