Family Self Defence Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

What will you do when there is gun pressed on to your cheek.

Your wife next to you starts screaming, what do you do?

If your next move is wrong, you are going to watch your family terrorized, beaten or worse.

If you know the vulnerable spots in a body to attack very swiftly without taking the time to think about which one of a thousand moves will work in this situation, you will be able to win any fight against anybody within 2 seconds or less.

Once you land your first blow, the fight is over.

This works even if you are jumped in the dark at gun point by multiple, bigger, faster, and meaner attackers

This is a review of the family defense training guide

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By making use of the family self defence system, you will…

  • Be able to defend against any attacker or multiple attackers from any angle and at any time even when you are sleeping on your bed using nothing else except your hands and legs
  • Never fear getting attacked again
  • Be able to humiliate trained fighters and take down violent mobs with your bare hands. You will seem to have an impenetrable force field which protects you and your family all the time.
  • Be able to make this program work for you even if you think that you are too old, too slow, too short, out of shape – if you have not done a sit up since high school and do not have time for matrial arts lessons
  • Discover how a 72 year old with arthtritis was able to throw around a younger, stronger, faster attacker like a wet rag
  • Not need any physical strenght or martial arts experience. Your experience of martial arts can even put in a more dangerous position. This is because you have been fed loads of lies by your ‘teachers’
  • Be able to feel confident and in control all the time,

Who is behind the family defense system and how he is qualified

The person behind this system is Frank Bell.

He is a 44 year old systems analyst turned martial arts trainer from Duluth, Minnesota.

He is not a famous name because he usually works behind the scenes training the bodyguards that protect famous celebrities and high profile public figures.

These are people who need to protect themselves and their clients fast and do so very effectively so that the public and the paparazzi never even notice that something violent just happened.

Be totally immune to the mobs, and the criminals roaming the streets.

This is because they will be falling like a deck of cards when you know the secrets to destroying a human body with just a few hits

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How this program was born

Frank experienced a break in two days before one fateful Christmas, but despite all his training in 13 different martial arts, he was unable to save his family – his wife and 2 daughters – from getting assaulted by the assailants.

After this incident, his resolve to better protect his family led him to research and uncover the 3 strategies that work and that can help to dominate a violent situation on the street or in a home.

These 3 strategies are the top 1% of the most effective moves from every modern and ancient martial art which he has been able to refine over and over again.

The way this system was refined was by teaching it to 124 beta students, out of which 38 of them volunteered to test their skills against hardened, professional fighters.

34 out of them won their no-holds barred martial arts contest and some even won in a record time.

The remaining 4 were a draw and no one of them was hurt.

After this success, frank decided to put the entire life-saving system on a dvd package.


What’s contained in this program

In the family defence system program, you will learn…

Family Self Defence by Frank Bell Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Family Self Defence by Frank Bell

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  • How to defend your family in 2 hours and even beat down trained martial artists, armed criminals and even violent mobs
  • Why you should almost never use your fist in a real fight (even trained martial artists make this mistake…punching the wrong way will result in a serious injury to your hands and wrists…that is 100% avoidable)
  • The “lazy man”‘s method that allows you to master devastating moves even while you are just watching tv.
  • “vision field expansion” – a covert way of expanding your senses so that you can see everything happening around you… This is vital if you are fighting with a groups of people. This can be likened to having eyes at the back of your head
  • How to use the secret of the human body’s natural ‘fulcrums’ to bring anyone to their knees…
  • The devasting joint manipulation secrets that allows even a 72 year old with arthritis and a weak grip to break arms with a tiny ‘torque’ of his wrist
  • What never to do when a gun is pointed at you (most people do not realize that it is different when a gun is pointed at you from a distance compared to when a gun is pressed directly into you) and how to neutralize the enemy easily in both situations using a simple ‘2 second’ move even if you are lying on your bed and totally defenceless
  • How to quickly take out violent mobs by using a few simple moves – this is one of the most common moves used by the bodyguards frank trains. This is because they often deal with crowds that can and often do go wildly out of control
  • The one thing to do when you are tied up and you will be able to free yourself without the enemy knowing about it
  • A full detailed explanation on where the vulnerable spots on the body are and how to use a ridiculously simple one finger takedown that will bring any opponent of any size or weight to his knees
  • Your single best move in any fight. Doing this will ensure you will survive almost any fight you will get into even with trained fighters.
  • And a whole much more
  • Plus sensitive information that must not be available to public knowledge

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What to do right away

After ordering for this package, go through the first 10 minutes of this training, then put what you have learnt into practice and you will be amazed at how vulnerable the human body is.

Note; perform this practice gently



Frank said he has set the price to $37 in order to help as many families as he can

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Bonus #1; Mental Toughness.

In this guide, you will be exposed to the us military, special forces and navy seals secrets for invincible mental toughness

Bonus #2; Family Defence For Self Defence.

This guide consists of new and simple 2 minute exercises and stretches that installs animal quickness and force directly into your muscles and nerves. This exercises also helps you to melt fat effectively too.

Bonus #3; a check list of the 37 items you must always have at home in cases of a crisis scenario


The family defence system is backed by a no risk, 100% money back guarantee


There is a guarantee, there are proofs in terms of testimonials and the price is a no-brainer. This program is rated 8.5 out of 10.

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