CurationSoft Review – Is it Worth Your Time & Money?

Content is gold. That is not an absolutist statement without proof. If you look around you, you would agree with me that content rules the world now. Whether it is for marketing your products or creating an influential presence in your relevant niche, you need amazing content to thrive.

But here comes the problem – because there is an influx of content everywhere it becomes more difficult narrowing down your search to just what you need. I have had several frustrating moments using certain keywords on search engines. Each time I end up with irrelevant results or so many posts at once that I don’t just know how to start.


So, CurationSoft is about making your work easier for you. And let me sound this before I start, this is not a tool to feed plagiarism vampires who are just looking for content to steal and pass off as your own. You will still have to reference  whatever you curate from the software.

What is CurationSoft?

That question must be pressing against your lips.  You may want to look at it as your compact go-to software for anything content. It’s all put together in one place. That is an amazing thing, right? It is much like having all the gadgets you need in your house but if you can’t find when you need them, they would be useless.

CurationSoft puts it all together for you. Understandably, not every one can just sit down and write content off their heads. A good way to write good articles is to use currently existing content as your basis and make comparative analyses that would give your reader a broader perspective on the subject.


Why you need a content curation software

Well, I have almost clearly spelled it out for you with the previous descriptions of the software. But I would still go ahead to outline the reasons why you most definitely need a content curation software.  They include:

  • Ease of access to ready content – You don’t have to bother your cute head about where you will be getting the content you need. The software brings it all to you.
  • Improving your odds for content marketing – There is so much ground to cover when it comes to having a successful content marketing strategy. If you have the content part covered by using a software, you can shift the rest of your attention on the other aspects.
  • Reducing your overall work-time – This does not have to be explained. That is the whole essence behind using a software – increasing your results within a faster time-frame.
  • Multitasking – If you blog on different platforms, it can feel like your head is sometimes stuck in a spinwheel. But with a curation software, you can have it much easier jumping from one platform to another.
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Discover the unique features

Curating content

Naturally, this is the foremost of the features of this software. It requires you working with keywords that are most relevant to your desired search. After you input this keyword, you are provided with the most relevant results which you can use as sources for your article.

Flexible editing functions

One of the downsides of using the popular search engines for looking up content, is having to move in between pages. You will highlight, cut or copy and minimize the page to copy into the editor. Then, you may get your sources mixed up and have to start all over. It sucks big time!

With CurationSoft, you have all these editing tools provided right within the software platform. You can move around your content and even add hyperlinks right in there. The drag & drop feature also makes it easier to move around your content.


Publishing content

For me, this is one of the coolest features of this software. You get to publish your posts right inside it. This is made possible with its linkage with WordPress, Blogger and even Facebook! As long as you put in the right log in details for your platform, you get hooked up with no stress.

More effective post rankings

If you are well versed with the SEO and blogging stratosphere, you would know how important top rankings are for your posts. You can be turning out great content on a regular basis but if most people can’t find them, what would be the use anyway?

CurationSoft has a technique of helping you keep track of back links. This helps popular search engines like Google rank your posts higher. With a wider reach, your personal blog or marketing content will be doing much better. More success, more dough? Yeah!


Access to multiple sources

Another really annoying thing about searching through general search engines is having to specify the type of content you want. For instance, if you need both written sources and videos and do not add it your keyword search, you may have to search for each differently.

While using this software, you can access Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter…. Just name the platform and you have access to it.

No headache over copyright

Remember I mentioned plagiarism not being acceptable at the start. That’s a no-brainer just as much as copyright issues. There are many times while using search engines, I would be happy to discover a source and then find out I cannot use it because of copyright infringement issues.

With CurationSoft, you won’t have to deal with such annoyances as all the content curated are available for open access to the public.

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The Specific  Offerings

Free package

This is another factor that just makes me warm up to this software. You don’t have to pay upfront for something you don’t even understand its usage yet. With this package, you get a chance to try out your hands on the software. You will get a feel of the platform and even get to create new blogs over the 14-day free trial period.

Monthly package

After you must have been glued after the free trial period, you can decide to go for the very cheap $5 per month rate. This is almost an unbelievable price for all the dynamic features of the software. And you get access to all its functionalities.

This package will be most suited for the individual blogger or content marketer that works on and off or if you are working on a tight small budget.

Annual package

Well, if something is good and works good for you, I would certainly want to go full dose on it. With the annual package, you even get a whole 22% discount! This is an amazing plan for business enterprises as you can have a seamless access to all the content you need without any interruption.

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And it comes with extra…

Tools & training

Because the creators of this dynamic software realize the importance of stepping up your content game, they provide a host of training materials on their platform to registered users. You can learn how to build a budding list for your online business, write better blogs and totally have a strong content plan.

Access to free downloads

Even when you are still on the free ride, you still get to benefit from some real beneficial stuff. They include:

  • Authority BlackBook – 2014
  • PreSell Report – eBook/pdf
  • CurationSoft De-mystified – video
  • All About SEO – eBook/pdf
  • All About SEO – audio
  • Building an Initial Keyword List – audio
  • Building an Initial Keyword List – eBook/pdf
  • How to pick the best idea for your business – video

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Positive feedback

I was all for knowing what current users had to say about CurationSoft. I was not disappointed with the raving feedback I saw. One user even talked about ditching a curation software he was using before within a few days of experiencing the magic of CurationSoft.

For another customer, it was the ease of usage and its time saving capabilities that ranked high. You get to cut back on all the extra time used before coming up with your content.

Still dilly-dallying?

Well, I started out just like you with skepticism. I wondered what this software was bringing to the table, that’s different from other offerings out there. But the moment I got into it, all the alluring benefits were actually staring me unblinkingly in the face.

With the free trial offered on a platter of shimmering data (You thought I was going to say gold. Got you there, lol), you really don’t have an excuse not to try out the software before coming to your conclusions.

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