Blues Jam Session Review – Worth to Try or Not?

Music can reach into the deepest part of the human soul to speak to a bitter or aching heart. It can put a burst of sunshine on a gloomy day or it can add some spark to a dull moment. Although non instrumental music is a thing, what makes most music tick is the instrumentation.

Of all the musical instruments, the guitar seems to be one that allows the player to own their character. You may never get to see two guitarists that play exactly alike. There is always a uniqueness that comes with the way each person strums and balances the rhythm. It often takes many years for one to hone such a craft. This is where a good tutorial comes in.

The Blues Genre

Back in the day, blues started as an African American musical expression. However, in more recent times it has evolved to include anyone who has the passion for it irrespective of age or race. Some of the instruments commonly used with the blues include the piano, harmonica, drums and guitar. The guitar remains one of the favorite instruments for the Blues.

The Blues Jam Session

This is a packed tutorial put together by Peter Morales. Having played the blues with his guitar over many years, he knows just what is required for you to get your desired level of expertise playing the blues.

  • For the newbie blues player,  you can learn the ropes starting from the very basis. With the step by step instructions you will catch on in no time.
  • For the intermediate and advanced guitarists you will have access to multiple improvisation techniques and several tracks to practice with.


Some distinct features of the tutorial include:

Covers a wide selection of genres

It doesn’t matter whether you are the classic blues lover – you know the soulful B.B King type or you favour the more contemporary fusion of the punk blues or blues rock, there is something for everyone. There are over 60 jamming tracks covering jazz, rock, classic and funk that can get you going like a band right from the comfort of your home.

music scale sheet

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Scales and chord charts

You may have been listening to your favorite blues track for a while and yet you still fumble over the chords. You will be able to leave the guesswork and get the correct chords to work with. You can improve your riffs and licks this way as you also up your improvisation game. Imagine surprising yourself and your audience when you leave the monotonous chords you have been playing for years.

Step by step videos

You may have the blues chords provided or even download it off some web pages but nothing beats actually watching a real person playing. It takes you straight from the theoretical to practical phase. Since it’s a professional compilation you can rest assured that you are receiving superior knowledge. The sample videos made available on the product page should be enough to convince anyone of the high quality videos to be expected.

Track selection by musician type

It can be a tad frustrating to figure out who should be playing what when you are playing as part of a band. It is worse when you are amateurs without proper guidance. You may end up mixing everything up and having a poor output for that show in your area.

This tutorial has the actual tracks for lead guitarists,  rhythm guitarists,  bassists and even for  other instruments such as the harmonica players,  all figured out. Even the vocalists are not left out. You can easily start up a more professional band with this outline provided.

Track selection by duration

You could have been holding off on improving your technique because you just don’t seem to have any extra time. And it can be hard tailoring your practice too when you have very little time. The tutorial with its categories of tracks sorted by time ranging from five to ten minutes tracks and full length tracks of up to 20 minutes helps you to manage your practice time very effectively.

Tempo selection

You know we all have those days when you just want to take things easy. While there are other days when you want to ramp the flow high. This is the same with your blues jam. You can choose tracks as slow as 40-59 bpm or go as fast as over 160 bpm. Talk about having something to keep you up in any mood you find yourself.

Track selection by key

Sometimes when you are learning on different keys without any sense of direction, it may look like you are a master of none. This does not mean you cannot take different keys at once. But if like me, you like to move from one key to another to get a feeling of good organization, then you will like the Blue Jams session as it has already done the sorting of the tracks by key for you.

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Some unique offerings:

Sing along with the blues and improvisations

It is okay to dream of yourself as the next blues star. You can even fix a mike stand in your living room and imagine your family as your live audience, screaming your name. The Blues Jams session has tracks that allow you to do your solo as you play along.

Bending tutorials and exercises

You don’t want to get the guitarist stiff back or shoulder especially if you tend to play for a long period at a stretch. There are tutorials that teach you the right posture to take when playing whether you are sitting or standing. You even get some wonderful exercises alongside to keep you at your best.

Terrific Blues turnaround and riffs

You may have listened with awe at your favorite blues guitarists flowing through amazing turnarounds when you can’t even manage the most common kind – the blues descent. You can resign your green horn of envy and relax because this tutorial will teach much more complex riffs and turnarounds. You will be amazed at yourself by the time you start acing it all.

Acoustic Blues finger picking

This is another skill that every blues guitarist must desire. One of the delights of playing on the acoustic solo is that you are on your own and not being held in check by say the drummer or another guitarist giving you hard looks when you change chords anyhow. However, even with that freedom you would still need to learn the art of delicate finger picking. This tutorial makes it feel very easy with the easy guides.

Pentatonic licks and fills

This is one of the best moments for a blues guitarists to shine. That moment when your vocalists is out of lyrics or just pausing for a needed break in the song. Usually, you may not have anything on your scales to fill it up and you need creativity to make the lick stand out. This is another aspect that the Blue Jams session has got covered in the descriptive videos.

It has great feedback too!

It is always reasonable to check what people have to say about a product before going for it. Some of the people who have signed up for the tutorial by Peter Morales mentioned how it made them more versatile. They even started to check out some other blues genres they never paid attention to before. This is as a result of the engaging and interesting play featured by the bands and individuals in the videos.

Blues Jam Session Review - Worth to Try or Not?

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Full guarantee

Peter Morales is not afraid to vouch for his training material and assures you it would be one of the fastest ways you can use to learn the dynamics of playing the blues on your guitar. You also get a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not pleased with your purchase. There is a current discount which may go off soon, so it would be wise to sign up immediately.

I should probably give you a bow, to welcome the next world’s great blues guitarist. But I hope you realize, your success is determinant on your level of devotion and practice.

New Update – August 2019

Learning how to play blues on your guitar can be pretty intimidating because it requires a lot of skill in order for you to learn that on playing the guitar. This makes a lot of guitarists really frustrated because no matter how good they are with guitars they still fail whenever they try to play music from the blues genre.

Thankfully, there is this product that will help you out in learning how to play blues in your guitar as quickly as possible.  Since I posted the review of this product a lot of people have learned to play blues completely and in the proper way.

So if you will buy this product you can expect the following benefits from this product.

  • It will help you learn the fundamentals of playing blues which will make you become pro immediately in no time.
  • You will have the ability to have a nice grasp of blues which will help you to have a satisfying career in the blues genre.

So if you want to stop that drought of being below average in playing blues then this product is definitely the best one that you should buy. Purchase this product now and rest assured that you will get the most of it that make your every penny well spent!

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