InstaBuilder 2.0 Review: The Pros & Cons

What is InstaBuilder 2.0?

InstaBuilder 2.0 by Suzanne Theresia is in simple terms, a marketing page builder for the use of any affiliate marketer or entrepreneur who is clueless about doing so. It is aimed at beginners who are keen to build landing pages themselves, and hence, ease of use and excellent functionality are the key features of this software.

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After the success of the first version, the creators have come out with an improved, faster version 2.0 of this software, which offers even more choices. It is an amazingly designed, WordPress plugin that allows you to create landing pages within minutes.

Some of the features of this software include:

  • The simplest but highly efficient interface available in the industry today
  • Drag-and-drop page builder and editor provides ease to design the page as you envisioned
  • You can use InstaBuilder to create any kind of page like Squeeze page, Launch page, Webinar sales page, Bonus page and much more
  • It features over a hundred templates to allow you to customize endlessly. Moreover, you can design and save your personal template too
  • With this software, you have complete control of text formatting, right from font to placement
  • Along with templates, you also have a wide range of customizable features such as boxes, text, columns, backgrounds etc.
  • 2 and 3 Step Opt-in technology
  • The feature of Questions Opt-in allows you to integrate surveys into your page
  • The Welcome Gate feature lets you block the content of your page making it imperative for visitors to opt-in before accessing the page
  • There is an image editor built-in which makes your images even more beautiful and professional-looking.
  • You have access to a large number of pre-made graphics which you can use
  • Advanced Analytics allow you to analyze your page to figure out what is working and what is not, which help increase conversion
  • Split testing feature helps assess multiple page variations so that you can make decisions with confidence
  • Exit Traffic redirection is available so that you can get even more out of your page
  • With the help of Time Delayed content, you can increase conversions
  • Scarcity Builder helps create a sense of urgency on your page, which leads to even more sales
  • A customizable Countdown Timer helps add more urgency.
  • Pages created with InstaBuilder are automatically integrated with leading social networking sites and this helps you get better visibility in the social media
  • You can add notification bars to your page for important announcements, key features or anything else you wish
  • You can add animation to your landing page with easy selections

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  • InstaBuilder can be used to create designs in HTML version for use anywhere other than WordPress
  • With a few steps, you can integrate your page with Facebook for publishing
  • With a very efficient SEO built-in, InstaBuilder allows you to customize your pages with SEO faster
  • It allows your page to integrate with almost all the major autoresponders
  • By its GoToWebinar integration, you can set up as many webinars you want instantly and also increase traffic
  • Duplicate templates allow you to edit pages quickly and with minimal effort
  • You can organize your landing pages easily, the way you want and make better use of your time
  • Auto-generated legal pages such as disclaimer, privacy policy and many more are available
  • Import-Export feature allows you to use InstaBuilder to even design pages for your clients

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What are the advantages of this software?

  • Using InstaBuilder requires no coding or programming.
  • You can use this with any theme of WordPress as it simply overrides the settings of the basic theme to give you the page as you wanted.
  • It is available in three different prices depending on your usage.
  • It is much faster to create a page with InstaBuilder than without it.
  • It works as well on mobile devices as on desktop computers
  • There are no hidden costs or monthly subscription charges. InstaBuilder can be yours for a small, one-time payment.
  • Your purchase is protected with a 100% 60-day cash back guarantee.

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Testimonials from Users

  • Leon Henry says, “ As a user of InstaBuilderm I just could not see how it could get any better, I was wrong. 2.0 is simply beyond what believed possible, it is faster, gives us advanced statistics, convert to HTML is going to be perfect for clients, 2.0 has everything I need and it is all in one place”
  • This is what Ray Lane had to say – “ I have been an InstaBuilder user for the last couple of years. I have always loved the ease, speed and flexibility it provides for making squeeze pages sales pages etc Recently other competitors have popped up that have provided similar plugin-style page creators, and some have been very good. However, when I saw InstaBuilder 2.0, I was blown away by what I saw, and once I go to actually use it, I was even more blown away! Not only is this a huge leap from the original version of InstaBuilder, but it actually leaves the new competition in the dust.”
  • Barry Rodgers says, “ I was always a big fan of InstaBuilder 1.0 but this new InstaBuilder is a massive leap forward. The powerful, intuitive and fast page editor which enables anyone to build stunning landing pages in minutes completely blew me away as did the ease of adding elements like opt-in forms and videos Anyone who owns this will want to use it in virtually every new WordPress site they install…it’s that good”
  • Dovid Jaeger says, “ I want to say that InstaBuilder 2.0 by Suzanne Theresia has been amazing for me! I’ve played around with lead pages, unbounce, and others. I’ve ended up spending $100-$300/landing page using a designer. Nowadays, I whip put InstaBuilder, and build my own landing pages.”

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How much does this cost?

InstaBuilder 2.0 is available in three different license options. By paying only $77, you can get InstaBuilder for three of your own, personal domains. By paying $97, you get an unlimited license, allowing you to install it on unlimited domains that you own. A developer license will cost you $ 197, which allows you to install it on unlimited domains of your own, as well as client websites. All three purchases come with a full support and free, unlimited upgrades for a period of one year. At the end of the year, you can choose to have continued support and access to updates by payment of $37/year. Moreover, your purchase is also covered with a 100% 60-day Cash back guarantee. In case you not happy with the product or any of its features, you can avail a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

New Update – August 2019

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