Bullet Proof Seduction Review – It’s Really Good or Not?

Bullet proof seduction

Wonder how to approach a woman and make her go crazy for you? Do you wish to hook with a girl but do not know how to start? Wonder if someone was there to guide you in this? Thank God!!! “Bullet proof seduction” is there for you.

Bullet Proof Seduction Review - It's Really Good?

Bullet Proof Seduction

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Dean Cortez & Simon H – Master Brain behind Bulletproof Seduction

Dean Cortez and Simon Heong are the master brain behind Bulletproof Seduction. Dean Cortez belongs to America and his area of interest include art and dating. He was liked well by media and has given couple of interviews and has also participated in many TV Shows as well. His first book “MACK Tactics” released in the year of 2005 was lauded by experts all over the world. Simon H is Malaysian and he is delivering pretty good show as dating coach and has provided relationship advice for men for long time. Partnership between Dean Cortez and Simon H is so amazing and they are also the founders of another prestigious project: “Secrets of Dating Asian Women” which was released in the year of 2010. He has also spend some time in Asian countries (Japan, Thailand, Philippines) .They are always ready to share their expertise with any person who need any clarification about Bulletproof Seduction. One need to just drop a mail to datingskillsreview dot com and they are ready to clarify your doubts.

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What is bulletproof seduction?

Bulletproof Seduction is one of a kind guide that renders information, tips, and techniques for approaching girls, meeting and seducing them. Men will gain enough confidence to overcome major hindrances to communicate with women and would eventually master in seduction techniques. Dean Cortez is so confident about his book “Bulletproof Seduction” that deliver advanced seduction techniques that will truly transform their life and give people a “rock star” sex life. The author also reveals that this program guide all men on how to approach with the exact steps and strategies for smoothly approaching, meeting and sparking instant chemistry with any woman. What is even more interesting is that if you follow this book then looks does not really matter. Even if a guy is in simple clothes or he is an average looking guy these does not really matter. Dean elucidates that it is just a matter of few seconds, or maximum of three minutes, a man can get any information he wants from any woman and could ignite interest in her.

What one can expect from this package?

  • Women Persuasion Secrets – A comprehensive book that gives step-by-step details regarding how to gravitate women toward you. It also includes tips regarding how you could make yourself look attractive to women. This can be considered as modern “Kama sutra” tuned to modern life.
  • Tips To Date Younger Women – This course is provided in both Audio CD as well as in video format and it provides instant access to this module. It comprises of relevant information collected from fourteen ace Dating gurus) .Here you would learn how to naturally approach, meet ,develop interest in their mind and seduce younger women
  • Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction – Are you attracted by exotic and sexy dance performers? Wonder how you could hook up with her? Then this is the right book for you. It helps you understand How to meet, read their mind seduce and even sleep with dancers, high quality charming women
  • Secrets Of Dating Asian Women – Asian woman are conservative compared to European and American women. For any man who is not aware for their culture may instantly ruin the date. This is why you should read this book. Trust me this is an awesome package. You could get plenty of information on how to meet and seduce Asian women
  • BPS Monthly Membership Program – Monthly membership program is also provided for customers for getting advanced techniques for meeting and drawing sexy women to you. What You Get
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How this book will work for you?

Bulletproof Seduction Program provides information about tips to approach women with confidence and techniques to draft a cool conservation to draw women feel curious about you.

Is your mind yearning for something more? They provide you with couple of attractive bonuses as well. Customer is also guaranteed to receive 7 free bonuses to approach women. Let us have a quick glance at those.

  • Chapter 1: You wish to get in touch with your dream girl? But lacks confidence to meet her? This section would definitely help you. It elucidates tip right from approaching women to escalation and closing the deal: Day Game Mastery with Carlos Xuma.
  • Chapter 2: Do you wish to attract her naturally something like to be her pheromones? They have solution for this as well. They are ready to provide handful of tricks on how to attract a girl without adapting any techniques, tricks, or games. Follow “Female Attraction for Modern Dating” written by sex expert Brent Smith and go the natural way
  • Chapter 3: Do you feel like you are not the right fit her but not able to control your desire for her? Do you lack self-esteem? Buckle up and say good-bye to all negative feelings be it anxiety, nervousness, self- doubt and fear that deteriorate your opportunity to mingle with women. You can boost your confidence and be her lucky charm by reading “Inner Game Mastery” written by Dr Paul.
  • Chapter 4: Do you feel like your techniques are out dated and is not able to draw women towards you? Carlos Xuma is ready to share his expertise by unravelling advanced “techniques” to female attraction & dating. I personally felt that this is the best of all packages. Many of the techniques mentioned are just mind-blowing
  • Chapter 5: Do you feel like you are able to attract women towards you but not able to linger their desire for you. Possibly you need to work out on this with the all new “Aura of desire” which portrays thirty three golden rules for everlasting success with women with dating advice for men. Remember that maintaining relation is as important as attracting women
  • Chapter 6: This package namely “Ignition” comprises of tips to mesmerize any women to fall deeply for you
  • Chapter 7: You would be given unlimited access to Bulletproof Seduction Private Access Club for one month and can have chat with other people of similar interests. If you wish to continue after first month you can continue enjoying the benefits by paying 19.95 dollars per month. Go for it. It is worth the amount spent.

All of these bonuses comes completely free with this purchase you need not even pay extra tax to own this

“Bulletproof Seduction” is all about what men need to grasp right from walking up to a girl confidently, setting an appointment with her, starting a pleasant conversation and draw her attention towards to you and you can also have anything from her –be it phone number, fix the next date, or close the deal fast if she is already committed

Advantages of Bulletproof Seduction

Bulletproof Seduction System consists of both video and text data that delivers pragmatic techniques in simple and attractive language so that readers can easily understand it

  • Bulletproof Seduction Program is available in precise format that saves much time of the learners to understand the techniques.
  • The three magic words that every woman wish men to tell them.
  • This package provides step-by-step techniques and video that is quite interesting to follow.
  • If you feel that this program is not up to your expectations, be cool. They offer a full refund of your payment within 60 days. 100% money back is assured.
  • It also imparts continuous training for learners to renew techniques and secrets continuously.
  • What if you face questions like “why are you talking to us”,  “I’m not interested”, etc… and face all such questions confidently and win her mind and finally set a date with her
  • What women REALLY look for in a man, how they would like to beapproached, appreciated, teased, talked to, touched, etc … but they would never reveal these to you

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So now it is your turn to be a relationship expert and cherish each moment of life. You do not have anything to lose but shyness and you could win charming women in turn. This book has already transformed life of many people. So what are you waiting for? Life is calling.

New Update – February 2019

Seduction can really be difficult especially if you do not have any charisma with women because charisma plays a lot of role in attracting women. However, not all of us men are born with such charisma and looks that will surely lure women towards us.

And many men are failing because of the wrong techniques that they learned through their peers. Thankfully, “Bullet Proof Seduction” has been created which is the real deal when it comes to seducing women because it will teach you the techniques that are surely working.

A lot of men who already tried this product became a human magnet when it comes to women and they are very satisfied with it because of the product they managed to bang a lot of women easily. So they are enjoying their life to the fullest right now by banging all the women that they wanted without any commitments at all!

Because they are great seducers already women are giving them permission to bang them without any commitments which is truly an advantage for us men. That is why if you want to experience what they are experiencing right now this is the time to take an action now and buy the product because it will surely make your life better than ever!

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