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After completing my graduation, my parents wanted me to do ACCA but I was really not confident to take up a professional course like it. I knew it will require sleepless nights, study like a geek and on top of it no more fun outside books. However, I also knew one of my cousin brothers who has already cracked that exam on the first go and was now working in an investment bank for some handsome dollar salary and a very high profile life.

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On the first go I thought improving studying standards are god gift and cannot be developed over a period of time. However, one of my friends suggested me to keep an eye open for Get the Best Grades. The tagline on their website itself attracted me that one does not need to be gifted for studying better.

What was the initial doubt?

ACCA is not a child’s game. It is a professional course and was difficult for even scholars. I wonder if the product can really raise its standards for professional courses. In fact, ACCA modules covered all the necessary hints and detailed timeline to help students pass the exams then why should I buy another product? However, the website cleared my confusion when I read about the book’s author – Dr. Marc Dussault. He was engineer by profession [plus 4 other degrees] and could achieve brilliant grades for his own studies. it cleared the confusion that no matter the level of studies or exams they are ultimately based on simple skills, attitude and studying techniques. On top of it, I realized not just for my ACCA but throughout my career my skills and attitude towards profession and life will be tested for which I need to do something.

Get The Best Grades Review: What is the Cons?

Get The Best Grades

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How is the Dr. Marc Dussault’s book above the par?

–          The book first of all reduces the wastage time. It made me learn how to scrap unnecessary wastage of time.

–          There are few easy ways of remembering things and topics and by that way I could save the total time of study and yes it made me sleep on time to come up fresh next morning.

–          The secret behind good study is not mug up fully in one day but it’s rather a process to understand concepts one by one and summarize to take a bird’s view and get mastery.

–          More than anything I improved my concentration and focus which reduced my studying difficulties by more than half.

–          Planning and reviewing the plan according to changes in the study circumstances was another way of saving my time. I could literally save time to cheer up with my friends.

–          The detailed mind-maps are simply amazing. After reading them I realized had this book been read earlier I could have done better in my university days.

–          The book’s main selling point is the psychology lessons and how brain can come out of fears if it is well trained in pressure conditions.

Does it reduce panic of exams?

Certainly yes! I needed the book only for the foundation course of ACCA and by that time I was completely prepared to face any challenges or exams. If you are well prepared there is no fear of exams. The book gives enough examples of real case scenarios through which confidence can be developed and fear can be avoided. Not only in my foundation exams, the practical training that I had to attain as a part of the professional course, became much smoother. I started approaching people with confidence and I could see them enjoying my company. I cleared my foundation exam in one go and achieved the best technical trainee award in the first year of trainee.

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Studying together does help?

I and one of my trainee mate used to study the book together just to share the ideas and solve the doubts if any. We both had different way of studying so applying different strategies actually tested the versatility of the book. In fact, both of us have achieved our individual goals out of it. The video presentation, graphical views and summary techniques helps in studying together for sure.

How does the forum help?

Like I said I had some doubts if the book will work for professional course students. To remove those doubts and be more confident I asked that question on the forum and to my satisfaction, they came up with good answers and prompt response.

Today, I proudly say I read this book and got some really good techniques. What’s wrong in sharing goods things? In fact, few of my overseas friends also bought it and shared their good outcomes with me. It was going to work for them as the book has been tested on thousands of students and professionals.

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