Bead Manager Pro Review – Read Before You Buy!

Does your business involve making jewelry? Do you use any software to assist you in your business? If yes which one? Have you ever heard of Bead Manager Pro?

If you want to venture in the jewelry making business or you are already doing one, today I want to educate you on how you can make your business run smoothly with this wonderful software the Bead Manager Pro. I am certain you will never regret using it for you will make a lot of profit out of it.

Bead Manger Pro is jewelry software that automates your business and helps you run it smoothly, saving you time and enables you earn a lot of money. It is built on an award winning Filemaker Pro database frameworks that runs in all operating systems. How great is that?

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This software is a must have no one can afford to be operating without for:

  • It automatically prices your jewelry
  • It creates catalogs for jewelry
  • It manages customers and invoicing
  • Tracks jewelry inventory

To ensure you find an easy time using it, it comes complete with a full color operating manual and over 2 dozen online video tutorials to ensure you have an easy time running it. This is among the many reasons you should just have this software.

This software has a number of features that are very captivating have a look.


Features of Bead Manager Pro

  1. Instant stock level and inventory tracking

This software automatically tracks your inventory of parts and pieces of the jewelry. All you are required to do is enter the details of the parts inventory of the jewelry after which when you are creating a new jewelry piece you will have to add the parts that you used in making that particular piece, this parts will be automatically removed from the inventory. The inventory contains a list which automatically updates itself whenever a part is removed and when they sock is running low it alerts you.

There is no one time you fill find that it has not warned you and the pars are over completely. This feature allows you to be able to run your business continuously.

  1. Automatically pricing of the jewelry

After the jewelry pieces have been completed, Bead Manager Pro automatically prices your jewelry. It can price it at three levels: Wholesale, retail and direct sales. It calculates the cost of the parts used in making the jewelry piece and then prices it accordingly.

This software has an hourly rate calculator that enables you to know how much you will be charging for your time and it also calculates for you our profit and loss reports. And thatÂ’s why it is hard to make a loss if you are using this software.

Without this software you may find your business is running at loss because you are able to know how much to charge for the jewelry pieces after including the cost f the parts, labor and the time for making the jewelry.

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  1. Records customer activities and gives notifications on special dates

If you are not careful with your service delivery to your customer your business may constantly operate at a loss or just fail. Customers play a key role in making a business lucrative. Good customer service guarantees you the best business operating platform. By setting up a customer list you can include special dates and have notification set to remind you about those particular occasions specific to your customer enabling you to remain informed and develop a healthy relationship with them.

You should always ensure that you are at your service of your customer to make them be coming for more jewelry from you and that is why I insist that you should have this software for you will ever disappoint your customers.

  1. Professionally printed labels, invoices and catalogues that are done instantly

The Bead Manager Pro has an admin section where type in all your company details which once set you can now print out professionally and attractive looking invoices, labels of the jewelry parts and pieces, catalogues and consignment orders.

Human beings usually find organized work more appealing and this is what this software does for you as a marketing strategy. With professionally printed labels and catalogues you can be able to capture a wide market for the jewelry lovers.

  1. Back-up and storage of data

In any business data is very important. It can be used for further references and also for legal purposes. So you need to be able to back-up your data easily and ensure it is stored safely for easy retrieval and for you never know if your PC will crash. With Bead Manager Pro it gives you an option of doing this in a span of seconds in just a few clicks you have all your data saved, backed up and stored safely.

  1. Data exportation

This software contains pre-formatted of reports of catalogues, Bill of Materials and invoicing. Sometimes you maybe wanting to obtain a report on anything, this software allow you to do that very fast for it has a list of views and the ability to export data to excel.

  1. Note taking and storage for design details.

Some people like making notes probably for future reference and yes you could also be one desiring to write a note on how you created a particular jewelry so that you can refer to it later or to someone else. With this software you can add notes and images on the jewelry pieces to make it easy for to remember how you it.

Bead Manager Pro Review: Read Before Buying

Bead Manager Pro

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Also you can make notes on jewelry that you make quite often so that you just duplicate the pieces on the inventory to avoid feeding in the same information every time.

  1. Sales and invoice tracking

Bead Manager Pro is able to track your sales irrespective of whether you sell your jewelry directly or you use consignments to make deliveries. Your invoices will be automatically listed in the list views and can be easily filtered or viewed under the customer profile.

Consignment orders also allow you to send out the items or deliver them and once the items have been sold the consignment orders instantly turn into invoices and the inventory is automatically updated.

You also use the invoice to create a catalogue for your customers to boost their trust in you; it also acts as a surety to constant supply of jewelry.

  1. Taxation

Calculation of what percentage of tax you are required to include in an invoice is never that easy. But with Bead Manager Pro all need to do is make sure you have fed in all the company details and it will calculate the tax on all your invoices as you create them. Taxation made easy!

  1. Vendor tracking and their orders and supplies

Since you can easily make notes with this software, you can keep notes on your favorite vendors. This enables you to have a record of who bought what from, at what price and when. In the Bead Manager Pro add the favorite suppliers and when you will be adding the new jewelry parts in the inventory it will easier to choose which vendor you purchased from, from the drop down box.

  1. Reports

This software gives you detailed reports on the profits and losses made, the best customers and what they purchase and also jewelry pieces that make the most sales.

Pros of Bead Manager Pro

  • Has 24/7 customer and technical support that makes operation easier. So any time you develop a technical problem you can contact them and they beginning working on your issue immediately.
  • Gives you a step-by-step guide on how to price your jewelry in order to make profits
  • It is easy to use by anyone.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista and Mac.
  • From the users they give positive feedback therefore to mean it is reliable.
  • It comes with videos for tutorials that educates on how to use it.
  • It is a high quality product that ensures you constantly make profits out of your jewelry business.
  • It gives you an easy time for you to market your business by printing out professional labels and catalogues.
  • It is a fair method for pricing jewelry so that you do not exploit the market or sale your products at a loss.

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