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Hacking is a very real thing, and an extremely scary one at that. It is also very common, and becoming more and more  common with each passing day. Because of the internet, everyone these days is connected. While this is a good thing, it has the huge disadvantage that anyone, anywhere can hack into your system and steal whatever information and data they want.

Hacking statistics have become quite frightening, as mentioned in this article.

How Can Hacking Occur:

Hacking is not as difficult today as it used to be. For one thing, there are free tutorials present online, which will teach just about anyone how to become a hacker. All it requires is a bit of time and effort, and anyone can learn how to harm others through online means.

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One very common method by which hackers can hack into your computer is by making you believe that an email is from is from some source which you trust, and thus they make you download malicious software. For example, they may send you an email which seems very authentic, and seems as if it were sent by your online security agency. The email might ask you to download the latest software, or download an update, to make your computer completely secure.

As the email looks so authentic, you might actually fall for it and download the software. This then leads to your computer being hacked.

What Can Hackers Do?

When hackers get into your computer, they can do a lot of damage which will leave you feeling distressed and at a loss. They can copy and steal your information and harm you in more ways than one.

  • Stealing Your Files: Do you have pictures, videos and music on your computer, like everyone else? Hackers can not only get a hand on these files, they can even lock the files so you can no longer access them. Hackers can encrypt the files and thus you will be locked out of your own files and system, They can then demand a hefty sum, for which they claim that they will return your files. As computers usually contain a lot of personal pictures and videos, people get anxious and may actually pay the amount demanded by the hackers.
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  • Taking Pictures And Videos: Once they are inside your system, they can remotely turn on your webcam and microphone. This means that whatever you are doing and saying inside your own home, your hacker can see and even take pictures. Imagine if you got pictures in your email about your house, or the pictures of yourself and your family while you were sitting around in your living room or bedroom. Scary, right? This can, and indeed has, happened.
  • Hacking Your Phone: When you connect your phone to your computer which has been hacked, it will also be compromised. In this way all the files on your phone can be encrypted or deleted as well.
  • Changing Passwords: The hacker can then change the password of your phone, computer, social media etc. so you are completely locked out.
  • Sending Messages: The hacker can use your account to send messages to anyone. If you run a business, or a blog, and have subscribers who receive your email and messages, he can send them anything he wants. In this way, he can cause damage to your business.
  • Account Information: If you have a bank account whose information you have entered on your computer, this, too, can be compromised. The hacker can simply change the password, ensuring that you are locked out of your own account. He can then do any transaction he wants, and there is not much you can do about it. This is certainly a crime, and if you find out in time you can alert your bank. But by that time he may already have withdrawn money or sent it to another account.
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How Do Hackers Find Out Your Passwords:

Once your computer has been hacked into, anything is possible. What hackers usually do is, they install a software on your computer which can detect keystrokes. In this way, whatever you enter on your keyboard cam be seen by them. As a result, they can find out all your passwords.

Also, if you have been signed in to an account or chosen “stay logged in”, your password is already entered and saved. Then, the hacker can access your computer remotely to enter the website and then change the password to anything he wants.

Can You Do Anything To Protect Yourself?

Hacking seems like a very terrifying thing, and it is. The good news is that indeed, you can protect yourself from this malice. People think that securing computers and making them inaccessible for hackers is a very difficult task. The truth is that if you have the right tools and software, it is not as tough as it sounds.

Cyber Defense Protocol:


Cyber Self-Defense Protocol is a book written by Jeff Walker (pen name) and Anthony. It has been created with the sole purpose of making people understand that cyber hacking is not a scam and is indeed real. Then, this bookwill tell you exactly what you can do to protect yourself from malicious cyber attacks.

The reviews of this product shows that there is a lot to learn from it. You will be taught about a lot of things, like:

How to Recognize A Malicious Software:

Sometimes, you may get authentic looking emails which ask you to download stuff, leading you to actually download a virus or a hacking software. You need to know how to recognize these links and dangerous malware, so you can avoid them. This is what you will learn when you buy this book.

Protection Against Viruses:

You may have heard of Trojan and other viruses which can attack your computer. While there are tons of anti-virus programs out there, reviews show that they are not a hundred percent effective at keeping viruses at bay. Some of them are even scams. Cyber Self-Defense will teach you how to prevent being attacked by these viruses, as they can really ruin everything.

Setting A Password:

Everyone knows that a password should be secure, and should consist of letters as well as numbers, and maybe even symbols, for it to be strong enough to be actually difficult to break. However, exactly what a password should be composed of, is not something which is known by everyone. If you buy this product, you will learn a lot about how to create passwords. These passwords will be strong and unpredictable. This means that no one will just be able to guess what your password may be. If they try to break into them, it will not be an easy task.

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People who have used this product review that the password selecting pointers are really very good.

Using Your Email:

Sick of all the spam mail and scam schemes you get all the time in your email? This product will tell you how to use your email so it is safe, secure way and your user experience is also improved.

Email is the way by which most hackers get into your system and steal your information. If your email is safe and secure, you will be greatly protected against any sort of malicious attack.

You will also be able to send emails to your friends and family without anyone else getting access to them.

Online Money Transactions:

Sending and receiving money online is always a somewhat risky endeavor. People can hack into your account and steal you money. This does happen sometimes, as mentioned in this post.

This product by Jeff Walker and Anthony will teach you how to transfer money online without any risk, and will maximum security. You can send money to anyone and know that it will reach its destination and not fall into wrong hands.


Downloading Files:

Downloading anything off the internet is always a risk as you cannot be a hundred percent sure of how secure the source is. However, this program will tell you how to download things from internet without posing any risk to your computer.

Social Media Safety:

Social media is used very extensively these days, and most people with internet access have joined at least one such site. Imagine if someone hacked into your social media account and used it to post dubious things about yourself or your family and friends. It would be quite a disaster. Cyber Self-Protection will teach you how to protect yourself when visiting social media websites, and thus how to use them without any danger.

Offline Benefit:

Not only your computer but also your phone and tablet are at risk. People often have amazing anti-virus and other protection software installed on their computers while their phones and tablets are completely vulnerable. This is why these are now becoming easy targets of cyber hacking.

Cyber Self-Defense Protocol will tell you exactly how to keep your phone as well as your tablet secure. Not only this, you will also be told about dangers to your credit card and how you can protect it against malicious attacks.

How Is This Book Any Different:

Jeff Walker and Anthony “Gatekeeper’ claim that this book is better than other protection tips and tricks out there. This is because the book was written with the help of a real hacker. The hacker, of course, knew all the tricks and methods employed by other hackers and hence gave valuable advice which you will not find in other such materials on the internet.


The reviews are also great and people claim that the book is not a scam, and is indeed useful.

New Update – February 2019

As we all know we are currently living in a digital age right now which is mostly our life revolves around computers. This is the main reason why a lot of people with bad intentions are taking advantage of it in the wrong way.

They tend to create phishing sites and a lot of other techniques that could intrude other’s privacy which is also known as hacking. This is one of the most common problems that we are facing which makes it very difficult to combat especially if you do not have the fundamentals of cyber security.

Thankfully, a product which is called “Cyber Defense Protocol” was created it is one of the best products that you can have in order to gain knowledge on how to protect yourself online.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will know the different things to avoid in order for you to be safe online at all times.
  • You will learn the various ways that you can do to protect yourself from hackers.
  • You will have an idea of what to do when you are hacked.

Our identity online is very important and we do not want someone to intrude us and use our information to bad doings of evil people. Buy this product now and become fully-protected.

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