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I am an 18 year old girl, living in Ohio, United States. Like any other teenage girl, I have my dreams of love, work and life. However, my case is little different (in fact most difficult) since last three years when I gained a lot of weight. My boyfriend is a gym instructor and it has added some extra pressure on me to always chase his physical fitness standards. As I work in call centre, my routine is always messed up. I have to sleep till the evening to get up and be ready for full attention to job. Due to work pressure, I am not able to follow any drug plan or take leave to get operated.

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How did I come to know about Full Body Licious?

My boyfriend’s client suggested him to go for Full Body Licious. His friend is a frequent follower of the product and a dearest friend of Flavia Del Monte – the female brain behind the Full Body Licious formula. Her website made me more updated about the product and more importantly what she believes can make a change in health especially excessive weight gain.

Who is Flavia Del Monte?

Flavia Del Monte is a health mentor qualified as a registered nurse, certified trainer and also master in level nutrition certification. To be honest, more than her qualifications, her toned sexy physics inspired me to be like her. Yes, when you are above 125lbs, you need a shaped figure in mind to put as a target. Her success story also made me learn that she was suffering the same problem like me in her early age and if she can do it why not me?

Full Body Licious Review

Full Body Licious

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What is Full Body Licious?

Flavia Del Monte has designed Full Body Licious diet approach for everyone who wants to look fit and healthy in the mirror – not just in dreams but in reality too. It’s just a 5 day program with long lasting impact on your physics and brain to accept the exercises. Apart from other benefits following are noticeable:

–       Everyday an hour is spent working hard on the physics hitting all the unnecessary fat organs through advanced fat burning techniques.

–       The biggest advantage of this product which I consider is the instructor is female and she knows exactly what is required for a female body loss and how it differs from man’s physics.

–       Just because it is perfectly suitable for females, it doesn’t mean it fails for men. My cousin brother also started using and got benefited from this product but yes he took appropriate updates from Flavia Del Monte for a men’s work out.

–       She offers other DVDs and videos on special occasions like wedding workouts.

–       The workout is safe reducing metabolism and reshaping the body to look better and beautiful.

–       The payment, if the plan does not work for you, can be refunded within first 60 day’s use just by contacting the customer support team. Hence, one can consider this plan completely free till first 60 days.

–       The reports and books written by Flavia Del Monte are absolutely free as gifts.

How long the plan shall be activated?

Different users use it differently. The 5 days in a week is a choice! I follow Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday so that I can give enough rest to my body.         During these two days, my aim is to be within the diet line and avoid extra fatty foods. I also know the ladies who dropped the plan earliest are still not in shape and keep spending money at wrong places.

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Home Gym Version

There is no need to go to gym. Considering my call centre night shifts,Flavia Del Monte advised me Home Gym Version of the product. Meaning by, I can follow it anytime I want without spending dollars on travelling. Generally, I keep a progress card to know if I am on the timeline of achieving my diet goals and not carried away just because I am not working out in the presence of instructor. I then get it reviewed from Flavia Del Monte to suggest me if I need to change or improve upon anything.

The entire program is available on the video where she walks you through the home gym exercises. It can be paused and replayed if bought online. The payment is simple and secured. It is instantly possible to download and start so shipping time is saved.

How did I personalize the plan?

Not just the video shopping, I knew from my boyfriend gym disciplines that one has to be updated on modern techniques. I joinedFlavia Del Monte on twitter and Facebook to get unique new advises while I am surfing. More importantly, YouTube videos of her have made me educated on new exercises to know exactly how to do them.

New Update – February 2019

Gaining excessive weight is a significant problem that a lot of people is currently facing right now and most of the time it is inevitable because of our modern lifestyle which is to eat a lot in fast foods with little to no exercise at all.

These excessive weight problems often lead to a lot of illnesses that is inflicted by being overweight. This is the primary dilemma of our current society right now on all parts of the world. At last a product which is called “Full Body Licious” is putting a significant help in solving the said dilemma.

And after posting a review about this product a year ago a lot of people have already tried this product and they are all satisfied with the results that it gave them. Here are the following benefits that people can get from this product:

  • You will manage to lose weight successfully without any hassles.
  • Your overall health will significantly improve which will prevent you from catching diseases that are weight-related.
  • Your confidence will surely increase a lot which will help you socialize with people positively.
  • Your skin will get more vibrant which will improve your physical appearance as well.
  • The strength of your body, as well as your endurance, will become better.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this product now and transform yourself into a new you!

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