Betfair Trading Community Review – The Truth Revealed! Read Before You Buy!

When it comes to the world of sports, it’s no secret that participants in sports are one of the richest in the world today. I remember seeing how much Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo earn in a week and I developed an instant headache.

Don’t laugh at me, I was just floored to know they make that much with their sporting skills. Even if I work ten jobs, there’s no way I would be able to make that amount in a week.

But there is another class of people that are often ignored when it comes to determining those who are making big bucks off sports. They are the sports traders!

What does sports trading entail?

If you are new to this, you must be wondering what exactly are they selling. Is it tickets to games or what? While that is a thing and some people do that for a living, sports trading is very much different from that.

Simply put, sports trading is about placing parallel bets on the same game with the aim to make profit.

This is not rocket science. It’s done in the same way that stock trading is carried out. The only difference here is that you are not waiting to buy at low prices. Rather, you place your bets and watch it go higher. And you get to make profit whether the game is won or lost.

You may still not understand anything I have written so far.  Don’t be hard on yourself, that doesn’t make you a dullard. If this is a fresh territory for you, you will definitely need guidance and if you are a veteran in the arena, being among like-minds and renewing your bag of old tricks is not a bad idea.

This is where the Betfair Trading Community comes in.  It provides you with that ideal environment to learn, develop and interact with co-traders.


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Benefits from joining the community

Rubbing minds with other traders

There is nothing like the feeling of assurance and confidence you feel when you are among people who are toeing the same lines with you.

They will not poke fun at your dreams of making it big with trading bets because in fact, there are over 500 traders on the site with many of them already living their dream lives.

Just imagine being able to finally afford that your dream vacation on a cruise boat along the Americas. You may say you’re saving up for it but we all know how such savings end up being spent on other emergencies.

So,  by joining the Betfair trading community, you will have a higher chance of succeeding at it. You would be learning from the wealth of experience of pro traders.

Strategy evaluation

By being a part of the community, you will have access to a great statistical software that you can use to evaluate your strategies. This is coupled with following the strategies discussed on the forums.

Equipped with these sure strategies you will have a higher chance of making profits.


Pro training and advice

I know how busy and confusing it can get on a forum especially if you are a newbie in a community such as this one.

However, you should entertain no fears to feeling lost amidst them all as superior training is provided to make sure every member benefits directly from the community.

A variety of sports

It’s common to find bet trading communities that are just specialized in one kind of sports. With Betfair trading community, you will find over 20 different types of sports including football, tennis, horse racing, cricket and so much more.

So,  you see whatever sports you’re interested in trading in,  you will be able to find people who you can tally alongside with towards making the best of profits.


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Some other important details

Access to Betfair Trading Community Facebook page

If you’re a Facebook buff, this should delight you as you can also interact with other traders on your favourite social media platform. As soon as your membership payment is confirmed, you are granted free access to the Facebook page after you must have sent a request to be added.

No membership contract

Since the time I was unfortunate to use my card to pay for a club membership and noticed a huge deduction at the end of the year, I have been very careful of signing up to membership contracts.

Even though I was able to fix that particular situation, I still lost some money because I didn’t understand the contract I had signed up to dully.

With Betfair trading community, you won’t have to keep same worries in mind as you can cancel your membership plan at any time.


No fixed bank for start-up

When it comes to sports betting and trading generally, you may have heard from many people that you have to go high and hard if you are going to make big profits. This makes many sportbooks to even place a minimum that you can’t go under.

With Betfair, you don’t have to worry about looking for a big bank to start with. In fact, many of the pros in the community will actually advise you to start small so as to minimize your risks.

So you see,  there is room for everyone not just the swingers of big dough. Of course, you should know I, myself do not have such big money to throw around. I just want to try this small and slow first and increase my investments as I learn more.

Betfair Trading Community SiteGet Betfair Trading Community Here

Legit and safe

When people ask if something such as a service being offered online is real, that is a valid question and I don’t blame them for having doubts. However, a scam only occurs when you pay for a service or product and you don’t get it.

Betfair being an active community already validates its authenticity. The people teeming there day in, day out won’t be there if they had been defrauded of their money. So with this you can rest assured that you would be getting the promised value for your money.


Video resources

Videos are king in the world of information sharing. So you would expect that a forum such as BTC should have such visual learning resources in place. And yes, they do have it!

You will be getting access to tutorial videos to show you how to navigate the forum and the Facebook page and also have access to other interesting learning videos on the art of sports trading.

Affordable membership

On your registration, you get a reduced membership fee and after that you will be paying under $30 for your monthly subscription. Your profits will actually be paying for this cost so you won’t even realize that any money is leaving your hands.

thumbs up

Positive feedback

Feedback is everything! I for one won’t believe something if I don’t get positive feedback from those who have used the service previously.

And I was excited to see newbies giving the forum a thumbs up for showing them the best way to do sports trading. I also noticed a natural and almost familial relationship amongst members.

One will definitely feel safe, secure and at home in such a community that welcomes everyone irrespective of social class, race or financial status.  Don’t worry this is not a political manifesto but we sure know it’s important for everyone to feel accepted and not be discriminated against.

I don’t know about you but I am fully convinced that BTC is a great community to join if you are truly serious about sports trading. In fact, I’m already daydreaming about all I would do with the bucks I make off it.

I will have to spoil my woman and get myself my dream sports car. We could travel the world and discover new sights and just really live our dreams….

Okay,  let me stop dreaming and focus on knowing my way around the community already. Oh,  I got you there. You are thinking – wow,  he already joined. Yes!  I did and you should too instead of wasting any more time!


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