Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Review – Read Before You Buy!

What is the law of attraction?

The famous historical belief that likes attract likes can be called as the synonym of the law of attraction. To understand the complete meaning of likes attract likes, let us consider an example.

Imagine you are sitting in a classroom and your friends asks you to borrow some money. He is a good friend thus without thinking much, you lend him the exact amount of money that he asked for.

Here, in this scenario you weren’t sure if the friend is ever even going to return your money or not. Still, taking the estimated amount of risk, you had him borrow the money. This exact behavior of any person is called the law of attraction.

Deep down you realize the consequences, still you go with it.

Certain things attract you. The results could either be positive or negative but still you go with it.

Dr. Joes Vitoles and Steve G. Jones, together have created a complete certification of becoming a law of attraction practitioner! Which you will be able to not only understand the whole concept, apply it to your life and observe the life changing results, but you will be able to teach the art of manifestation to others as well!

Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Review: Read Before Buying

Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification

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Why a certification?

The complete course by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones including five books and several modules, is an all in one package to understand the concept of law of attraction. The complete understanding of the concepts doesn’t only cover all the techniques you need to follow but you become a law of attraction practitioner! You become an expert of the very field! Claiming a complete command over the whole concept of law of attraction, the creators of law of attraction practitioner have globally introduced the certification and people all around the world are following their dreams and teaching it to others because of the law of attraction practitioner certification.

How much does the certification worth?

The law of attraction practitioner has not only proved to be a world renowned certification but also it is a great to fulfill your dreams in life. The dreams that you had only imagined before the complete course actually came to the display. Through the law of attraction practitioner certification, you become able to

  • Understand your thoughts, your needs and wants in truly realizing the negative and positive results that could be caused by your deeds.
  • Make a health connection with the universe.
  • Use your very own imaginations to create possible environment in order achieve your desires from life.
  • You will be able to configure and eliminate the hurdles that come through life and in your way of pursuing your dreams.
  • You will understand your relationship with the universe.
  • You will be able to manifest your dreams in the direction of universe’s very design of association.

So basically,

Achieving your one true desire was never easier!

This is what the law of attraction practitioner certification was made for. And, this is its purpose.

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The criterion for certification

Following is stated the criteria for becoming a law of attraction practitioner:

  • You can start the certification at any time of the year.
  • The complete course outline and the tutorials are available online.
  • There is no registration deadline and you can cancel your registration within 60 days.
  • You need to be at least 18years old.
  • There are five training modules.
  • You are required to clear the database with a score of at least 75%. If you are not able to pass the first time, you are given three chances. If you still unable to pass the database, you are then charged $25 more and you need the follow the complete process once again from the scratch.
  • You will get your certification online, as soon as you clear the database.


The five modules

There are five modules you need to clear before becoming a law of attraction practitioner. It is a step by step process that all the topics of law of attraction, accordingly with the requirements.

Book one: Book one covers the introductory chapters of law of attraction. What is law of attraction? How does it work? How to implement the law? How can you finally achieve your desire? Etc.

Book two: book two is based upon the application of the law. How to implement the law? What is the significance of unlearning? How to dominate positive thoughts over negative thoughts?

Book three: Book three focuses solely on your personal desires.

Book four: Book four includes the idea you need to follow to finally manifest your dreams.

Book five: Book five covers the very important topics of neutralizing your unhappiness and getting control over your emotions.


Priced at only $47, a complete certification of becoming a law of attraction practitioner by Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones doesn’t only sound great but is also a renowned qualification for experts.

New Update – July 2019

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Thankfully, this product has been created which will help you bring out the best that you can be by giving you the following benefits:

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  • It will make your life completely because you will surely find your other half with the techniques that are written in this book.
  • Your overall confidence will greatly improve as well because of the techniques that you will learn from this product.
  • It will make your overall health significantly better because it will lessen the stress in your life.

So if you want to have a satisfying love life and get the person of your dreams then this product is definitely the best one that you should buy. This product will surely exceed your expectations and provide the needs that you are looking for.

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