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The Customized Fat Loss program is an online software program that was invented to automatically create a meal plan that best suit your specified body type and physical attributes. All that is required from you for the program to be able to work is to input your details like age, height, and weight, and the system generates your meal plans.

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The Creator: Kyle Leon

  • Kyle Leon is the man behind the creation of The Customized Fat Loss program
  • He serves on the fitness advisory board at BioTrust Nutrition
  • He acts as a spokesperson and senior product development consultant at a company named Blue Star Nutraceuticals.
  • Kyle Leon is a fitness trainer that has made his mark on the world thanks to his weight loss products.
  • a certified nutrition specialist
  • a personal trainer,
  • a fitness model and
  • a body builder.

The Package

After the product purchase, the landing page will present you with a lot of pretty awesome resources, and these are:

Quick Start Guide

  • With This PDF you will be taught how to use the software that will play a vital role in helping you create the perfect diet and workout program for your body.

Customized Fat Loss Guide

  • This is just an 8-page booklet that explains all the basic introductions to the program. It discusses body types and the ability to figure out which body type you are.

Somatotyping Guide

  • This book explains all six body types by helping people realize and discover which they are.

How to Lose Your First 10 Pounds Guide

  • This book is a predecessor to the. This is a diet guide meant to be followed for a few days so to help participants to adjust and adhere to the strict diet and exercise rules of the program.

Customized Fat Loss Training Guide

  • This is a separate file that helps participants with their goals and helping in creating the ideal exercise program according to their body type, weight, age, etc.

Customized Fat Loss Supplementation Guide

  • This book explains all the recommended supplements by Kyle.
  1. Peak in a Week
  • This is a guide to help you get fit in a week, useful tips on how to look good in one week.

Secrets to Eating Out Guide

  • This book gives you tips on how you dine out without packing back on the pounds you have already.

11 Foods to Never Eat Guide

  • This booklet has a list of all the food you should never eat.

Exercise Demonstration Videos

  • These videos are meant to help those who have never seen the inside of the gym, it is coaching lessons to help you prepare to continue performing at your peak throughout the program while also maintain your healthy eating habits.

Customized Fat Loss Training

Everyone undertaking this project is motivated to apply principles that will be crucial to your success. The principles are not rules for a “crash course”, but they are proven principles, make them your mantra! live them and surely you will never regret the decision you took!


This performance driven system includes nine critical principles:

  • A simplified and sustainable system must be followed at all times.
  • Use weights to so you can build muscle
  • Learn how to do proper exercise forms and techniques
  • Nutritional habits contribute 80% to your results, eat healthy
  • Always train at a high-intensity level to stimulate muscle growth and development
  • There is no magic pill only correct information on which to act
  • Forget everything you have learned about health & fitness
  • Processed foods are like addictive drugs
  • Organize your body to maintain order in your life

Immediately you open the Customized Fat Loss Guide, it immediately mentions the purpose of the program.

The guide gives you the three tips that will help you excel with the program:

Eat only single-ingredient foods. 

  • Eat foods that only have one ingredient such as vegetables, meats, whole grains, fruits, legumes, and nuts
  • These are recommended and anything that is more than one ingredient on your plate then that is no longer dinner.

Never eat carbs alone. 

  • Veggie are the only carbs you are allowed to eat without any foods, the rest are to be eaten alongside protein.

Take a fish oil supplement. 

  • To increase your sensitivity in insulin, fish oil supplements are recommended.


Somatotypes easily explained are different body types. When doing research into the different body types, only three primary somatotypes are frequently mentioned:


  • They have plenty of lean muscle, skinny, with a light build, and small joints.
  • They have a hard time putting on the pounds of muscle, and almost never struggle with weight loss. They have a very fast metabolism, so they burn a lot of calories each day.


  • They have large bone structure, large muscles, and athletic physique.
  • They can gain and lose weight easily, and have a much easier time putting on muscle mass.
  • They respond very well to weight training, with a little bit of light cardio thrown in to prevent weight gain.


