Lucid Academy Review – Does it Work or Not?

Do you ever wake in the morning with that feeling that you dreamed about something important but for the life of you, you can’t remember anything about the dream? Yes, I have had that experience so frequently and it can be so frustrating.

So, I developed a new tactic of waking right after a dream in the middle of the night and getting my notepad to write down the dream.

You are laughing at me right now, I know. But I had no choice or so I thought. Until I discovered lucid dreaming. I could not believe that a solution to remembering and having complete control over my dreams truly existed.

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But there was still a problem? After I downloaded the self guide I found somewhere on the web, I was left in a more complicated situation. I still did not have any control over my dreams and in fact, I stopped dreaming.

Then, I discovered this course by Sean Kelly,  the creator of the Lucid Academy and all my challenges were over.

What’s all the fuss about Lucid Dreaming?

So, you already know that lucid dreaming is about being able to control your own dreams – choosing your characters and plots and even turning around the resolution of your dreams. But you are still wondering what that has got to do with you.

Lucid dreaming will open a new path of your life that you may not have even realized existed. You can use lucid dreaming to gain clarity of your sense of purpose in life, reduce stress, get rid of your haunted past and so much more.

Now, I guess you are excited to know about this course.


Features of the Lucid Dreaming Course

Sean Kelly has arranged this course in five modules that will cover all you need to know on lucid dreaming.

Module 1: Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Here you get the basic knowledge how what dreaming is and how it works. You will be getting like a basic manual on how to use the course and understand it well. You will also get insider views into how the course can be beneficial to your specific needs. Since you may actually need it for different circumstances that pertain to you.

If you are a newbie when it comes to lucid dreaming, you will get information on the scientific basis of lucid dreaming – how and when it was discovered and how it was developed.

Do you know that there are different stages of sleep? Well, I did not know that but at least I knew they are times when I sleep lightly or deeply. But there are actually classifications of sleep in stages. Two out of the five stages include NREM and REM – that probably looks like a chemical equation to you but you will understand it better when you sign up for this course.

It does not end there, you will also learn about the influence of brainwave frequencies and how they impact on sleep and lucid dreaming. This sure feels like it’s very loaded.


Module 2: Goals and Motivation

Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of college drop outs? Apart from other personal problems necessitating such a thing, many times it boils down to the lack of motivation and no specific goal from the individual. So, on this course, if you start out without having any goal in my mind to achieve with your lucid dreaming, you may not get anywhere.

This part of the lesson guides you on how to set your goals and how to prioritize your commitment level in such a way that would lead you to success. It also guides you on how to create the right kind of motivation to get you going.

With all these content, you are probably wondering where you are going to find the time to digest all these information, right? The creator of this course had someone like you in mind when creating the ‘cheatsheet for busy people’.

The cheat sheet is like a condensed version of all the important lessons in the guide. So, you can still benefit even with your crazy schedule.

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Module 3: The Foundational Practices

At this point, you would have been prepared to start the process of lucid dreaming in earnest. One of the first things you would want to master is dream recall. So, you would be equipped with amazing techniques that would make you recall your dreams so clearly that they feel as real as real life events.

And most delightful of all, you get the powerful resource to get back some forgotten memories. We all have at least one of those kind of memories. Sometimes, they might be about really bad things that happened to us when we were younger and we have suppressed them.

Getting such memories back via lucid dreaming is one of the sure paths to healing from them and forging ahead.

This memory technique will enrich your lucid dreaming process. So, that you can remember all your dreams vividly. You would also be learning a technique to remove stress and anxiety from your system in just 5 mins! That’s pretty amazing because most meditation resources that achieve same results take 30 minutes or more to take effect.

And there is more under this module but I will leave you to discover the rest yourself.


Module 4: The Master Technique

At this point in the course, you would be able to identify the reasons why all the other methods you had used before to engage in lucid dreaming did not work for you. By separating these methods, you would be able to master the one that works for you successfully.

You will get the key tools to get the master lucid dreaming technique and the five steps to ensure your success at it.

Module 5: The First Month Schedule

After having mastered the technique, you may be anxious about being left on your own after your time on the course. Not to worry, the course has got you covered with a schedule that will help you practice lucid dreaming right. You can keep all you have learnt in mind this way.

Some Unique Qualities of the Course

  • Informative videos – The course has over 20 animated videos that would bring the training to live for you. I agree that it can get pretty boring poring over only reading material.
  • Ultimate guidance – The course has been broken down step by step for easy learning. So, there is no need to entertain fear on getting confused or being left with no guidance along the way.
  • Tried and tested technique – You would be getting a technique that has worked for several people across the world.

Great Feedback

It is so nice to see the positive feedback from previous people who have been on this course. One person actually confirmed starting to have lucid dreams on the fourth day after beginning the course! I mean that’s almost unbelievable thinking about how I wasted over a month trying on my own.

And I found that kind of client that almost every business desires – the type that is all excited and chatty and can’t seem to take a breath as they give you all the details. This person could retell all the specific details of their dream and I almost felt I was in that dream too. That’s how real it got.

There were other feedback too but these ones stood out for me. Who does not want fast results after all?


Affordable Cost

You are thinking the same thoughts as me now. I can see your thoughts (lol). I got you there. I am no mind reader but I can guess that I was likely right that you were thinking about how expensive all these features must be. I mean the course is super packed.

But to my amazement, it is all priced before $100! Yeah, it’s that cheap and you still get to benefit from all the features I have summed up. I would say take my word for it, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

With this course by Sean Kelly, you will be able to get a new sense of control over your dreams and use it to gain better clarity and purpose in your life.

New Update – January 2019

Whenever we are dreaming we are not in control of our dreams that is why sometimes our dreams really scare us. It is really alright to have dreams especially if they are really desirable however it does not happen all the time.

With “Lucid Academy” you will be able to learn how to control your dreams so that you will always have a desirable sleeping experience. Although the subject matter can be really difficult to study this product makes it very easy for people to understand the subject matter.

The product will guide you throughout the way and will make sure that you are learning it the right way. Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will get better and sound sleep.
  • You will feel more relaxed after sleeping
  • You will enjoy sleeping more which will lead to better overall health.

These are only a few of the benefits that you can expect if you buy the product that is why if you want your dreams to be desirable the next time around then it is time to consider buying this wonderful product. Buy it now and see the difference in yourself every time you sleep!

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