How To Build A Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company Review – It’s Really Good or Not?

Who is the author of the eBook?

The eBook how to build a million dollar medical transportation company was authored by a man called Joel Davis. Joel Davis is also the host of the million dollar seminars which are always a series of events hosted in different locations around the country that teach people advanced skills, strategies, training for NEMT proprietors and entrepreneurs. Joel Davis is also known to be a distinguished public speaker, private coach and a very successful online marketer, entrepreneur and innovator.

Who does the eBook target?

The eBook how to build a million dollar medical transportation company authored by Joel Davis is targeting anyone who wishes to invest in a recession proof kind of business that does not require lots of cash to start. The business that the eBook talks about does not need you to have any knowledge in medicine as most people would think. The eBook teaches that you will not need any life-saving skills to start this kind of business so basically virtually anyone with an interest in it can start it. The eBook teaches you how you could start out the business as a small one then grow it slowly to become a big one.

What does the eBook teaches to its readers?

By reading the eBook how to Build a Million Dollar medical Transportation Company authored by Joel Davis you will be taught that the non-emergency medical transportation industry is one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries. In the eBook the author explains how the elderly populations in the US will double something that will bring about demand for this kind of transportation. Joel Davis himself ventured in the business back in the year 1999. With his immense experience in the sector he says he has helped many other transportation providers and entrepreneurs in the industry to grow, build, diversify and expand their businesses.

How To Build A Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company Review

How To Build A Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

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You would want to know what non-emergency medical transportation is (NEMT). This is a kind of transportation which involves the transportation of people in wheelchairs, stretchers or patients who need assistance.

What services does a NEMT firm offer to its clients?

Joel Davis basically teaches you that once you decide to start a NEMT service business your main services to your clients will be to;

  • Transfer people to medical appointments and also from medical appointments.
  • You will be transporting people in and out of hospitals or health facilities.
  • You will be transferring people from their homes to see their doctors.
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Joel Davis says that the advantage of this kind of business is that your target market that involves the elderly populations and the medical industry are growing at a very rapid pace. Joel Davis goes on to encourage you to take advantage of the two kinds of niche markets that this kind of business will offer you. The two types of the niche market which are the medical industry and the elderly are also recession proof meaning you don’t have any chance of suffering from the effects of a financial downturn.

Why is starting a NEMT business a good option for entrepreneurs?

Joel Davis says that the NEMT business is not always preferred by most people who want to invest. Mostly entrepreneurs are interested in the so-called get rich quick schemes which usually highly competitive. Davis in his eBook describes the NEMT business as a kind of business which that is not known by many people something that makes it an ideal type of business to invest in. The NEMT business target market is growing exponentially even faster than the real estate market.

The NEMT business is a service based business meaning that you will not have to buy any goods, store them, ferry or sell. This is advantageous to you because you will not incur any extra costs that come with shipment fees and storage fees that goods-based business comes with.

Davis says that if you follow the instructions in his book and prepare and operate your business properly you stand to gain greatly. Davis teaches people how they can start the business from their homes or offices easily without necessarily needing to have big warehouses to encourage business.  The advantage of being able to operate a business from your home works to limit your overhead expenses meaning you get to enjoy even more profits.


Joel Davis teaches in his eBook about NEMT target market to be the following;

Private-pay clients

In his eBook Joel Davis teaches his readers that the private-pay clients are those who will pay from their pockets to be ferried to and from medical appointments. He says that this is one of the highly profitable sources of income for the NEMT business. He says that most NEMT businesspeople focus on the private-pay clients because of the huge profits that come from it. They don’t bother to pursue other sources of revenue from the business. After reading the book you will be able to discover these other sources of revenue from the business that you could use to make even more profits.

Medicaid/ brokers

The eBook also will teach you discover about free healthcare and the Medicaid recipients who are entitled to medical treatments and free transportation. You could simply offer these people transportation to the health facilities and get to be paid by the people charged with the responsibility overseeing that they are treated and transferred back to their residences.

Workers compensation insurance

The workers compensation insurance is a kind of program of reimbursement meant for transporting those who are hurt on the job to get to and from physical therapy and those kinds of medical appointments. Davies teaches in his eBook that the workers comp insurance is just one of the few forms of insurances that give money back for NEMT making it a very advantageous source of revenue for you.

The eBook will enlighten you about not just focusing on one source of revenue for your NEMT business but how you can capitalize on all of them to make even more profits.


Hospitals are a great place for the NEMT business as Joel Davis puts it in the eBook. Joel Davis teaches people on the eBook that hospitals come with various openings for the NEMT business. By reading the eBook you will be able to learn about the emergency room discharges and also the general hospital discharges as opportunities for you to make profits from.

  • Joel Davis says that the hospitals have got in patients who need to be transferred to the different facilities, doctor’s offices, dialysis centers, and many other offices outside of it. You get to learn how to grab these kinds of opportunities for your business to maximize your profits.
  • Davis says in his eBook that hospitals do need delivery and courier services, he teaches readers ways by which they can source for contracts and win repeat business.

Nursing facilities

Joel Davis in his eBook how to make a million dollar medical transportation company enlightens readers that the nursing facilities are the backbone of the NEMT business. He supports his assertion about it by saying that nursing facilities care for one of the most important clients of the NEMT business, the elderly people. Just like hospitals nursing facilities can also offer you immense opportunities for transportation. Your NEMT business will be transporting people to nursing facilities for medical appointments, physical therapy, etc.

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Dialysis center

Joel teaches readers in the eBook about the great business opportunity that dialysis patients can offer to their NEMT business. He even refers to them as the ‘Golden Grail’ because they are consistent customers that you can rely on with regards to the business. In most instances these patients have to go for dialysis up to three times in a week. The medical appointments are also mandatory meaning they have to be transported to the hospital without fail. Joel Davis says it is for the reason that the NEMT business is recession proof. Dialysis patients must be transported to the hospital for dialysis even when it is raining because they must be treated for to remain alive. The dialysis patients offer numbers and regularity for NEMT businessperson that is according explanations of Joel Davis in his eBook.


Students also make good clients for the NEMT business and not just the elderly people alone. Joel Davies in his eBook advises people seeking or who are already in the NEMT business to note that even students need to be transported to health facilities for treatment too.

Davis says that disabled students who cannot get to and from school with the typical school bus need specialized kind of transport to help them move about. You could take advantage of these kinds of students by offering the much needed transport solutions.

Pros of the eBook

Really easy to read and understand even for the typical person looking to start out small in the business.


This is a book that is written by a professional who himself does the business meaning he understands all the aspects of the business. He has offered all his honest and practical examples that will help you to at least start a NEMT business.

New Update – February 2019

Medical transportation is one of the most businesses right now that has truly a lot of hidden potentials. After knowing that this might be a fruitful business people tend to try it out without any backgrounds or fundamentals at all in the said business. This is the main reason why they are eventually falling short on their goals.

With this product which is called “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company” this is probably the best guide that you can refer to if you want to know the ins and outs of the business. Since I posted this review several months ago a lot of people have found success in starting out their medical transportation business.

So if you buy the product expect that you will experience these following benefits:

  • You will know the things that you can do to make your startup medical transportation business to become successful.
  • You will minimize losses which will result in better results.
  • You will learn the techniques that you can do to make your business bigger.

So if you want to have a successful medical transportation business then this product is definitely the one that you should buy!


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