Myths & Old Wives Takes About Beards

There are some remarkable stories going around about the beard and we’ve come to dispel these vicious rumors and put the beard grower straight on a few common old wives tales. So let’s get this myth busting party started and look at the top five.

  • Beards are hotter in the summer

Apparently, it’s thought that if you have a beard in the summer then you are going to overheat and turn into a ball of dripping sweat that can’t be seen in a public place for fear of causing a scene. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reasoning behind this is that the beard is seen as a natural scarf in the winter and therefore must be heating in the summer. In fact, in the winter your beard is more of a protector from the wind rather than a heater and in the summer it acts as a shade from the sun and its UV rays.

  • Pulling on a beard makes it grow

Unlike like other things that grow when you pull them, the beard doesn’t. The growth of a beard is purely down to the genetic make of the individual and not down to yanking on it regularly. On average a man touches their beard 200 times a day and if this was the case then there would be some seriously hairy men out there.

  • Beards are itchy

Yet another fallacy unless you are the partner of a bearded man who finds it itchy to kiss. If that’s the case then maybe you should buy your man a beard trimmer. For the grower, the itchiness associated with a beard really only happens in the initial stubbly stages of growing and the hair will naturally become softer the longer it’s grown. If you are one the small majority of people whose beard is still itchy during the middle and latter stages of having a full fledged Zeus beard… you have two options: shave it off (not recommended) or try the best beard oil online to completely eliminate this infamous itch.

  • Bearded men are unemployable

The idea that somebody won’t be able to find gainful employment because of their beard has its roots in the hippies of the sixties and to be fair if I was that far out of my head on shrooms and LSD I could understand. But nowadays and according to a survey conducted by the Guardian in 2008, the beard is seen as a symbol of sophistication and a gentleman. In fact, a well-groomed beard is a sign that the wearer pays attention to their personal hygiene.

  • Beards grow at the same speed

This is one of the biggest reasons why some men thin they will never be able to grow a full beard but it’s nonsense. The hair on the cheeks grows slower than the rest and depending on your DNA, other areas such as your chin or jaw line, grow at different speeds. In fact, growing a full beard takes about 2 – 3 months at which point every area on your face will have grown to a decent level. If you wish to increase the growth rate of your beard, try beard growth vitamins. After that, all you will need to worry about is trimming your beard down to the same length to give you the even look you desire.

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