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One of the dream countries of the world – the United States seems to be in a free fall. Fear, pain or hunger is gradually increasing. No single family is safe or protected. Why? According to near-accurate predictions, there is an impending economic crash.

Recently a Malaysia airline place consisting of 280 passengers, and 15 crew members was attacked by terrorists and all those onboard died. There is a hike in the price of gas. This means that there is only a little time between death and life.

What you have to do is simply save yourself and your loved ones before everything becomes unmanageable. Imagine this scenario, an angry and hungry mob of urban warfare gangsters are pounding fast and very hard on your door.

Research has shown that people respond to this kind of situations in 8 different ways, 7 responses out of this 8 will get you and your family killed. This means only one response guarantee that you and your family are safe after the attack.

For you to know this right response, read this review of Jason Richard’s my family survival course very carefully.


Social Proof

Jason Richard is now recognized as one of the world’s foremost and well-respected survivalists. He is on a mission to guide as many families as possible on how they can survive this chaotic period in history.

Here is some background information, the economy of the United States is on the downturn and has been so for a long time. Though, its significance is starting to have its effects.

For example, the debt of the US government is rising and the government has no clue as to how to repay this debt. The Chinese are abandoning the dollar gradually especially as they are now able to attract more investors to their economy.

The United States government has no say and it is only a matter of time before the significance of this financial starts to take effect on the economy and 99.5% of the population will have no effect when this starts happening especially when the US treasury is completely abandoned by foreign investors.
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One of which is a 3000% rise in the price of oil on a daily basis. The implication of this is that farmers, most especially producers of staple crops, will not be able to turn in any profit.

Also, the grocery stores are completely turned upside down by people who are afraid because they do not when and where their next meal is going to come from. The remaining food is carefully shared out by the US government.

There will be empty shelves in a lot of grocery shops – empty with nothing on it. No foods at all. Not even a drink.

It is currently estimated that the food stamps currently feeds 46 million of the poorest Americans. Most of these people are armed and once the effects of the economy collapse fully kick in, the food stamps will be unable to provide for them and these armed people will be fully unleashed to the streets.

And as such they will pounce on anything that they can feed upon – your fridge inclusive. Also, people who depend on social security will no longer have access to the checks and this bad news will be announced by the president on all national TV.

There will be riots and thus, martial law will be declared. This law has already been approved by the US government.

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With this law, you or your family can be put under lock up without evidence, your properties, or any of your belongings can be seized without your permission and you will have no rights to defend yourself because this right has been taken away from you.

All these predictions are made by the only one person that accurately predicted the 2008 economic collapse and he has said that collapse will be “like a Sunday school picnic” compared to the coming depression. Martial law drills took place in more than 10 states of the USA last year 2015.

There are well over 135,000 plastic graves being kept in secret places by the government and these are the discovered ones, many more are yet to be discovered. This means that the government is preparing for its own survival, but they are not interested in your own survival.


Personal Survival Story

Jason stated that he “went months in the wilderness with just a knife and a water bottle”. “I survived and thrived”. He continued.

“I have been trained to survive by my military trained parents since I was 6 years old. I have been trained in martial arts, and the use of a wide array of firearms by the best country has to offer,” he concluded.

With each passing history, Jason has learned from what has happened to those who were not prepared for the coming crisis.


This Product Is Born

The history and the current state of the nation, coupled with information obtained from his friends in the military led to Jason creating this information product in the form of a home study course. This course has taken care of anything and everything that can go wrong.

These can include; rise in gas prices, food shortage, tornadoes, and home invasions. He named this course the family survival course. Though there are lots of survival guides on the internet, most of them are either laughable or plain useless.

This means if you follow through with such pieces of advice, you are likely to get jailed, robbed, injured and worst still dead by the time the ordeal is over. From a historical perspective, this will last for between 3 to 6 months.

This guide is going to increase your chances of survival by a long shot. The information contained will make you not just a survivalist but a leader during those troubled times.



  • How to get 44 foods using only 300 bucks. With these foods, you will be satisfied, nourished and happy as a family. These foods will guarantee that you do not go hungry no matter the period for which the food shortages last
  • The keys to surviving and thriving in an urban warfare situation. When there is urban warfare, there is a lot of food shortage. This guide will virtually hold you by the hand and teach you everything you need to do during these situations
  • The one simple tactic to keep the police out of your home even if they have an evacuation order. This not only saves you any form of embarrassment, it also saves your children from any form of nightmares they might have experienced
  • How to never depend on the government’s handout during this time of crisis. This saves you the embarrassment of rationing the last chunk of food for you and your family
  • How to exactly eat well. Eating real food such as cookies, milk and brownies. Yes, you can, no matter the state of the infrastructure of the society around you by then. You will be shown how to get this easily and very cheaply more than you can imagine
  • The exact strategies to adopt in order to grow your wealth despite the chaotic situation. It has been proven time and time again that with every problem there is a silver lining that can be exploited. The wealthy people understand this, so will you now and this will position you on how you can take massive advantage of this
  • How to always have water 100% free for life by exploiting a living source of the world’s best water. The water is adjudged the best because, during that time, the water you will have access to will be devoid of the necessary nutrients. These nutrients are mostly ware what you will need in order to survive and thrive during the crisis
  • The reasons why being in possession of a gun can get you killed faster than not possession one. You will be exposed to facts and figures that guarantee your life when it comes to firearms
  • The mindset approach to survival. Fear is the number one cause, you will discover how you can eliminate this fear with the right mindset even if others think what you intend to accomplish is next to impossible
  • How to approach the impending disaster from a place of confidence and inner calm. This will help you to sleep well and maintain your focus
  • How you can use your home as a safe haven. This provides you immunity against any weather disasters or home invasion. This course will show you how to do this with materials you already have in and around your house
  • How to use the navy seals’ stockpiling trick to keep your food fresh on a daily basis for months and even years ahead just as if they were just harvested from the farm. This trick is only known to just 1% of the entire population. This saves you a lot of money and your life as well
  • How to get out of almost any medical jam or buy you time until you get help with a $50 medicine kit
  • And lots more


All these are available in the family survival course.


With the family survival course, you can have a bird’s eye view of the future and as such fashion out your options during any crisis



Imagine the price of having the answers when all other people are practically clueless regarding what to do, how to do it and when to do it. With this guide, you have the power to keep your mother alive, have the right breakfast for your 6-year-old child as well as the rest of mind that comes with knowing you will survive the period of the crisis gracefully.

With all these in mind, the price of the family survival course by Jason Richards is $27



It is either you love what is inside the family survival course or you pay nothing. Have access to the course for 60 days and nights and if you are not 100% satisfied with anything inside the course or even for no reason at all, you will be refunded for every penny you paid.

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The impending collapse will happen virtually overnight without any prior warnings and only those with the right information will survive. Be a part of the 1% that will survive by ordering for this course right now before life happens.

New Update – April 2019

It is really sad if you do not have the fundamentals in handling survival situations simply because we do not know when a disaster will happen. Especially if it happens within the vicinity of your home it is a must that you know how to survive it because your family’s safety is at risk here.

At last a product which is focused on training people the important survival techniques through a very effective survival training guide. Since I posted the review of this product several months ago a lot of people have used it to provide safety to their loved ones.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get if you will buy this product:

  • You will feel secured every time because you have the knowledge that everyone must have.
  • You will have the peace of mind that you and your family are always free from harm to those kinds of situations.
  • Your overall health will surely be enhanced too because of the physical activities that you will perform when you purchase this product.

So if you want to learn some survival techniques always take note that this product is your go-to help!

My Family Survival Course Review: Read Before You Buy!

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