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I have always wanted to travel the world as a child.  I dreamed about all the adventures I could experience travelling to Africa and discovering the rich wild forests. I wished that these dreams would come true so bad that I even wrote my own make-believe stories about them.

Sadly they are remained dreams. However, in my adult life now, I tend to save up for at least one vacation per year. Anytime I can’t measure up my finances to actually go on vacation, I feel like I have let myself down.


I mean what’s the essence of working hard all the days of one’s life without being able to afford some time off to treat yourself? I guess this is one of the reasons behind many people feeling frustrated on their jobs as they never get an away time to recoup and refresh their goals.

But realistically when you are talking about travelling, you are thinking of the real costs which include hotel, food and recreation facilities. I intentionally left out the most important of all – transportation.

While a road trip can be fun and exciting sometimes you are likely to agree with me that flying remains the most comfortable and fastest. You can get to your destination without feeling as if a truck ran all over you.

When you are tired, it’s hard to really enjoy your vacation. But with flying, it comes with a high cost especially if you are looking at international flights.

In this case, what do you do then? Save up for 2-3 years just to be able to afford a $3000 flight to your dream destination or you can actually do something to get yourself these flights for nearly free.

Unbelievable right?  Yes, it seems so. When I came across this Fly Free course by Derek, I was wary that I wasn’t being led into something criminal. I won’t like to be involved in any financial fraud. But I was pleasantly shocked to realize it was all a perfectly legit system!


How does it work?

Award stacking

The way Derek, the creator describes award stacking is quite simple. It works with the arrangement between credit card companies and airlines to  give their customers free miles as a sort of incentive.

Sounds quite simple right? But you may be wondering why you have not qualified for those free miles yet. That’s because you don’t have an idea about the loophole to work with to enable you to get nearly free flights.

When you do it right, you would be getting a free or almost free flight every 60 days.


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What’s the secrecy all about?

I’m sure when you heard of the award stacking, you probably rushed to go and use a search engine to check it out. But you found out that even though many people seem to be talking about award stacking. They talk in coded language and want you to either join their private chat room to learn or they just keep mum.

That’s a natural thing with humans – selfishness. They are probably thinking that if they shared this secret with you, it would end their own benefits. But luckily, this doesn’t work that way. Many people can actually benefit from the free miles as long as credit card companies are sourcing for customers.

Here are some of the steps:

Getting the right credit card

Because most credit card companies are competing with others and trying to make you keep their own card, they offer between 30,000 to 50,000 airline miles bonuses to attract new customers.

Of course, you would want to be choosing the credit card that offers the most free miles. But it doesn’t stop there since you would have to learn the right tips to avoid paying the interests which credit cards are known for.

Applying for the credit card

This may seem pretty basic information but it is not as you can do some things wrong. And those mistakes would have a bearing on your application being rejected. So, on this course you would be shown how to apply and increase your chances of approval.

credit card

Getting the free miles

Since most credit card companies offer the free miles as a signup bonus, it won’t be hard getting it initially. But when you want to sustain getting these free miles every 60 days, it would seem that you have to meet the requirement of spending a particular quota every 3 months.

That target amount could be up to $1000! And you likely don’t get to spend this much and remember the idea is not about accumulating so much debts on your credit card. That’s why you need to learn how not to spend this much and still earn your free miles.

Paying off your credit cards

As I mentioned earlier, the goal here is not to go on a spending spree on these cards. That will kill the process even before you start and it will put your credit score in  a horrific red that you would not want to play with.

So, this course will definitely show you how to pay off your interests smartly.

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Other features of the course

Part One

In the first part of the course, you will be learning how to improve your credit score. We all know how your credit score determines a lot – like getting that loan or mortgage you desire. You would learn how to increase your credit score even as you make use of this free flying system. Amazeballs!

Part Two

You will be going right into the center of the whole system. You would get to know the kind of flyer points you can get and also the kind of credit cards you should be looking to get. And also learn how to keep track of your credit cards using a spreadsheet.

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Part Three

Getting rejected when you apply for a credit card can be a bummer. So, Derek will be giving you sure tips on the best time of the year to apply and how to get credit cards with high free miles.

Part Four

This is one of the most amazing parts for me because no matter how much I cracked my head on it, I couldn’t just figure it out on my own. This is about meeting the spending requirements and still not going overboard with your spending.

You would even learn how you can place your rent on your credit card! That could mean stopping your landlord from breathing down your neck all the time.

Fly Free Academy SiteGet Fly Free Academy Here

Part Five

You will be getting the steps to eliminate all those charges that are the one reason why most people avoid credit cards like the plague. You will be able to do away with the surcharges and taxes you are mandated to pay on your flight tickets.

There are still other two parts in the course but I would leave you to discover those ones on your own.

And there is more…

You will be getting three awesome bonuses when you sign up for this course. They include:

The Free Checked Bag & Free Priority Boarding Guide

Yeah, I can feel this so well because I have always tried to avoid paying extra for my luggage at the airport. And those long lines to board are like the worst! With this bonus guide, you will learn how to avoid those long waiting lines and also avoid paying for extra luggage. Wow!
airport check in

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Visit Additional Countries for Free with Stopovers

This one  had my mouth agape in surprise. I never even realized it was a thing to get stopovers in other countries for up to 3 to 6 months and still pay the same fare for one flight. I’m pretty much excited to discover how this would work out for me on my next vacation.

Preventing Your Miles from Ever Expiring

Well, what will the free miles be worth if they all expire before you can use them? Nothing, right. So with this bonus guide you can learn how to stop them from expiring and also find out which of the airlines tend to have quick expiration dates on their free miles.

Great feedback and bargain!

I was excited to see all those who have benefited from these nearly free flights talk about how they now have the opportunity to travel the world like never before. I mean they are living the dream! You can too when you sign up for this course. All these amazing benefits go for under $50!

New Update – January 2019

There are lots of people that are getting free tours in different countries since this product came out. For the reason that this product has exposed the secrets on how you can get those free flights where you can use to tour the world.

A lot of people have been using the techniques from Fly Free Academy to go to the places that they have thought that they will not have the capacity to visit. Thankfully this product has debunked all those doubts and uncertainties about your ability to conquer your dreams which is to travel to different countries.

The information that you will learn here is top secret that is why you must take the opportunity to get to know those secrets that you can use for your out of the country tours. We do not know until when does this product will be available in the market because of the top secret information that it exposes they might shut it down the product immediately.

For this reason that I can advise you is to purchase the product now. You are not risking anything because it is just 50 bucks and you will get the best of both worlds once you have reaped the benefits of what this product will teach you.

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