Female Pleasure Guru Review: The Pros & Cons

It is a book written by Jack Graves an acclaimed expert in the field of love making. From here you will learn simple approaches to give women intense multiple orgasms. What motivated him to write this book, after doing years of research and experimentation and through feedback, is because one of his former girlfriends cheated on him. He knew he was poor in bed and he didn’t know about it until his girlfriend left him for another man. He went on his journey and found a unique and effective approach to give women orgasms.

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After the cheating event he was obsessed to find out what he was doing wrong and what to do to give women intense sexual pleasure. He didn’t go to the junk that is men’s magazines, websites and porn. He wanted real advice that would make women beg for him and never cheat on him.

The techniques he wanted were: to work over and over again; that didn’t require him to last for hours at a time; and worked on any woman. What he learnt was that it is the opposite of what many men think they know. He found out that 89% of women lie that they orgasm during sex and 95% men are don’t know that they are faking it. And very few men know exactly what women want. They keep thinking they are doing a great job until they discover they are doing the wrong things.

He claims he can make any man good in bed and he has taught sexual advice to tens of thousands of men with a lot of success. And he says learning how to improve sexual skills is more than possible.  It takes a few simple techniques and strategies that make a woman have an intense sexual experience and it can be taught to anyone.

Having built the wealth of knowledge in the sex field that is when he decided to come up with this book –The female pleasure Guru. With it he decided to teach the men all over the world to be better at sex and giving women multiple intense orgasms.

  • What to do during sex to give your woman orgasms that she will be addicted to you
  • How to get her to experience a squirting orgasm
  • The 9 different types of female orgasms and how to make them happen
  • 4 G-spot sexual positions that she will love
  • The indicators to know if your woman is faking it
  • The four orgasms types: clitoral, vaginal g-spot and anal orgasms
  • Multiple fingering techniques, oral sex, and intercourse techniques
  • To create sexual tension to get her to anticipate sex
  • Misconceptions about the male hygiene that can be dispelled
  • The truth about premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed
  • A persuasion technique that will make women to do things that she isn’t ready for e.g. threesomes, anal and great blow jobs.
  • A how to guide to have anal sex with a woman with great effect for her to orgasm.
  • How to avoid foreplay in a clever way but will still keep her wanting you
  • What to do to keep an erection if you are struggling to keep it up using some simple approaches
  • How to connect deeply with your woman during sex giving both of you’re an intimate encounter.
  • How to read a woman’s mind during sex following cues from her to get her off quickly.
  • How to get a deep sense of trust in you to break down any resistance to experience new levels of sex.
  • The truth about penis size and how to use your size for your advantage.
  • How to add variety to your sex life and preventing it from going stale.
  • How to become more dominant in bed for her to submit to you
  • Where to touch her during foreplay and to have her begging for you.
  • How to have multiple orgasms that last for over 20 minutes.

The female pleasure Guru is for anyone who is serious to want to become better in bed through learning new techniques. For anyone who want to have a lifetime of incredible sex. It’s not for anyone who doesn’t care about the quality of their sex lives.

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It is a downloadable guide that you can access it immediately without having to wait for it to be shipped to you. And you can immediately become an expert.

The book comes up several bonuses that are free with no hidden costs. The bonuses are: stop sexual rejection –to minimize the number of women who reject you and will show you how to approach women; how to prevent premature ejaculation- through a six step formula; the female orgasm fast track- 7 emergency strategies and techniques that you can use every time; multiple orgasms for men-a man can have many orgasms through trainings.

The Female Pleasure Guru is going for only $ 49 which is worth a couple of DVDs. It can be bought through Click Bank and there is a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product you can ask for your refund and you will stay with the book and some of the four bonus materials. Hence this a zero risk investment.

There are great reviews about the books with a couple of customer testimonials talking about how the book has changed their lives for good and they will use the tips for the rest of their lives. People are saying it took them three months that they were able to see the amazing results in their sex lives.

Female Pleasure Guru Review: The Pros & Cons

Female Pleasure Guru

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The benefit of the book is that it presents sex in a new light and shows you ways of how not to have sex but to make love to your wife or girlfriend. It also shows how to make it a pleasurable experience for both parties.

The techniques he teaches on the book are simple and they can be applied as soon as they are learnt. The strategies work well with anyone with different level of skills. If it’s a man who is new to sex and to the men who are very experienced. It’s also for women who have had little experience to the ones who have a lot of it.

In addition to the book there is a support service to help you get comfortable with the book. If you have any questions about the book you can email the author directly and he will provide the answers you are looking for. He responds to his customers in a 24 hour period. He prides himself in his honour and responsibility is to give his readers the writing and answers to their questions making it easier for them to understand the concepts.


Pros for the book:

  • The book helps to save time, money and energy.
  • There is zero risk involved in buying this investment
  • The book is easy to read and to follow
  • There is a 24 hour email support from the author
  • The book is easy to access as it can be downloaded quickly and if you want the hard copy you can still get it.
  • It comes with free bonuses
  • The actual value of the book is $ 215 but it sold at a discount at $ 49 and you get to save a lot of money.
  • Many people can attest the book is great to improve the sexual experiences
  • Anyone can read and use this book with any partner irrespective of their experiences


  • You need to carefully follow the instructions
  • Some descriptions need videos in order to visualize what he talks about
  • Women who have read the book don’t agree with the assumptions he makes about women
  • The book degrades women to be sexual objects
  • The female body is very complicated with hormones and emotions make a big difference in the sexual experience.
  • Half of the things he says are not new or revolutionary in that the material can be gotten anywhere else.
  • It is the same as the normal how to guides that over promise and under delivers.
  • Some of the things he describes are impractical with little regard to reality.
  • The author Jack Grave is not a relationship expert, or trained in any sexual education meaning he has little credibility on what he talks about.



All in all the book is a great book that is aimed to help anyone to improve his or her sexual life. The book delves into the anatomy of sex and uses the knowledge from it to make sex better for anyone. The book is created to make sex more interesting challenging partners to rediscover themselves and provide them with exciting results. The promise of giving women orgasms is something all men are interested in and would want to be more proficient in doing it. Also men would like to know how to spot if a woman is faking and to do things to make them really get into sex to really enjoy it.

New Update – January 2019

Your wife or girlfriend’s pleasure is your best priority when it comes to lovemaking that is why it is a really serious matter. Because giving your partner a subpar performance in bed can compromise your relationship.

We are really lucky that this “Female Pleasure Guru” was created because it will save us from serious disaster in our relationships. Many relationships are saved because of implementing the techniques on this guide.

Here are the following benefits that you will get if you will buy the product:

  • Your woman will be much satisfied every time you have sex with her.
  • Multiple orgasms will be experienced by her and it is guaranteed.
  • She will deeply be in love with you and your relationship will be much deeper this time.
  • She will also return the favor to you by giving you the best sex ever.

The price is very affordable that is why there is no risk at all if you will buy the product. It is a sure win-win situation for you if you decide to buy the product. You will reap a lot of benefits and will surely make your partner satisfied with your relationship and to live happily ever after with you.


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