Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Review – Read Before You Buy!

There is that common saying which states that a picture is worth a thousand words but I would change that to a million words. At times, a picture is more than able to express some intense moments or thoughts that no words can ever do justice to.

Imagine that picturesque rising of the sun or the dusk settling over the shimmering waters of a river.  You would not have to describe that moment in words, if you are lucky enough to have captured that moment on your camera.

With the inclusion of high resolution cameras on smartphones, photographing has even become much easier than ever before. However, you will find that no matter how high the pixel of your phone or hand camera, there is still the need for some editing to get your final perfect image.

Marc, the founder and editor of has put together a great application to help you get the perfect images you desire.
Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Review - Read Before You Buy!

Importance of pictures

Capturing memories

Anytime I am pretty homesick or lonely, I just have to bring down my family and college album and I start to flip through it. In a couple of minutes, I would have a warm feeling hovering all over me, improving any bad moods immediately.

Those treasured memories in pictures remain evergreen and they can easily be referred to when you need them.

Keeping details

It is not every time that you take a notepad with you to keep track of details. Sometimes, a picture does the work much better for you. If you tend to visit various locations either for work or leisure, you would find pictures useful in this regard.

There is also the aspect of lost details that happen in our environment daily especially with the modern renovations that go on. Without pictures, we may just lose some of these sights forever.

Livelihood source

Yes I know photography is a hobby for many but it can actually form a source of livelihood for you. You can even get up to that level of earning in the six figures – it all depends on the quality of the pictures and your audience. Never say never.


I have a picture very close to the center piece in my living room. On days when I am stuck for motivation and lack of inspiration. The beautiful scene in the picture helps me to relax and happen upon a dynamic burst of inspiration. I know this does not only apply to me and many of you would have had similar experiences.


What makes up pictures?

Apart from getting the perfect camera and scenarios to capture, having a good editing program to work with can make or mar your pictures. I really know the struggle, with the number of picture editing applications I have on mobile and on the computer.

I am always looking for that perfect match that can perform all the functions I require. But it’s quite hard having that perfect mix in one application. This is where the Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets come in.

How the Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets works

This is the ideal picture editing system that is specialized for landscape and nature shots. This means you won’t be struggling with editing exposure or contrast differently since same ratios don’t work for both indoor and outdoor photos.

With the presets, you have all your editing tools put together in one place. The result is better landscape photos achieved in a shorter time.

Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets SiteGet Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Here

Features of the photo editing system

One-click lightroom presets

This number gives you quite a large variety to choose from and you will get access to effects that have been specifically designed for nature and landscapes pictures. So, you can just with a simple click get a good quality of your landscape or nature shot without having to spend hours on editing it piece by piece.

Over 130 workflow presets

Although the one-click gives you variety, it’s not as diversified as the workflow. The workflow presets give you the freedom and flexibility to use more custom functions and create that unique look for your picture. It could mean that you can even get different looks from one picture if you so desire.


Filter presets

It is not all the time that using a filter spells out fake. A filter can be that perfect lift you need to add that spark to your landscape or nature shot. Imagine that lush green of the foliage in the picture not showing right because of an unfortunate shadow hanging over it. A filter would fix that fast for you without necessarily changing your photo’s originality.

You don’t have to worry about those fake unrealistic filters that ends up messing up your images. This would give you filters that enhance and not obliterate your photos.

You will have over 50 filter presets to work with and use in combination with the workflow and one-click presets.

Brush presets

Taking a picture that  would have that perfect definition can be much like painting a drawing. You may notice after a full day out with your camera that some of the pictures just need some slight touches here and there.

It may be to improve some colors, raise or lower the exposure level or even blur out some undesirable details – like that naughty kid sticking out his tongue behind that beautiful rose bush (lol).

woman sitting with computer

Photo by MadFishDigital

Unique learning features

I know it can be very frustrating when you get a photo editing system that promises to end all your editing woes. Then, you find out you can’t even go past any of the functions. Who wants to buy a hard nut that cannot be cracked? Definitely, nobody!

The creators of the system had this issue in mind so they created unique features that will teach you step by step on how to navigate the system.

  • Documentation videos – These videos will basically show you how the presets can be used. With the illustrations you will be able to see how to utilize the presets best. You also get both a video and written manual on installation tips.
  • Case study videos – This involves real examples that show you how you can transform your photos. Through the illustrations, you will be able to see a photo move from its initial raw starting point to its finished polished state.
mac and windows

Photo by Sean MacEntee

Some other important information


I always like to accuse some photo editing platforms of discrimination and my friend would laugh me that it isn’t that serious. My peeve is often that I want a system that works on both Windows and Mac. And I got just that with this Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets. It works great on both platforms.


Another major bother when working with pictures is the format. It can be hair tussling to want to edit your picture and find out that editing system does not recognize it. Arrgh! That may just set you back so many paces with your work. However, with this system you can work with both raw and JPG files. Yippee!


Instant access

There is no elongated process of getting access to the presets after you pay for the product. You will be provided with a download link immediately in your email. So, you won’t have to wait before you can complete that your picture editing work.

Right now, I feel like dusting my favorite camera and taking landscape photos again. Since, all I ever snap on my smartphone are my dog and girlfriend anyway. Maybe, with this editing system I may land a goldmine soon. Call me a dreamer if you want, but you know dreams do come true (*tongueout*)


Great price offer

Sometimes I can’t help feeling that the good things are often too high to reach for the scanty-filled pocket, so I just eye such prized things with envy and walk past them. At least, I hope I would make enough money to stop that habit. But for now, I have to behave in accordance to my budget.

But all my worries on the cost was for nothing because I discovered an amazing discount! So, you can actually buy this editing system for below $50! Can I hear some cheering?

While you cheer excitedly, remember to take action now before it goes back to its regular price.

New Update – February 2019

A lot of us have a hidden desire in photography but the problem is we do not have the fundamentals in taking exceptional pictures. Thankfully, there are products available in the market right now which helps people to learn how to take good pictures.

One product that we can recommend is the “Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets” it will be your stepping stone if you want to become a professional photographer. Expect the following if you buy the product:

  • You will learn the fundamentals of taking pictures the right way.
  • You will also learn the different perspective you can use in taking photos more effectively.
  • The editing of pictures will be as easy as 1, 2, and 3 for you.

Either you are aiming to become a professional photographer or just want to do photography as a hobby. So buy this product now until it is available because it is always better to have the best out of what you are doing.

Since I posted this review several months ago a lot of people became professional photographers in no time just by implementing the techniques from this product. This is probably the best product that you can give to yourself.

Thanks for Reading This Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets Review.

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