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The beauty standard of the present day for women can be quite daunting. When even a size 10 is considered plus size. I mean this has led many college girls to turn to anorexia and other food disorders. Just because they want to meet the standard and stay beautiful.

The pressure is worse when you are a housewife with kids and everyone is still putting you up to the standard of beauty out there. Your self esteem plunges down so low. All these have a negative impact on your marriage and personal happiness.

You may be wondering how I know all of this. But I have seen the women in my life struggle with their weight for many years.

First, it was my mum who was trying to get rid of her flabby arms and tummy. Even though I told her she was the most beautiful woman on earth to me. I could see her eyes light up with envy anytime the young slim girls in shorts stopped by Dad’s lemonade shop in the summer and flirted openly with him.

I also pity my girlfriend on the days she has to eat like a bird because she’s on a diet to get off some extra fat which are partly my fault. That happens on the day I coax her to join me in wolfing down mac n cheese, tacos and burgers. I’m lucky to be the kind that hold food well without much body deficit.

I have given you all these personal perspectives so you can realize you’re not alone in the struggle with your weight. And it’s normal for you to be worried. Especially because carrying around that extra weight can lead to some health complications for you.

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What do you do then?

Constant exercise has been one of the age-long solutions to staying fit. But many persons still exercise without getting the desired results. This is one of the reasons that lead Julia Buckley, the creator of this online gym program into delving into the niche of personal fitness because that was what saved her personally.

After battling with depression and general body fatigue, she started running and decided to get a PT qualification.

Highlights of the online gym

Targeted at women in their 30s -40s

Julia recognized that women within this age tend to start losing muscle mass and feeling weak as a result. So,  she has packaged this online gym to meet their specific needs. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t join in if you are younger or older.

Short duration

For anyone who has tried to stay fit in the past,  you would realize that making out time from your busy schedule can be hard. Having no time is probably the reason you are not registered in a physical gym.

Julia Buckley has got you covered on this note as the daily exercise routine can be covered in only 30-40 minutes.

So you can get off the track of excuses and get in line to start your fitness regime.

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Suitable for different levels

Sometimes when you get on a fitness plan, you will find it too difficult for you.  That’s quite normal especially if you have been inactive for a long period.

On this program,  you can easily catch on because it has been tailored to meet this particular consideration.

So,  you won’t have to deal with a burnout that totally wearies you and you feel like you can’t make another move.

Short time frame for results

One of the reasons why many people keep jumping from one exercise routine to another is because the results they desire seem elusive.
So,  while this is not a magical program where you will drop over half of your body weight in two days,  it promises a fast turnaround in getting your body active again and dealing with your fatigue levels.

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Restoration of positive body image

Julia Buckley recognizes how being unfit has a direct effect on your psychological health. Remember, I mentioned earlier how she had struggles with depression too.

Therefore, she realizes how important it is for you to believe in yourself and have self confidence that you can cause a turnaround in your life and succeed at it.

Talk about getting extra results from just one program that is about physical fitness yet it still takes your psychological health into cognizance. I would say, wow to that.

Boosting your performance in team sports

If you struggle with keeping to a fitness regime and you want to prevent being put of shape because you participate in team sports, Julia’s online gym is just the thing for you.

She is a specialist in long distance running,  so sprinters would find her program very relevant to their own goals.

Being tutored by a qualified trainer

It’s common to find many people dabbling into fitness training without having qualifications for it. So,  they won’t even be able to tell when they are doing something wrong. So,  it’s a risk putting yourself in such a situation.

With Julia,  you can be sure you are under the professional tutelage of a pro who will guide you right and help you achieve your fitness goals.


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Getting it done in the comfort of your home

I guess this is one of the most obvious benefits of this program. With it being online you are not forced to leave your house on those bitter cold winter mornings just to hit the gym.

You can deal with procrastination because the whole routine is at your fingertips and right in the comfort of your home. No putting off your personal coach for days. Julia would be with you whether you like it or not (Tongueout).

Positive feedback

If you are looking to sign up for any service or product, feedback should be your first point of call.  This helps you deal with any future disappointments.

So,  I went ahead to check out what people had to say about this online gym. Someone noted dropping four dress sizes within 6 months!  Pretty amazing right? I’m sure a boyfriend who had maybe ditched her for being too thick would suck his teeth in regret when he comes across her now.

Then, a runner testified to how Julia was able to push her harder than she would have gone on own. Motivation plus drive – with those two, you are unstoppable!

And the one feedback that appealed to me the most was the one about being positively addicted to the program. You see, even addiction is not always bad when you are stuck on something that benefits you.

This doesn’t usually happen with fitness programs as many people take it as a form of punishment. That’s why it’s no wonder that they often fall out in no time.

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Get transformed

Having removed all the obstacles that stand in your way towards shedding that extra weight and getting a lean body, you really have no excuses now not to hop on this fitness train.

My girlfriend was so excited to learn of this program after giving up on her last gym membership. Now she hopes to really exercise instead of playing dress up to the gym every morning and not getting much done because of the distractions around her.

I asked her to define those distractions because I could only picture guys with bulging abs in my mind’s eye but she denied that was it. Instead she complained of the silly girls that giggle all day in the gym.

Well,  I want to believe her but a guy has got to do so much to keep his babe so even though this program is targeted at women, I’m going to be joining her every morning to keep her motivated and of course away from those rippling biceps, lol. Just protecting my own, not jealous duh.

I have decided that this is a great deal. So,  you can just wave away your doubts already and also sign up. Let’s all get fit and happy together.


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