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We are leading hectic lifestyles and, hence, falling prey to a number of diseases and health problems. Luxuries and riches can never substitute a good health and hence people from all walks of life are making desperate efforts to stay fit.  A variety of fitness programs and diet plans have sprung up to cater to the growing demand. Paleo diet is one such type of diets that promises good health and fitness to anyone who follows it.

Paleo diet is basically the food that was consumed by prehistoric man. Those were the times when the food was consumed in a nutritious state. Nowadays, the nutritious value of the food is lost due to the industrial food processing. Prehistoric men used to perform complex and heavy-duty task quiet easily because they used to consume the food in a raw state.


Research has proven that paleo diet has a large number of health benefits and it is highly beneficial to include paleo food in your diet. Unfortunately, the demand for paleo diet has grown into a fad and many ineffective diet programs are riding on the so-called ‘paleo wave’.

Nowadays, it is challenging to find an authentic paleo diet and the customers are in a fix. To address this challenge, an organization called as Paleovalley has taken the onus of bringing authentic Paleo diet to people who wish to remain healthy by consuming Paleo foods.  Paleovalley’s ‘Beef Sticks ‘ is one such foods that has proven its health benefits amongst those who have tried it.

Who are people behind Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks?

Chas and Autumn Smith are the founders of Paleovalley. Autumn had been suffering from acute digestive problems since she was a teenager. She had consulted a number of specialists to cure her condition. However, she was never cured and ultimately Chas decided to cure her all by himself.

Chas conducted thorough research and finally he decided to try Paleo diet for curing Autumn.  The couple tried paleo diet for a 30-day period and finally Autumn was cured. Autumn was so impressed by the Paleo diet that she pursued education in Holistic Nutrition.

Chas and Autumn became proponents of various Paleo diet programs. However, the couple was soon disillusioned to see that many programs were using refined food products and chemicals in their diet. Finally, the couple decided to take matters in their own hands and soon they launched their very own food business that was authentically based on Paleo diet. Thus, Paleovalley was born.

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What are the ingredients used in the production of Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks?

The beef products are completely organic as they are made without the use of steroids, antibiotics or hormones. The beef is obtained from the  cattle that is bred in the USA and taken care by traditional farming families. The cattle is bred on lush green pastures that are free from chemicals and pesticides.  Moreover, the farmers deploy rotational grazing practices.

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Even the food ingredients that are used to spice up the beef sticks are 100%  organic. Paleovalley uses ancient fermentation techniques and hence the beef products have a longer shelf-life without requiring any additional chemical preservatives. GMO corn-based citric acid along with hydrogenated oils is used in the fermentation process.

 How are Paleovalley’s beef sticks different from other Paleo products?

Other Paleo products rely on chemicals and preservatives to make their food products sustainable.  Many paleo products and diets are endorsed by celebrity chefs and hence there is no way to ascertain the authenticity of their claims. Moreover, no one dares to challenge these products as they are marketed by some very famous celebrities and chefs in the world.

These products can be ordered online as well as they are available in Paleovalley stores that are present in a number of cities. There exists a certain amount of trust between the customer and Paleovalley because of the large number of customer touch-points.  Other Paleo diet programs so not offer such a huge support system.

Paleovalley is not just a brand name but it has grown into a big community and all the members of the community. Many satisfied customers have become the life-members of the community and they are receiving offers on a regular basis.

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 How many Beef sticks are available in a single packet?

A single packet of Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks comprises of 10 sticks and the sticks are available in four flavours, namely original, Jalapeno, Summer Sausage and Garlic Summer Sausage flavour.  Shipping charges will not be offered on an order that comprises of more than 4 packets.  Customers have the option to place just a one-time order or a recurring order that will be delivered on a monthly basis.

Key Benefits of Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks

The beef obtained from grass-fed cattle has unique advantages. Following are the key benefits achieved from the product:

  • Presence of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids
  • High levels of calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, iron and beta-carotene
  • Balanced ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3
  • Considerably high levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is not only an effective anti-oxidant but it also has the ability to prevent cancer and heart diseases
  • Plenty of Vitamin B which is available in the form of thiamin (B1) and riboflavin (B2)
  • High levels of Vitamin A, D, E and K

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What are the other products that are offered by Paleovalley?

Following are the other high-protein and high-quality products that are offered by Paleovalley:

  • Superfood Bars
  • Grass Fed Organ Complex
  • 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein
  • Paleovalley organic supergreens
  • 31-day Paleo Diet Kickstart
  • Paleo recipes for food lovers
  • Paleo holiday recipes
  • Paleo recipe book bundle
  • Radiate in 28 Quickstart book


How can I buy Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks?

The beef sticks can be ordered through ClickBank, the world’s most secure online retailer. Paleovalley promises guaranteed results and the product is being with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Customers who perceive the product as non-beneficial can try the product for free to test its results. They can apply for a refund if they are not convinced about Paleovalley’s benefits.

Final Verdict

Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks are one of those most authentic paleo foods that are available in the market. The product completely organic and chemical-free. Additionally, it has received positive customer ratings. The beef sticks are available in different flavours and they are quite cheap as compared to other types of beef sticks available in the market. Ultimately,  Paleovalley’s Beef Sticks emerges as a tasty, delicious, and, most importantly, healthy food product for people who love paleo diet.

New Update – July 2019

We all want a toned and healthy body because it is good for the overall wellbeing of us humans. But, because of our lifestyle nowadays it is very hard to have that kind of body. From processed foods to all sorts of unhealthy foods that is where we are getting the supply that we use for the whole day which is really not appropriate.

We must be appreciative that this product is there to lead us on the proper diet and at the same time enjoy desirable foods that are surely great for your taste buds. Since I posted this review several months ago a lot of people have already tried this product.

Here are the following advantages that people can get from this amazing product:

  • Their bodies significantly became better by getting rid of the unhealthy excess weight.
  • Their outer appearance improved as well because of the healthy and natural foods that they are eating which gave them glowing skin.
  • It also improved their focus on the things that they are doing because nutritious foods give better brain wellbeing.

So if you want a much better overall wellness then this product is surely the best one that you should buy for and you will surely not regret purchasing this very effective product.

Thanks for Reading This Paleovalley Review.

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