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The Directory of Ezines is one of the largest directories on ezines available. It has the most number of ezines within its directory enabling any internet marketer to with the right mind to prefer it over any other ezine directory out there.

 Over 50000 Ezines

The Directory Of Ezines by Charlie Page contains over a thousand published ezines and arranges & categorises every Ezine into niches to help you pick out your preferred ezine.

Many ezines are online and running, some you’ve heard of, others not so highly publicized.

Regardless of that, The Directory Of Ezines has included a wide number of ezines from around the world including:

  • Travel Ezines
  • Photography Ezines
  • Automotive Ezines
  • Educational Ezines

The list is endless.


Directory Of Ezines Review

Directory Of Ezines

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Simple & User Friendly

With a simple page layout showing the ezines and how many subscribers each ezine has, The Directory Of Ezine by Charlie Page gives you an idea on how and where to place your ad. Its simple yet user friendly with a large list of Ezines published on the wild internet.

With the immense number of ezines on the web, you’d expect to get a book that makes no sense the moment you open it, this is highly unlikely.

 The Page Lay Out

The eBook is well layered and categorized in different categories or niches, as they are referred to in the internet marketing world.

Every niche is organized in an alphabetical order making it easier for you to locate any type of niche and consequently the Ezine you’d like to look at.

The Directory of Ezines has a nifty little tab that shows how many subscribers are subscribed to an ezine. This lets make a calculated decision on how many users of the said ezine will actually see you ad and eventually lead to them buying what you’re selling.

Ezines photo

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 Affiliates Programs.

The Directory Of Ezines also has a selection of affiliate marketing programs that intend to help you place ads in other ezines. The book is ultimately your friend and it intends to be your close companion for a very long time.

Target your Ad

The Directory Of Ezines’ has an interesting perk, not only does it show you how many users are subscribed to an ezine but also recommends where to place your ad. Targeting your ads couldn’t be easier without this nifty eBook.

The good thing about the book is that it is an eBook meaning it can get multiple updates with a newer information on the number of subscribers. An ezine’s membership base won’t remain constant.

Ezines crop up every day and are published routinely, with this knowledge in hand its easier for you to know which ezine is a new and hot product that will garner the most subscribers in a few weeks time.

In the real sense its actually easier said than done, most of the ezines won’t get online buzz by throwing a posh ceremony and invite the who’s who in the internet world.

Rather most will often slink past you and start shining much later as you were watching out for these hot new ones.

The book gives a little description of the Ezine you are interested in and often gives a notification whether it’s a newly published ezine that just got to the market.

With every ezine increasing their membership numbers every week its good to get the necessary information sooner rather than later and the Directory Of Ezines excels at that, frequent updates get you the required information you need and thus you plan your mode of placing ads.


The Companion Book.

The Directory Of Ezines plans to stay your internet marketing buddy in the long run, hence its only natural it shows you what you could do with it to get an effective ad campaign going and converting them sales for your company.

When you buy the Directory Of Ezines you get a complimentary free book on getting traffic to your ads and placing your ads.

This comes quite handy for newbies and pros all together as internet marketing trends are dynamic and its better you’re able to adapt rather than get behind and lose out on all the sales you would have received a while ago.

The companion book helps you make sense of the Directory’s collection and even goes ahead to throw in its own few how-to’s just so you can get an edge over your ad competitors.

The book is a trendy tool that intends to stay by your side as you traverse the large and expansive world of Online Marketing and it plans to get you where you want to be. It is bound to be any internet marketer’s go to book for placing ads on ezines as well as look up affiliate programs.

New Update – March 2019

Putting your imprint in the online marketing world can be really tough especially if you are just starting out today. Because there are already lots of websites that are spread on all of the corners of the internet right now this is the reason why a lot of people are discourage on starting their own website.

Thankfully, a product which is called “Directory of Ezines” was created because of this there is a high chance that you will become successful in your ads to bring you revenue. Since I posted this review several months ago a lot of people have already found significant success with this product.

So before you buy the product these are the following things to expect:

  • You will learn the different strategies to drive traffic to your websites which will result to higher ad revenue.
  • After some time when you already mastered the techniques and been implementing it for a long time, it is a guarantee that you will accumulate massive wealth.
  • Your sites will become popular which will gain you an excellent reputation in the online world.

If you want to experience such benefits then consider buying this product now and see the difference!


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