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When you are playing in any competitive sports, the goal is always winning. However, to achieve that you don’t just bulldoze your way through using superior body strength since there are rules which guide each game. For success on the hockey pitch or rink, you need exact and sustained training on the following areas:


This is not just about setting speed limits for yourself since you have to consider the part of team play too. In hockey, speed often has to do with your level of responsiveness. You can have a fit body but with slow reflexes, you are going to be reacting a little too slowly to meet top performance.

You will  need to learn how to move right and fast too.



This can be a dicey concept in hockey. Since having power as a hockey player does not always translate to having ribbed muscles alone. In fact,  if you stress on building up your muscles alone, there are chances that you would be too heavy to move on the rink or field.

The  key to power in hockey is sustaining a balance between power and speed. Because if you can show power but can’t sustain it, it really does not have a use for you as a player. This is where power training comes in for you.


This is another critical skill for any hockey player. Whether on the pitch or on the rink, you are going to need it to hold your ground and create an impact. There are total body workouts that would improve your explosiveness and make you stand out coupled with your speed and power.


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Without agility all the other features highlighted above cannot be achieved. It is the combination of being fast and smooth. This is also tied with your power. It is surprising for some newbies in hockey that agility does not have to do with only physical preparedness and the mental aspect is just as important.


You may be wondering why your coach emphasizes on all those squats, presses and lunges. However, they are super important in getting your body ready to prevent injuries when you are on play. The ways in which the body and muscles are used while playing hockey is different from its normal usage. This is why conditioning is very crucial.

The important need for proper training of hockey athletes to aim for winnings at championships such as the NHL, is what has motivated the devoted hockey coach, Maria Mountain to offer her coaching services for free to bring up more champions.


Coach’s driving forces include:

  • Creating game changers – In every sport, there comes a time when it becomes pretty boring watching the same players do the same thing with no special high point in the game. That’s why when a player becomes the game changer, he/she can’t avoid being noticed and praised. And this is the dream of every coach, to have such a player on their team.
  • Raising underdog champions – For many coaching is a job but for Maria Mountain, she approaches it as a personal calling. This is why she is involved in giving many free training workshops on her blog. She has a passion for making great hockey players out of people who would never have had the chance to succeed at the game due to lack of opportunities.
  • Having blue heroes – Who would not want to be attached to success? Definitely almost everyone is happy to see their mentees grow out on their own to make a successful statement at play.

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The dynamic training approach

Of course, you would find a multitude of training approaches over the web. But Mountain works with a unique method called the – MS3 Method. It comprises the essential ingredient of mobility which is central to the combination of stability and flexibility. This is a method she came up with while working with athletes in rehab following injuries on the rink. The MS3 comprises of :

  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Stamina

After being exposed to the MS3 Method, these athletes returned to play, stronger and better than they were before their injuries.

Highlights of the training

Specific goalie training

You can always get workout tips on the web. They abound both in written posts, pictures and videos. But do they really supply you with your specific needs?

This training goes to the very basis of what you need to excel as a goalie. It won’t be showing you tricks you already know or have probably seen skaters on your team do. You may even have to strip your mind of some wrong notions you may have acquired beforehand.

As a goalie, you are often required to be one of the strongest as a lot depends on you. Therefore, you would need this specific training to make you excel as a formidable goalie.

Step by step blueprint

This is not one emergency rush training that packs so much together that you barely get a breath to take it all in. It involves a simple step by step approach that builds on your mobility, strength, speed and stamina. And the safety of your hips is put into consideration during the training, so you are not out cold even before the playing seasons begins.


Online access

It can be quite a bummer, having no access to coaching facilities in your area. This could be due to your location or lack of resources. But with this hockey training pro being hosted online, that kind of restriction is finally removed. You would just need an internet connection to benefit it from it.

Some interesting workshop features include:

  • How goalies can maximize their flexibility: This is key to success on the pitch or rink. You don’t want to make use of your flexibility and end up with serious injuries that would take you out for long periods. You will have access to the training live.
  • The revelation of three advantages: Well, I don’t know these ones yet. So you would have to enter the training to discover them yourself. They are supposed to help you attain the success you desire as a goalie.
  • Training off-season: Off season is one of the critical times, you are supposed to make good use of as a hockey player. If you spend it lounging around or doing random workouts, you may find yourself in a serious problem when the season begins and your body just feels strange even to you.

The training gives you a specific blueprint to use to ensure you prepare to be fit and ready before the season starts.


Amazing feedback

You know when I said at the beginning of this review that Mountain has a passion to work with underdogs and help them realize their goals, I was thinking I would be seeing only testimonials from kids from simple backgrounds.

While I saw many of such feedback and actually felt it was a great thing. I was surprised but pleased to find that her coaching methods has also worked for pros!

For Carter Hutton, a NHL Goalie, Mountain’s coaching skill was the magic that helped him get a perfect turn around after his injury on the rink. He even mentioned relying on her prescribed movements and stretched during the season to stay on top of his game. Wow!

There is also, Kevin Beech, an European Pro who admitted to Mountain’s influence in elongating his career after his struggle with repeated hip injuries and sustaining his stamina during game play.

Free training

You are probably wondering if you read that wrong or maybe I made a mistake. No, I did not. You can actually get access to many free resources and training with this coach. This particular training offer which has been made possible by GoalieTraining Pro is a free one! So you had better hitch on fast!

With the MS3 method in place and fewer or no injuries covered, I can see nothing standing in the way of you becoming the Goalie Pro or player you aspire to be. Just be ready and humble to learn with one of the best coaches out there.

New Update – February 2019

A lot of men all over the world most specifically in countries that do have a winter season but most of the time a lot of aspiring hockey players are having a problem when it comes to enhancing their skills in hockey.

The reason for this is that there are only a few training centers out there to enhance the skills of people in hockey. Thankfully, there is a product that is called “Hockey Training Pro” which teaches effective techniques for people that are aspiring to become better in the sport of hockey.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will improve a lot in terms of skills in hockey which will impress a lot of your peers.
  • You will become the best player on every team that you will be in to.
  • Your overall health will significantly become better too because you will become more proactive.
  • You will prevent injuries because you will learn the proper techniques in playing hockey.

So if you want to become the crème of the crop of your hockey team then this product will turn you from a loser to a champion in no time!

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