  • They are solid, soft body type, characterized by large quantities of fat, thick arms and legs, and with very strong legs.
  • For them losing weight is hard because their metabolism is very slow.
  • For them more cardio is needed along with weight training to get in shape.

Besides the above mentioned three primary somatotypes, the Customized Fat Loss talks have recognized four more specific body types:


  • This is an ectomorph with some of the mesomorph traits.
  • They are inclined to be skinnier, but have a larger bone structure.
  • They can more easily gain weight and muscle mass, but their metabolism still makes it a challenge.


  • This is someone with a medium to large bone structure, musculature, and a more athletic physique.
  • They gain weight very slowly, but it’s a good body type to have if you want to get good definition of your muscles.


  • This is someone who has a very large bone structure, large muscles, but a physique that tends to pack on pounds of fat.
  • They pack on muscle and fat easily and losing all that fat is a challenge.


  • For this body type, gaining is fat very easily, they also tends to be as soft as the endomorph.
  • They have the defined chest of a mesomorph and they have an advantage of turning their fat into muscle with weights and plenty of cardio.

The guide also explains in detail how to figure out which body type you are, an important step in the Customized Fat Loss process.

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  • This program is recommended by physicians, and nutritionists, based on its reliability, approach, and reliance especially on principles of nutrition.
  • This is not meant to be a quick fix.
  • This program is tailor made for your individual needs.
  • If followed to the latter, this program is more effective than most standard diets.
  • No muscle loss is incurred through implementation of this program.
  • This program incorporates methods to track your fat loss, in order to increase productivity.
  • This program is suitable for any age, and either gender.
  • This program is available easily, instantly, 24/7 online!


  • Since this program is not a quick fix it may take time for some people to see noticeable results.
  • This program makes use of suggested meal plans. If you cannot afford these, then it’s not meant for you. There is too much information and a heavy dose of content.
  • There is no future body maintenance explained anywhere in the program.
  • It is only meant for new or inexperienced users.

Bonuses Offered

  • Transformation Tracker For Men EBook
  • Customized Fat Loss Training For Men EBook
  • Peak In A Week For Men EBook


  • This program is available for download for only for $47 from the official website
  • There’s a 60 day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you get your money back.
  • There is a promotion happening at the moment, the normal price for the program is $97 but at the moment it’s only given for a price tag of $47. Hurry up before the price reverts back to $97

My Views

Customized Fat Loss for Men is inclined on producing only the best results because it is more focused on diet and exercise instead of simply taking “the magic pill”. This is a tailor made, no-nonsense, effective program that is meant to pay attention to issues such as healthy eating, losing body fat and developing lean muscle and be able to maintain these for a long time if not a lifetime.

Customized Fat Loss For Men Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Customized Fat Loss For Men

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I recommend Customized Fat Loss for Men for a few of reasons, the first one being that the author, Kyle Leon  has solid reputation that is undented within the health and fitness industry. Second, his workout program is based on facts, not pseudoscience. If you have tried all sorts of fat loss and dieting programs and they haven’t worked so far, then you are welcome to give this program your last shot and I guarantee you results!

New Update – September 2019

Fat loss for men can be pretty hard because of the current lifestyle that we have today and as we all know many men are rampant when it comes to eating and drinking liquors. This is the primary reason why a lot of them are overweight.

We must be thankful that a product like this has been created because of it a lot of men have managed their weight which made them fit and healthy. Since I posted the review of this product everything becomes much easier for them to reach their fitness goals.

  • Your overall health will become much better because your body will become more fit and sound.
  • It will give you more vibrant skin because of the healthy techniques that you can get from this product.
  • You will have a more focused mind because exercise is known to have an exciting and rejuvenating effect on the body.
  • It will not give you any side effects because all the techniques are natural.

Buy this product and expect the wonderful benefits that you can get from it. It will give you the utmost advantage and will make you the best person that you can be and that is for sure.

Thanks for Reading This Customized Fat Loss For Men Review.

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