Fat loss factor review: Here is why this weight loss program stands out

There are thousands of weight loss programs online these days. That makes it confusing for you, the average person to decide which one is best for you. Most are full of hypes and don’t deliver after you have spent your hard earned money buying them. I bet sometimes you ask yourself if there is even any genuine weight loss program online that really works. Yes there is. That is what I am going to talk about.

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What if there was a weight loss program out there that was tried and tested on several people and did work. A weight loss program that will not require you to kill yourself at the gym. A weight loss program that will still allow you to keep eating some of your favorite food. Dr Charles Livingston has asked himself the same question for years. He has tried an experiment that has allowed him to finally answer that question.

First of all you need to know that Dr Charles is a certified chiropractor, nutritionist and dietitian. That means he knows what the human metabolism is all about. He tried his little experiment on one of his patient called Lori. Lori is a mother of three children who was trying to lose weight. The results were outstanding. Lori lost 8 pounds in just 9 days.

Dr Charles went on to write his book that would help people like you lose weight. He called it the Fat Loss Factor. The name implies that he was able to identify the key factors that causes one to gain weight. By attacking those key factors you can have control over your weight and lose some pounds at will.

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So how does it work?

Basically, one fundamental mistake people make when they try to lose weight is not to cleanse their body. The liver is a big player in losing weight. That organ plays an important role in your metabolism. The fact is there are toxic substances in the human body that prevent the liver to function at its best. That is why it is so critical to cleanse the body and raise metabolism to its optimum. That way the liver can help burn your fats much faster even when you are asleep.

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What is in the package?

The Fat Loss Factor is a 3 months weight loss program. That said you will be able to see results right from the first week as you cleanse your body.

In the package offered you are given an ebook that has all the information you need to start the program. Other items are included. The book comes with videos concerning the liver and body cleansing. In those videos Dr Charles and his patient Lori teach how to prepare the cleanse up mixture that you are supposed to use in the first 2 weeks.

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You also get a software program that allows you to search to over 70 fast food restaurant and view the Doctor’s ratings for each food. Added to that, there is also a pre-created grocery list. This list will help you avoid the type of food that will increase your weight. They have added exercise books. You can start as a beginner or as an advanced. Put in mind that their exercises are really easy and you can use 15 minutes a day to get them done. To help track your progress, they’ve also added a measurement form. You can take note of your measurement as weeks pass by. And this is just to name some of the few exceptional items that are included in the package. Most importantly you also get a book with all the recipes you will need to keep yourself in your preferred weight.


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All the package items put aside you will also get a one year personal email coaching. Dr Charles is willing to assist you and respond to all your emails and questions you may have for him all year long. It doesn’t stop there. That also includes the free updates to all new techniques that the Doctor might discover later on.

Does it really work?

Lori, who was the first to try this program went from weighing 210 pounds to 120 pounds by the end of the program. Other participants who joined (Rachel, Matt and Tim) later also lost a significant amount of weight within the first few weeks. The Fat loss Factor is definitely not a scam. It has even been mentioned on yahoo news as one user who tried it commented positively about the result he experienced.

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Dr Charles is so sure about product that he is even offering a 2 months money back guarantee. If you do not get the result you expected after trying his method for 2 months you can request you money back. He guarantees that he will not even argue about it. He will just send you your money back. This makes is a risk free Fat loss program.

You have nothing to lose here. This product is proven to work, it’s easy to implement and goes for a very modest price. The first time he mentioned the price I was actually shocked. Considering all the items he is giving away in the package, I was expecting a much higher price. You should take advantage of this offer before he decides to raise the price up.

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