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When it comes to how our lives have to be run, while a lot of people are go-getters, there are some who prefer to live smaller lives, underachieving their full potential. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in living the life you want to live, for a lot of people, there is either an innate fear or even a lack of understanding into how to make things better for them.

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This is where concepts such as life coaches come into play. Most people have life coaches, therapists, psychologists, or even psychiatrists to help guide them in their lives, giving proper advice as to what to do at certain times. While an admirable profession to be in, and definitely helpful for a lot of patients, not everyone has the financial capacity to afford these trained professional who can charge really high amounts on a per session basis.

This is where Kristen Howe comes in. As a life coach, she calls herself the Go Big Coach. Simply put, her mantra when it comes to assisting people is to not just rest in complacency but to aim, reach, and achieve greater things than they have ever in their whole lives dreamed of attaining.

Go Big Coach Review: What is the Cons?

As a person who believes that good things in life naturally come if they are attracted to the person, Kristen Howe, the Go Big Coach, firmly advocates the laws of attraction. Making sure that you are releasing the proper attitude, mental conditions, etc., you will be actively inviting in money, happiness, and success into your life.

The main thrust of the program is, of course, not settling down for simply what you have or just enough. Everyone has a big dream, whether it has been achieved or not is what separates winners from losers. And there is no other person more capable of leading the program and educating the thousands of people out there than Miss Howe herself.

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Before she was a life coach, Miss Howe use to run the coaching program for a bestselling author. However, after working there, she had decided to branch out herself and create a big mark for her name – leading her to coach several successful people in various industries across the world: from finance, to business, to marketing, to the arts; almost everywhere she has met someone and helped them achieve the full potential that they can be.

And now she is letting the public into her virtual classroom. For only a low monthly membership fee, which covers coursework as well as educational materials, Miss Howe will help train you and mold you into the person that you should become. Given that her monthly fee is much lower than what shrinks out there would charge for only an hour’s worth of talking, it is definitely a better as you get access to exclusive member-only content.


From books to even mobile apps, you would be covered by the Go Big Coach. With so many reasons out there to be able to pursue your dream, why limit yourself to just one? Soar high and choose only the best. Go with the one who will force you not to settle into mediocrity but go big on yourself.

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