Bodyweight Surge Review: The Truth Revealed!

Body weight surge is a popular weight loss program designed by fitness expert Jason Klien. This course is meant for the people who are unable to get visible results from long hours of training at the gym and have spent hundreds of dollars to get the body shape of their dreams. After extensive research at the University of Tampa, the author has created this course is a way by which people of all ages can achieve the best fitness results in less time. Once you have started to implement the training procedure as advised by the author, you will start to notice visible results within the first 2 weeks.

The author claims that perfect body structure can only be achieved if you are having a proper diet plan along with scheduled exercise. Most of the people cannot cut the unwanted fat from their body because they fail to keep the balance between diet and exercise. The course is suitable for both men and women who are determined to get rid of extra fat from various parts of their bodies. This course is based on the concept of surge sets which also focuses on the improvement of metabolism.

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What the program actually is?

As the name suggests, “Surge” is the key factor which must be present in your metabolism so that you can get rid of unwanted fat and give your body greater energy. To help you in this regard, there are shor exercises and training tutorials briefed in this course which can be practiced without any sort of professional guidance. Body weight surge program is unique of its kind and you will have no side effects while following the treatment plan elaborated in this course. The fitness and weight loss programs available over the internet recommend the intake of pills and supplements which can cause great harm to your body in the future.


  • Body weight surge program is 100 percent safe and you can get long lasting results by following the training courses as advised by the author.
  • You can design your daily diet chart according to your body requirements so that you can boost the metabolism in your body.
  • Stops you from spending long hours at the gym for training sessions and you can follow the credible exercises at home by yourself.
  • All of the workouts are no more than 15 minutes and you need no professional equipment for practicing the fat burning tutorials.

Body weight surge also lets you examine your muscle growth and recommends special workout plans considering your body structure. Before releasing the fitness program, the author has practiced all of the mentioned exercises and workouts so that they can be easily followed by the people in routine.

The 14-day workout plan in this training program is explained as follows:

  • At the start: From day 1, you will be prepared for surge by determining the body fat percentage. This information will be used in the future for determining the daily dietary intake as well.
  • From the second day to the fifth one, you will be asked to complete the surge prime section which has warmups and core workouts which can be finished within 15 minutes.

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  • From day 6 to 10, your surge strength section will be commenced for which you will be asked to perform other workouts of 15 minutes daily. These exercises will differ from the previous workouts and will require more attention.
  • In the end from day 11 to 14, you will have to complete the final series of workouts which are of the same strength and core. These workouts should also take no more than 15 minutes to complete in average.

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How can it help you?

To burn the unwanted amount of fat inside your body, you need to have multi lever exercises and compound workouts so that you can develop resistance for the future. Although multi lever exercises are challenging and difficult, you will start to gain full body balance and strength by which you can easily practice any of the hard training workouts. It is easier to practice isolation exercises for long term because fat tends to burn quickly as soon as you are practicing the trainings mentioned in the course. The author recommends that one must also create focused stimuli and sculpting effects on their bodies to make the joints more stiff and flexible. Once you have developed strong adherence to the training programs, you can practice them in the future without any professional assistance.

Created after 5 years of research and development at the University of Tampa, author Jason Klein has opposed all of the traditional myths associated with body building from the past. Each of the practice session is less than 15 minutes so that everyone can complete the training course in their busy routing schedule. In case you are not able to understand what the author is trying to convince in the course, you can also avail follow along videos which are of great help for the beginners.

Bodyweight Surge by Jason Klein Review: Read Before You Buy!

Bodyweight Surge by Jason Klein

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Extra features of the program

With the bonuses which are given along with the program, you will also be given Surge Nutrition Manual which can clear your misconceptions at once. Most of the beginners find it difficult to create a balance between diet and workout, so there are many supporting lectures given along with this program meant to help them in each aspect of training. To contact the creator of this program for further assistance, you can send an email and you problem will be solved with the best possible efforts.

The final verdict:

For the people who are unable to get benefit from this course, the author agrees to give them a complete refund of the payment they have made in order to purchase the course. This proves that the program is not fake or legit and the only reason one could not achieve the best results would be lack of attention to the program. There is a huge number of similar programs available over the internet and their author’s promise to give overnight result. These sort of courses are usually fake and you will end up in losing your hard earned money so before you make your final decision, it is recommended that you must spend some time in research as well.

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