How To Be An Expert Persuader Review – Does it Work or Not?


Have you ever felt that your voice was being ignored? Whether it is at home, in school, or at the office, a lot of people struggle with self-expression, leading to always being at the lowest rungs of the social hierarchy. And, while these people are more often than not great workers and innovative thinkers, their ideas can easily be swept under the rug in favor of that of their more socially inclined colleagues.

This is a horrible predicament to be in, especially if you want to start forging a name for yourself. Most of the time, research shows that those whose careers are being stagnant, or are experience low satisfaction rates, have less to do with what their job is, and more with how they can easily assert themselves in the work force.

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How to be an Expert Persuader in 20 Days or Less

This is where Michael Lee’s great book comes in. Entitled How to be an Expert Persuader in 20 days or less, Mr. Lee’s book clearly cuts out all the fluff and studies the art of the human mind and human interaction, to give a succinct, yet powerful non-fictional how-to book.

The author has been known as an expert in several fields, including neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and even copywriting. As a world-renowned life coach, he is also considered a “self-improvement guru” by those thousands of peoples whose lives have been greatly improved by his book.


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Mr. Lee, not only through his professional career choices, but also through countless years of research delving into the human psyche, has come up with a fool-proof, guaranteed plan to use the power of speech to one’s own advantage. Whether it be through the phrasing of words, or even through non-verbal communication signals, speaking with someone is actually a subconscious battle of words, with a victor and a loser at the end.

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Benefits of Persuasion

His book by Michael Lee helps unlock several of the tips and tricks in the profession. With clear understanding on how people think – or, even, want to think, one can easily navigate through all forms of social situations. Whether it be in an office conference, or even just a family meeting, asserting oneself is no more than planting subconscious hints in the other person’s mind.

How To Be An Expert Persuader Review - What are the benefits?

This kind of speech craft is definitely a great help, especially to those who are struggling with self-expression. Written especially for people suffering from low self-confidence, the book will not only give you the right social skills for day by day interaction, it would actually let you master them on the spot.

This skill, while indispensible for your career, especially if you are working in sales or customer relations, has also its perks outside the workforce. Imagine making friends a lot easier, or even making sure your date goes a lot better, just by being able to read and influence the other person subtlety. Indeed, there is nothing this book cannot help with.

How to be an Expert Persuader by Michael Lee is a great find for anyone out there, whether struggling with assertion or not. Definitely a boost to your professional and personal life, it will make you change how you interact with other people forever.

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