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Girl Gets Ring by Jonathan Green & TW Jackson is a befittingly named dating & relationship advice resource designed to help single women to help them move their relationship status to married with the right guy (and all the progressions they must go through in between) as quickly as possible.

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The process relies on helping women understand the feelings and psyche of their man along with the various stages of a relationship and making him want to the relationship to the next possible level. Instead of teaching women how to coerce their man, this product helps women make their man appreciate and love them so much that he becomes ready to commit.

Who Is Behind This Program?

Jonathan Green and T.W. Jackson, two renowned names in the dating and relationship industry, collaborated with each other to create the Girl Gets Ring program.

Jonathan Green is an established name in the dating industry. For over a decade, he has been providing men with dating advice and his own dating life is very active too. The release of this best-selling dating guide, Girlfriend in a Week, saw him rise to prominence.

T.W. Jackson has been happily married since 1996. T.W. Jackson is the pseudonym used by Travis Sago, who is actually an expert in online marketing. However, he has created products in various industries by partnering up with known experts. He is also the author of the best-selling relationship book, The Magic Of Making Up.

How Does This Program Help Women Get The Ring?

The Girl Gets Ring program begins with a couple of introductory notes related to the setup of this program and how to get the most out of it. According to the authors, the love a man has for a woman is in no way related to how willing he is to take his relationship to the next level.

Girl Gets Ring ReviewJonathan Green & TW Jackson have arranged the rest of the program into phases based on how a single relationship progresses to a married one, and both share their collective and respective perspectives.

“Singledom,” the first phase, as the name suggests deals with single women. “Looking for Love” is the next straightforward phase that teaches women how to explore their values and “pick” the right guy that would fit her values. Tips on how to avoid attractive the wrong guys and repeal jerks are also revealed in this phase.

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The next chapter covers the topic of how women can make a great first impression, then comes the phase of a building a love bond by successfully dating, and the one after that deals with the actual relationship once they have a boyfriend.

Finally, the last phase of this program revolves around the end goal of getting the man to commit and remove any roadblocks. This program also includes three unannounced bonus chapters as well.

When you buy the Girl Gets Ring program, you also get:

7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make…

Clean Slate Method
From Conflict to Compassionate Communication
Long Distance Relationship Secrets
Masculine Hero Avatar MP3


Remarkable product for women looking for Mr. Right
Very large relationship scope
Perfect and rare collaboration of two established authors
Action plans give a practical touch
Lovely presentation and excellent flow
Generous use of images
Packed with value information and bonuses

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A bit generalized tips
Is written by men
Authors lack relationship counseling backgrounds

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the few potential flaws, Girl Gets Ring is the ultimate guide for women who want to find Mr. Right or want their Mr. Right to commit to them for the rest of their life. Sure, there might be various other better guides out there, but this one is definitely a must-have for any women who wants to improve her chances of taking her relationship to the next level.

New Update – April 2019

When we have our longtime boyfriend or the guy that we truly love the next thing that we want him to do is to put a ring on our fingers and ask us to marry. However, most of the time it does not happen because most guys just to get what they want on women which is just all about sex.

This is the primary reason why even a long-term relationship could not guarantee a marriage ring or proposal. This is the main reason why this product is created for women who are having doubts that their guy will marry them.

Since I posted this review a year ago a lot of people have acquired the following benefits:

  • After they have applied the techniques in this product their respective partners have already given a marriage proposal to them.
  • Their respective relationships became deeper and meaningful.
  • In terms of sexual life, it also benefitted them in the sense that they became fiercer in bed.

So if you want to have a guaranteed marriage with your partner this product is the best one to buy as it will provide you all the knowledge that you need for making that happen.

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