Easy Backlinks Review – It’s Really Good or Not?

Getting credible Backlinks is one of the quickest way of improving a brand’s reputation online and increasing its SEO ranking. The more you get mentioned determines how genuine or credible you are to search engines and consequently your potential clients.


Ever wondered how professional marketers get to stay on top of things with so many social media accounts or how a fairly new business gets mentioned by top industry giants? Designed by Alex Krulic, Easy Backlinks will sort out all of that on your behalf and get you looking like a Pro in no time.

This is an all in one package that allows you manage entries in multiple social media accounts and blogs from one place. If this interests you then read on as things are about to get really exciting for you and your business.

Who is this product most suited to?


Whilst everyone is invited to get this product and see its wonders for themselves, the following targeted groups and individuals would find using this platform really refreshing and fulfilling.

  • Marketers who are tired of logging into numerous accounts: Managing multiple accounts is never an easy ordeal and this product will help you solve that. In no time, you will automatically create social media accounts and manage them all on this platform.
  • Individuals looking for tools they can operate with ease and get results like professionals:   This platform gives you access to tools and features commonly used by pros with even more ease of use.
  • Startups looking to get backlinks and references from more established businesses: This product will ensure you get the desired exposure and help improve your SEO rankings within a short period of time.
  • Whoever needs to manage multiple blog entries: With this brilliant product, key details about your product or offerings will be automatically posted on multiple blogs at the touch of a button.
  • So many others who just want to get ahead in business.

How will this help my business?


Apart from essentially allowing you manage posts and entries of social media and blogs, Easy Backlinks by Alex Krulik will help your business in the following ways.

  • It is 100% Web based: From creating accounts to managing and sending out posts and entries, you don’t need to install any special software as everything is done on secure servers so whatever happens, your computer and devices will remain safe.
  • All round compatibility: Since this products works online, it has been designed to be responsive and effective regardless of the device you’re using. This is amazing because it allows you to stay on top of things whilst on the go.
  • Automatic Account Creation: This product will automatically create accounts for you on over 180 sites. Imagine the time this would save you compared to manually creating these accounts or the cost of hiring extra hands to do this.
  • Stay Secure and invisible: When you create multiple accounts from the same IP address, spam flags are raised and the accounts definitely end up getting banned. When this happens, even your personal IP address gets banned making life consequently difficult for you and your business. Purchase this premium product today and watch how quickly things turn around.
  • Automatic Captcha Solving: Alternative programs to this usually make you pay for extra software to solve captchas but not this product. When you get this, you can be rest assured that all of this will be automatically taken care of.
  • Automatic posts to 100 High PR Websites: With this product, you will get automated posts to 100 highly rated PR websites thereby creating high quality backlinks for you.

Additional Features


Apart from all that’s been mentioned so far, the following are additional qualities that make this product stand out from the competition.

  • Google Citation Module: If you’ve ever noticed, when you search for a company, Google usually displays a few results at the top with their addresses, contact information and also a map offering directions on how to get to them. That’s exactly what Google citation is about and when you purchase this premium product, it comes included at no additional cost. This platform will automatically send your information to all the directories that google refers to for citations.
  • Free 200 Posting Credits: This is an amazing way to get you started with this program. Once you sign up using the link at the bottom of this page, you will receive 200 free credits which can be used in sending out automated posts either to social media or blogs.



As expected from such an amazing product, this one has continued to improve the way people handle backlinks and their businesses overall. The following are genuine comments users of this platform have made recently.

  • Roland Hedges from Portsmouth, United Kingdom says he is loving this software and that it is so much easier than anything he has used in the past including some highly rated softwares. Roland further said that because the software works so well, he can focus on more creative things. According to him, EB is the best!
  • Jonathan Young says that at last he has finally found a tool that removes all the headaches. He is happy that it’s so easy to set up automations that are usually complex with other tools. Johnathan also says it’s refreshing to have all logins and metrics in one place.
  • King Sazeeb has been using this platform for a few days and is already loving it. He said this is a must have software to have for anyone looking to build high quality links. In the past, he had to buy proxies and captchas but now it comes included in this product which is helping him to achieve 95% success already in such a short time.


You can experience the same as these individuals by simply clicking the “get instant access” button at the end of this review.

Important Questions and Notes


If you’re still reading this, you’re clearly interested in this product so pay attention to the following questions and answers which may probably be on your mind already.

  • Can Easy Backlinks by Alex Krulik be used on multiple computers? Absolutely! This is a web based product that can be used on several computers simultaneously. It can also be used on PCs and Macs.
  • Will I get future updates? Yes. Since there are no software packages involved, any improvements we make will automatically get rolled out to all users.
  • Is it true I don’t need to make arrangements for proxies and captchas? With this software, captchas and proxies have already been taken care of and it all comes with the package so you can sign up with confidence.



Nowadays, it’s really impossible impossible to improve your business’ reputation and ranking online without the right Backlinks strategy and this is exactly what this software aims to solve. When you buy Easy Backlinks, you can sit back and watch with pride as your business grows immensely online.

Now that you know the amazing power of this platform, what are you waiting for? Click on the button below to gain instant access to all the benefits mentioned above. Finally, if you sign up today, you will be rewarded with 200 posting credits for free.

New Update – August 2019

When you have a website the next thing that you want to do is to get traffic however most of the time people fail because of it and eventually close their site because of the lack of traffic.  Many are left frustrated which led to hopelessness.

Thankfully there is this product that will give you sufficient backlinks that will help your site to become great again. Since I posted a review of this product a lot of people had become successful with their websites.

To give you an idea here are the following benefits that you can get from this product.

  • It will help you build a lot of backlinks that is very beneficial for the presence of your website on search engines.
  • You will have a much profitable website which will result in a higher income.
  • It will lessen up a lot of stresses in your life specifically with regards to your website.

So if you want to have bountiful and fruitful websites then this product is definitely the best one that you should buy. It will surely never let you down when it comes to marketing your website to the general public because its visibility will be much seen all over the world.

Thanks for Reading This Easy Backlinks Review.

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